All Wrapped Up in Work

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Victoria turned to leave the chamber.  She’d had her moment, but it was time to tell the professor she’d discovered the hidden room and what she was certain was Pharaoh Djet’s sarcophagus.

She heard stone scraping against stone, followed by something light and wispy brush against her arm. She grinned gritted her teeth against a scream.  She was still being mocked for screaming at a scorpion in her first week, so she wasn’t going to add spiders to the list.

She brushed at her arm, silently praying it was just a spider web.  Whatever it was, it curled around her wrist.

She looked back, but she couldn’t manage to scream.  It was too bizarre to be real.  This couldn’t be real.  Standing before her was… No, it was too ridiculous to even think.

But the thing around her wrist was still moving, and that was something she could focus on. It was a piece of linen wrapping around her arm and moving up her arm.

“This is a joke right?” Victoria choked out, watching as a strand of linen unraveled from the figure in front of her.  As she said the words, she knew this was real – it was to elaborate for a joke.

“Please,” Victoria said, “what do you want?” Her voice was soft.

The figure before her didn’t answer, but the wrapping was revealing more and more bronzed skin.  Her racing heart was becoming less about the terrifying situation and more about the man being revealed before her.

The linen wrapping around her arm reached her elbow, and a second piece grasped her other wrist.

Before she realized it, she was on her back on the sarcophagus.  Her arms and legs bound by the linen straps.

The mummy was fully revealed, unbound. He certainly wasn’t a desiccated husk.  This was a muscled god, all rippling abs and chiseled features.

“This can’t be happening” Victoria muttered, as she pulled against the bindings.

Her words drew the mummy’s attention back to her.  He took in her bound form and smiled.

He reached out and tore her tank top away, revealing her breasts.  The Pharaoh said something, it sounded appreciative, but it wasn’t in any language Victoria understood. His hands closed on her breasts.  Victoria wriggled in her bounds, but the linen held fast.

His warm hands enveloped her breasts, and Victoria was surprised to hear her own moan echo in the tomb.  He gave a throaty laugh, and he rolled her nipples between his fingers.  He pulled at her nipples, stretching her breasts.  She found herself responding to his touch, just like in her fantasies about him.  He was a king, a god, and he was used to be treated as one.  He was going to take whatever he wanted from her.  She felt herself grow wet at the thought of him using her for his pleasure.

He dipped his head and began lapping at her nipples.  He moved quickly to sucking and biting softly.   She hissed a low “yes,” and nodded vigorously. She knew he didn’t understand her words, but he seemed to understand her body language.  She bucked her hips in vain against the bonds.  He sucked at the flesh of her breasts, leaving his mark upon her.

He spoke again, brusque and demanding.  Victoria could only listen and wonder what he wanted.  His hands went to her shorts. The modern clothing slowed him down.  He finally took a dagger from the collected artifacts to cut them away.  He pulled the scraps of fabric from her body, leaving her naked and bound on the stone sarcophagus.  She whispered his name, finally admitting that this was the mummy of Pharaoh Djet.  Hearing his name, he stared at her.

“Do you like hearing your name?” She asked, and she said his name again, in almost the same moan she’d used when she had masturbated in the tomb.

He smiled and ran his hands down her body.  His fingers reached her lower lips, finding them dripping wet she was sure.  She bucked her hips at him, wanting more.  He ran his fingers over her, collecting her wetness.  He raised his fingers to his lips and tasted her.  He licked each finger slowly, his eyes half closed savoring the taste of her.  He repeated the process with his fingers slowly sliding between her thighs.  Victoria whimpered struggling against her bonds, wanting his fingers to go deeper.  He laughed at her struggles and continued his slow, torturous stroking of her.

He once again raised his wet fingers to his lips and sucked them clean.  She watched his thick fingers disappear between his full lips and the flash of his tongue over his fingers.  She wanted those fingers, and she wanted that tongue with a physical ache.  He wasn’t interested in giving in to her demands.   The linen bonds tightened around her limbs, limiting her movements even more.

