Sex Magick

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“You want to go to a what?!” Julia couldn’t believe what her friend Vicki was asking. Of course, Julia mused, Vicki hadn’t been the same since she came back from Egypt.  Before her trip, Victoria hadn’t expressed any interest in the occult; however, since she had returned she had an insatiable drive to learn everything about it.

“It’s a coven meeting” Vicki began, but Julia cut in.

“No, this isn’t a praise the god and goddess, dance around a bonfire coven – This is a,” her voice dropped, “a sex cult.”

Vicki sighed, “You don’t have to whisper,” Vicki glanced around the nearly empty cafe, “And yes, sex is part this coven.  I thought you wanted to try sex magic?”

Julia had to admit that was true.  She had been an avid occultist for years, and she had decided that sex magic has the next step in her studies.  “I do, but,” she licked her lips, “I hadn’t planned on starting with an orgy.”

Vicki laughed, “I think it’s the best place to start.”  She gave a shy smile, “Besides, I don’t want to go alone.”

Julia threw up her hands, “Alright, we’ll go to the sex cult.”


So a few hours later, Julia found herself wearing a hooded black robe, a mask, and nothing else.  The tile floor was cold beneath her bare feet.  She had to admit that whoever owned this house had done an exceptional job on the decorating.  The edges of the room were strewn with cushions, and the walls were draped with all manner of gauzy fabric.  Banks of candles, the cost of which must have been expensive, were the only illumination.  Clouds of incense flowed from censors, but it was the altar that held Julia’s attention.  The high priestess and priest had finished their chanting and invoking, ending with the high priestess seated on the altar, and casting aside her robe.  She was gloriously naked, her long blond hair swept back, and pooled behind her.  In the candle light, she was all pale skin and shadows.  Before her stood the priest, also naked.

Julia felt herself grow hot and her breathing quicker as the priest knelt before the priestess.  He buried his face between her thighs.  It wasn’t just the sex act or even the publicness of the sex that had Julia feeling so excited.  There was power in the air, what she thought of as the heavy air feeling of magick.  The priestess threw back her head, calling upon their goddess.  Julia felt the air  shiver.  She wondered where in the circle Vicki had ended up.  With all the circling required, Julia had lost track of her friend. witchhaxxan

Thoughts of Victoria were dashed from her mind, as the high priestess wrapped her legs around the priests shoulders.  Her heels pushed into his back, shoving his face deeper into her pussy.  Julia wondered how he could breathe, but he seemed unconcerned.  The air grew thicker, heavier.  Julia noticed that others in the circle were shifting closer to one another, robes were starting to hang open.  Julia felt a hand on her shoulder, and what she could only describe as a questioning touch.  She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the scene at the altar, so she nodded her consent and twitched her robe open.  The hand on her shoulder slid down her arm and reached into her robe.  Julia shivered as the stranger’s hand slid over her naked belly.

At the altar, the priestess had ceased her chanting and had fallen to moans and cries.  The attendees seemed to take the priestess’s cries as a cue – or maybe it was just the feeling of frenzy sweeping through the temple.  The hand on her belly moved to her breast.  The hand began kneading at her breast. All around, she watched people dropping their robes, dropping to their knees, and sliding on to the cushions strewn about the temple.  She felt a second hand on her shoulder, with the same hesitant questioning.  She took hold of the hand, drawing it under her robe.  It took hold of her other breast.

The conflicting sensations, one hand kneading, the other hand tweaking her nipple.  She wriggled out of her robe, the fabric pooled at her feet.  At the altar, the priest had stood up, and then he was fucking he priestess.  Her long legs were still wrapped around him, but this time around his waist.  Even with all the debauchery going on, everyone’s eyes kept returning to the priest and priestess.

Julia reached behind her, her fingers seeking the figures grouping her.  Her hands met robes, and other hands invited her in.  She found hot hard flesh, two erect cocks for her to wrap her hands around.  She heard her partners each let out low moans, and increase their  attention on to her breasts.  She stroked the cocks behind her, watching three women writhing together on a pile of pillows.

