Girls’ Night In

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After our night at the club, I was desperate to see Her again.  I wanted an evening with her, that wasn’t in a cramped backseat.  So when she called and invited me over, I jumped at the chance.

When I arrived, she invited me in with brief kiss.  I definitely wanted more of that.  She poured me a glass of wine, and led me to her playroom.  She sat on the bed, her legs stretched in front of her.


“I’d love to see all of you,” she purred, sipping her wine.  “Would you strip for me?”
I smiled at her.  “If you wish.” I slowly lifted my shirt over my head.  I turned around, looking back at her while I unzipped my jeans and lowered them slowly.  I bent over, swaying my ass at her, while I stepped out of my jeans.

“Beautiful” she said, licking her lips.

I took the few steps to the bed, kneeling in front of her.  I reached behind my back, unhooking my bra.  I didn’t bother being coy, I let the scrap of lace fall away.  I cupped my tits, offering them to her.  “Do you like them?” I asked.

She nodded.  “Give them to me,” she commanded.

I moaned.  I love a command.  I inched forward on my knees.  I straddled her outstretched legs, continuing to hold my tits out to her.  “They are yours” I said, as I reached her.

She immediately took them into her hands.  She kneaded at them, making me moan again.


“I can’t wait to hear more of that,” she’s laughed, and lowered her head to take my nipple in her mouth.  She sucked softly.  I laid my hands on her shoulders, my knees going weak.  Her tongue flicked out, teasing my nipple.  She raised one leg, her thigh between my legs.

“My, my you are wet” she purred, rubbing me with her thigh.

She returned to my nipples, this time the softness was gone.  She dragged her teeth over my nipple.  I cried out, instantly getting wetter.  I rubbed my sex against her leg.


She continued, letting me get closer to the edge.  I whimpered wanting something more.  She pulled away from me, my nipples stinging.

She lay back and pointed down.  “I want what I couldn’t have in the car” she said.

I moved quickly to comply.  I crawled between her thighs.  I wanted to bury my face in her pussy, but I also wanted to draw out the experience.  I kissed her inner thighs, feeling her moist heat on my face.  I ran my tongue right up to pussy, and I could see how wet she was.

I could taste her wetness on her thighs.  I ran my tongue over her lips, tasting her.  She moaned my name, and I couldn’t keep teasing her.  I buried my face in her.  I lapped and sucked at her pussy, loving the sounds of her cries.  She bucked against my face and tongue.

She reached for my hair, tugging me closer to her.  I slid my fingers into her pussy and felt her clamp down on them. I tongued her clitoris, and fucked her with my fingers.  She thrust her hips an pelvis into my face, and with a final cry, she shook with her orgasm.

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