Hellishly Hot Afternoon

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Julia lounged on the couch, wearing panties and sweat.  The weather had taken a turn toward sweltering, and she couldn’t find the energy to do anything other than lay in the path of the oscillating fan.

She reached for the glass sitting on the floor.  The heavily iced drink dripped onto her chest. She felt the cool drops slide over her collar bone and tickle down her neck.  Her skin prickled in response.

She raised her head enough to sip the icy water. It was too hot for anything with sugar.  Tipping the glass sent a small flood of droplets onto her breasts.
The water pooled between her tits, and slowly dribbled down her rib cage.  Julia sighed as the fan blew over her wet skin.  She lowered the glass to her chest, letting the cold seep between her breasts.

She shifted the glass across her skin relishing the chill.  The fan blew air over the pooled water, sending it rippling down her belly.  Julia closed her eyes, savoring the sensation.  She ran her free hand through the water, her wet finger tips drifting to her hard nipples.  She rubbed her wet fingertips on slow circles letting her nipple stiffen more.

Julia lifted the glass, letting the water drip onto her belly.  She ran the glass down her thigh, wiggling her hips as a stray drop of water trailed its way between her thighs.  She wasn’t making herself any cooler now.  She wriggled out of her panties, and opened her legs toward the fan eagerly awaiting its next turn.

She dipped her fingers in the water.  She snagged a piece of ice.  The water sprinkled from her fingers and drizzled down the inside of her arm.  She rubbed the ice down her thigh, feeling it quickly melting.  The water racing her fingers toward her pussy. 

The ice didn’t make it to her pussy, as it melted too much, became too slick for her fingers. But her cold fingers slipped inside her pussy, where her own heat quickly warmed them.

Her fingers glided lazily around her clit.  She paused and fished another ice cube from the glass.  This time she started with her pussy. Letting the ice cube melt along her labia, feeling the chilled water trickling.

Julia panted, the ice melting rapidly, both cooling and inflaming her.  Once again the ice melted and slipped from her fingers too quickly. he eyed her glass, wondering if there was enough ice.


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