What Happened to Victoria at the Ritual

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Vicki was a little surprised at how quickly Julia agreed to go to the sex magick ritual.

What Vicki couldn’t tell her was about Djet. She just couldn’t find a way to tell Julia about meeting a resurrected pharaoh.  She wasn’t sure she could tell anyone, well other than her professor.

Nude Victorian woman standing in front of a bust of a devil-like figure

It was professor Edwards who’d suggested that she seek out a former colleague, Colin Bishara.

Bishara had left academia, and all Vicki’s research indicated a skyrocketing career in Egyptology, to study ancient Egyptian magic.  Or maybe it was more accurate to say practice magic.

Professor Edwards suggested that if anyone could explain what happened with Djet, it would be Bishara.

So Vicki stood barefoot and naked under her long black robe, scanning the crowd for Bishara.

Of course, everyone was wearing hooded robes, making it difficult to see anyone.  Vicki kept to the outside of the circle, but still found herself distracted by the ritual. The drumming, chanting, and dancing had a hypnotic effect.

She’d lost track of Julia ages ago, but it didn’t matter because she finally spied Bishara, but he seemed to have spied her to.

He was staring, across the slowly forming orgy, at her.  She could feel the heat, the energy of his stare, and she started making her way around bodies engaging various levels of sex.  On another occasion, she might be somewhat self-consciously enjoying the spectacle, but tonight she needed to get to Bishara. 

He was moving in her direction, seeming to ignore the sex acts taking place around him.  Every time she looked back at him, she found his kohl-rimmed eyes trained on her.  She hadn’t expected to feel attracted to him. Maybe it was just his affectation of ancient Egyptian eyeliner.

They met at the East side of what could only be called an orgy.  “Dr. Bishara?” She asked, wondering if he could hear her over the din of drumming and moans.

Group of women in gauzy, Grecian costumes dancing

He gave her a sly smile, “Who are you?” He raised his hand, as if to touch her, but stopped short.

She frowned feeling the energy pass between them. Maybe the magic wasn’t an affectation after all. She found herself reaching for him, but also stopping short of touching him. Even with the orgy going on around them, she hesitated to touch him unbidden. So much about him had reminded her of Djet, but he was also his own man – a topless, linen kilted, well-muscled man.

He raised his hand toward her face, “May I?” She nodded slowly. He pushed her hood back and ran his hand down her cheek. They both felt the jolt of energy. His hand followed the curve of her cheek to the back of her neck, his fingers twisted in her hair.

She gazed into his dark eyes and shifted on to her toes to kiss him.  The energy that seemed to pulse between them only grew.  His hand tightened pulling her hair, and his free hand moved to the small of her back.  The sound of the drums and the cries and moans of the participants grew louder around her, but the room felt distant.  She kissed him harder, turning her head slightly and opening her mouth.  For a brief moment, she saw Djet.  He stood in the busy streets of Cairo, next to the hotel she had stayed in before she left Egypt.

Victorian photo of a nude Arab woman wearing a necklace and belt of coins

Bishara broke the kiss and narrowed his kohl-lined eyes at her.  “You need to find him.”

She nodded.  “Dr. Edwards told me you could help,” she said into his ear.

He gave her a wicked smile, “Come?” he released his hold on her and offered his hand. He nodded toward the piles of cushions on the floor.

She took his hand. Together they moved around the various bodies in all manner of sex acts.  Victoria briefly watched a woman engaged with two men.  The woman rode the cock of one man while sucking the other.

They reached the cushions, and Bishara knelt upon them.  He gestured for her to join him.

She knelt across from him.  She wasn’t sure how much of her choice was about finding Djet and how much of it was a need to understand the connection to the man in front of her.

They kissed again, still kneeling.  She shrugged out of her robe, letting it fall away pooling behind her.  His hands stayed tangled in her hair, holding her face.  It was shockingly intimate to Victoria.  Regardless of the myriad sex acts taking place all around her, Bishara’s kissing and touching her face elicited more hesitancy and shyness from her.

Male dancer in ancient Egyptian costume

Bishara leaned closer, moving to whisper to her.  “You awakened him.  You are connected to him for all time.” His lips brushed her ear, and she shivered.  “We can find him, and call him to you.” He continued.  His hands moved to her shoulders, “It will require some intimacy between us,” he whispered.

Victoria felt his words wash through her.  “That’s why I’m here,” she said with a shy smile. All her earlier bravado had drained away at the strangeness of this encounter.  The deep connection she already felt for this stranger was frankly frightening to her.  His eyes met hers and she felt the surge again.

“Lay back,” he said, and she complied.

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