The Final Card: Part 3 of “A Tarot Reading”

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Caroline fidgeted in her seat.  She could feel her skirt rumbled and raised under her ass, which made her wonder if her sexy flights of fancy were more than just flights, but there was no way they could be real, could they? She wondered.

The psychic, all dark eyes and sexy smiles, seemed utterly oblivious to her thoughts.  He flipped the cards, and provided vague prognostications about her life.  He slipped into astrology, and Caroline found herself nodding along, with no real idea of what he was talking about.

But they had reached the final card.  He paused, and met her gaze.  “This card represents the outcome,” he paused, “it is what is possible based on the choices you make.  The future is never set in stone.”

She nodded slowly, still tingling from the impromptu photo session.  She’d made a choice that could impact her future if the pictures were real. Once again, he flipped a card.

This time it was an image of a woman, a blonde woman who looked a bit like Caroline, sitting next to a man on a park bench.  The woman had taken the man’s hat, and she had her hand on his crotch.  The man looked shocked.

manara 2 of earth

Caroline looked at the card, noticing that the psychic was silent.

She flicked her eyes up to meet his, and he smiled. “The Two of Pentacles a card about balance and control.”

As she expected, when she looked back, the card had changed.  She listened to his explanation of the card, but kept waiting for the shift, the moment the explicit card became real.

But the card remained a man juggling to Pentacles, and the bold woman never reappeared.  The psychic finished the reading, telling her to find a life balance between what she desired and what she needed.

She managed a nod and a thank you, but she was drowning in disappointment.  She wanted the events on the card.

She followed him to the cash register, trying to discreetly straighten her skirt.  She still couldn’t explain her missing panties, unless all the events had been real. And she just wasn’t ready to admit that.

She handed over the gift card.  He glanced at it, and reached under the counter and pulled out a small bag.

“Here, this comes with the gift card,” he said.  To Caroline, he looked a little disappointed.  But she took the bag, and managed another small thank you.

Once outside of the shop, the events of the reading seemed to grow hazier.  Had she really fantasized about the hot psychic performing cunnilingus?  She shivered recalling the feeling of his warm breath on her pussy, and the soft probing of his tongue.  That part of the memory was so real.  Her knees grew just a little weak thinking about it, and her woefully rumbled skirt, seemed to indicate that it had happened.

She felt herself grow hot at the memory of the photos.  It was so unlike her to be so brazen.  The way she’d posed and displayed herself, now seemed shocking.  The idea that he had such intimate pictures of her was both frightening and exhilarating.

She glanced in the small paper handled bag the psychic had given her.  One of the pink vulva candles lay in the bag, as well a piece of paper.  She reached inside; it wasn’t a paper, as it was too thick.  She pulled it free, and saw what at first glance she thought was the final explicit card, the woman on the park bench grabbing a man’s crotch.

Caroline stared at the card, and quickly realized it wasn’t that card. This was almost like a continuation of the card.  The woman had moved from touching the man’s cock, to straddling him on the park bench.  She was naked, while he was clothed…  Caroline bit her lip, wondering what it would feel like to be in woman’s position.  Did the card-woman feel free, feel strong in her naked, wild state?

manara 3 of fire

She wondered how the psychic would react if she had tried what she saw on the card.  Would he welcome her touch? Or would he be shocked and disgusted by her wanton desires.  Would he worship her wild nudity?

She glanced back at the shop, the card in her hand.  She turned back toward the store.

The neon “Open” sign was turned off, but the door was unlocked.  Caroline tried to slow her heartbeat.

She walked back toward the table she’d received her reading.  He was still sitting at the table, the cards laid out in front of him.  They were the explicit cards.  Laid out in a complex pattern of lust and desire.

He looked up at her as she walked in the room.  It wasn’t a bench, but she thought his chair would suffice.

“You’re back” he said.

She smiled, “You told me to take control, right?”

He nodded and pushed his chair back from the table.  “And how will you do that?” His voice was low and sexy.

Caroline tossed the card on the table. “That’s how,” she nodded at it.  She began unbuttoning her blouse, letting it slide from her shoulders to the floor.  She held his gaze the entire time.  She unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts.

She unzipped her hopelessly wrinkled skirt, and let it pool around her feet.  She stepped out of it, stepping toward him.  She’s could feel his eyes on her.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered, almost reverently.

She smiled, and rubbed his erection through his jeans.  He shifted, as if to move and touch her.

She shook her head commanding, “No.  Like the card.” She laid her hands on his shoulders. She straddled him, her pussy already sopping wet.  She leaned forward, kissing him deeply.  She felt him grip the chair arms as she tangled her hands in his hair, pulling it free from its ponytail.

She could feel the tip of his cock against her pussy, edging between her lips.  She sucked at his full lower lip, biting it gently.

Caroline broke the kiss, and made eye contact again.  She watched his eyes darken as she slowly lowered herself on to his cock.  She moaned with abandon as he filled her, stretched her.

As her ass reached his thighs, the rough rasp of his jeans again her bare skin reminded her of her nudity his clothed state.  She closed her eyes savoring the feel of him. “Oh yes,” she hissed softly.

He shifted beneath her, moaning and wrapping one arm around her waist.  His hand was hot against her skin.  She looked up at him; “It’s on the card” he smiled.

She laughed and kissed him again.  “Now, I’m going to fuck you,” she whispered against his lips.

His hand tightened on her waist, and she felt his other arm wrap around her.

Caroline rode him, hard and fast.  And he encouraged her, telling her to use him for her pleasure.  She felt him shift beneath her, moving only to be in a better position for her.  His arms tightened around her, as she leaned into him wrapping her arms around his neck, as she came.

She shifted back with a satisfied smile.  He loosened his hold on her, and to Caroline, he seemed to relish her gaze.  “So what does that card mean?” She nodded back toward the table.

manara empress


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