Djet waved his hands, and she was pulled along the sarcophagus.  Her legs were tugged wide, and her feet could almost reach the ground.  Her ass rested at the edge of the cold stone.  Djet slowly unwound the belt that kept his remaining clothing on.  He let it fall away, revealing his arousal.  Victoria panted in anticipation.  He ran his hands over her body again, speaking.  Victoria didn’t know the words or what they meant, but they reminded her of a prayer or poem.

His fingertips grazing her collar bone, and she shivered, feeling her desire reaching a peak.  He continued his words, while his fingertips softly brushing over and around her breasts, but not straying to her hard, throbbing nipples.  His fingers tickled over her belly, and down her inner thighs.  He continued his litany, as he ran his fingers behind her knees.

Victoria felt the words bubbling up in her throat.  She bit her lip, but couldn’t stop the torrent of begging that burst forth.  She begged and pleaded for him to fuck her.  She implored him, using his name, using the modern Egyptian she had learned for “please.”  She didn’t know if he understood anything beyond his name and recognizing the pleading in her tone.  Or perhaps he simply finished his invocation.

He stood between her thighs, his erection jutting hard between them.  He spoke a few more words, his hands raised to the sky.  Then he plunged into her soaking wet pussy.  Victoria cried out in pleasure.  Djet thrust into her in slow measured strokes, filling her, only to pull back, almost all the way.  She moaned, shifting as much as her bonds allowed.  She wanted to fuck him, or him to fuck her, to pound into her willing body.  She continued her own litany of begging, demanding, and cajoling – only to have her words ignored.

He reached between them, his fingers unerringly finding her clitoris.  He toyed with the nub, teasing her continuing the same slow, deliberate pace.  The pressure on her clit was driving her to the edge, but not giving her enough for release.  She gave up her words and simply gave into moaning.  He increased the pressure and speed of his touch on her clit, finally giving her the release he had denied.  She almost screamed as she felt the orgasm wash over her.  That feeling of weightlessness, the wave of nerves firing washed over her, almost drowning her.

Then he began to thrust in earnest.  He seemed to enjoy watching her orgasm crest.  He grasped her thighs, and his hips thrust with strength and speed.  His voice raised in a chant or prayer once again.  His words were fast and sounded almost like a growl.  Finally, he came, and she felt his cock twitch inside her.  He let his head drop, breathing heavily.

Victoria whispered his name, as he pulled out of her.  He waved a hand and the linen bonds fell away.  Victoria sat up slowly, letting the blood flow return to her limbs.  The rough stone of the sarcophagus had abraded her skin, but she didn’t care.  Djet spoke again, and the world went dark.

Victoria felt someone shaking her shoulder.

“Vicki, what are you doing in here?” A concerned voice pulled her out of the darkness.

Vicki blinked up at Professor Edwards.  “What?” Victoria found herself lying on the floor of the main portion of the tomb.  She looked frantically toward the hidden chamber, but she found only the wall she had been cleaning.  Had she really fallen asleep in the tomb? Had it been a dream?

She looked at her clothing, a pair of coveralls, but she could feel from their roughness, she wore nothing underneath.  Why would she be wearing the coveralls? Certainly, the coveralls were all over the worksite.  They weren’t needed often, but they would be a convenient cover for her nakedness.  She blushed recalling Djet tearing and cutting her clothes away.

“I guess… I guess, I fell asleep last night,” Victoria said, her voice unsure.  “I’d been working on cleaning the south wall.” She mumbled.

Professor Edwards looked at Vicki, “I know how easy it is to get caught up in the work, but you must be careful.  It really isn’t safe to sleep in any tomb.”  Professor Edwards pulled the zipper up farther on Vicki’s coveralls.  Vicki blushed realizing they had been gaping open, realizing her nudity beneath.

“I’ll have to tell you about one of my early excavations when I had a similar late night experience in the tomb of a concubine” Professor Edwards said with a sly smile. Later, Victoria stood under the spray of the camp shower.  It wasn’t the hottest shower or even the most water pressure, but the water stung every abraded patch of skin on her back, and she couldn’t stop smiling.

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