Braided Hair & Blow Jobs

After my last night at the sex club, I’d made sure to get Daddy’s number.  We’d finally arranged for a play date.

long hair back

I’d worn my hair in two braids to keep it out of the way.  I knelt between Daddy’s thighs and started licking.  I trailed my tongue over his cock, starting at his balls and working up.  I lapped at the glans, loving watching him writhe.

After teasing him, I swallow his cock, taking as much as I can.  I move slowly, getting accustomed to his length.  I keep my lips wrapped tight around his girth, and twirl my tongue over the head of his cock.  When I raise my head, my lips around the head of his cock, I flick my eyes up to catch his eye.  He’s watching me.  I keep eye contact as I move back down.

long hair seated

My teasing most have gone on too long for him.  He grabs my braid.  I know where this is going and what he wanted. I moved my other braid within his reach.  Daddy wraps my hair and his hands and pulls.

My head is forced down, my lips resting around the base of his cock.  Daddy had moved from letting me play, to using me.  He paused a moment, asking if I was ok.  I nodded, as much as I could.  He preceded to fuck my mouth.  He used my hair like handles, and thrust into my mouth.  He yanked my hair, thrusting and moaning.

He gave one last pull, shooting him cum into my throat, with a growl.  He released my hair, and I lapped him clean.

He pulled me up, into his arms.  He called me a good girl.  He gently worked out to braids, and  and stroked my hair.  I snuggled next to him and was already thinking about our next date.


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