Her attention was pulled away as one of the hands rested against her ass.  “Yes” she said to him, “Gods yes.”

witch crystalballThe hand slid down the curve of her ass, rubbing in small circles, to finally reach between her legs.  The room seemed to shift, to change.  Her eyes snapped back to the priest and priestess.  She watched the muscles in his ass clench as he came.  The priestess wrapped her arms around the man, his head resting on her chest.  Julia could see his back rising and falling from his exertions.

Julia’s skin tingled, and the air felt electric. The two sets of hands on her added to that.  The hand between her legs slipped a finger inside her, pumping slowly in and out.   She felt the warm, liquid rush of cum as one of the men came.  The men wiped her hand on what she assumed must be his robe.  He kissed her neck, and moved away from her.  The remaining man shifted behind her, continuing his slow finger fucking of her, but removing his cock from her hand.

The room was crackling with energy, and Julia’s body was on fire.  She leaned her back against the man’s chest. She could hear her wetness as he added a second finger.  She tilted her pelvis back, wanting more from him.  He continued his slow, measured movements.  Julia began rubbing her own clit, bringing herself closer to orgasm, but she followed the pace of the man behind her.  When she sped up her movements, he slowed further.  Julia whimpered in frustration; however, the energy building in the room was palpable, and Julia understood her partner wanted to ride that energy longer – wanted to help it build.  Julia found her witchy side at odds with her burning ache to orgasm.  She slowed her movements, once again matching his pace.

She was impressed with his skill at reading the energy in the room, and with his ability to keep her on the edge.  She lost track of how long they worked, the energy encircled them both, building, pressing against them.  The air was almost as taut and aching as she was.  He took her hand, placing it back on his cock. Once again, she matched his pace, but they both knew that it was time.  They both moved faster.  His fingers fucking faster, and her hand gripping his hardness, stroking quickly.  Julia heard his cry out in unision with own orgams, and felt the enrgy in the room shoot off.  It fled the room, rushing toward its intended purpose.witch circle

Julia felt a wave of exhaustion flow over her.  She felt her knees grow weak.  Her partner helped her to the floor, until she sat on her crumbled robe.  He placed a light kiss on the back of her neck, and she shivered.  Then he was gone.


  1. Dammit, Lucy., I’m sitting in a Thai joint having lunch. I made the mistake of opening and reading your story. Now I’m erect, swollen and throbbing and just want to find relief. But, of course I can’t. And, I have to go to work and know I’ll be a bit swollen thinking of your story till I get home. Oh, did I say I liked your story?

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      • I hadn’t intended to, but when I saw it was you, I couldn’t resist. There is a certain naughtiness that adds to the excitement of being aroused in a public place. As I was reading your story, and adjusting myself under the table, one of the women in the shop was sweeping under some tables. She is about 40, small in stature with tiny breasts and that only added to my erection. It was a spicy luncheon in more ways than just the soup.

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  2. That energy you described is something very real, and I’ve felt it before. JB and I usually just call it part of the energy exchange, but this makes me want to think of it as sex magick instead. Loved this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was trying to capture that energy exchange in this piece. That energy and connection fascinates me. I think this may be an idea I revisit in another story – perhaps something to goes deeper into the connection


  3. […] “Isn’t it a coven meeting?” Vicki asked. “No, it isn’t a praise the god and goddess coven – This is a,” her voice dropped, “a sex cult.” Vicki sighed, “You don’t have to whisper,” Vicki glanced around the nearly empty cafe, “I thought you were into sex magic?” #FriTease Read More […]


  4. Phew, how fucking hot was that?!?! I love this scene, how open and sexual everyone is in it. I once had a friend (we’ve kind of lost touch unfortunately) who was a grey witch. When I knew her, she wasn’t with a coven, but she had been a member of, and then the leader (priestess?) of, a small coven elsewhere in the country. She told me some stories, and from what I heard this scene isn’t actually all that unbelievable…

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