Caroline’s Next Card (part 2)

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Caroline stood with the blindfold over her eyes.  She felt the woman standing near her.

“Are you afraid, Caroline?” her Mistress’s voice cut through Caroline’s racing thoughts.

Caroline found herself nodding.

“What are you afraid of?”


Caroline wasn’t sure.  Her mind raced.  Living in a sex negative culture? Years of internalized sex-shaming? What would it mean if she continued with his encounter? The fact that this encounter had to mean anything at all?  How aroused she was by the situation?

Caroline licked her lips, trying to put her racing thoughts into words.  “I’m afraid of wanting this,” she gestured blindly at the room.

“This?” Her Mistress’s voice was gentle, but insistent.

Caroline started to shrug, and stopped herself.  “Of wanting to submit to your commands, to these strangers.  I want this to happen, but what does it make me?”

She felt her Mistress’s hand on her cheek, “It doesn’t make you anything.”  She stroked Caroline’s hair, “You can simply enjoy the experience.”

Caroline shivered at her touch.  Could she? She wouldn’t leave the experience unchanged though.

milo contentment

Her Mistress seemed to anticipate this thought, “Yes, you will be changed, as all experiences change us.”  She touched Caroline’s face, and tilted her chin toward her.  Caroline felt the woman’s lips on her own.  Caroline found herself kissing her Mistress, fiercely almost desperately.  Her Mistress was her anchor in this experience.  Her Mistress would keep her safe, but facilitate pushing Caroline to new place.

“Do you wish to continue Caroline? To follow the next card?” Her Mistress asked.  “Or we can stop, we can return to our drinks or we can retire upstairs alone,” she paused, “Or you may leave.”

Caroline took a deep breath, and spoke with strength and assurance, “Please, would you gentlemen fuck me?”

She felt hands on her tits, squeezing and kneading her flesh.  She gasped at how quickly and quietly they began touching her.  She moaned as a mouth closed on her nipple.  She buried her hands in the stranger’s hair moaning, “Oh yes.”

milo masturbation

The other hand, teased her nipple flicking it, rolling it, finally tugging on it.  She could feel her wetness seeping down her thighs.

“Lay on the table, slut” a male voice said. She inched up onto the table, its cool top soothing her still sore behind.  “Spread your legs,” the voice ordered.

She knew she must be a sight, naked with her pussy spread open for strangers.

“You are beautiful,” Her Mistress said from somewhere beside her.  “Now, rub your clit” her Mistress ordered, “And keep rubbing until he finishes.”

Caroline moaned, “Yes, Mistress.”  She slipped her fingers between her legs, astonished at her own heat and wetness.

The man stepped between her thighs, and she felt a stranger’s cock press against her vagina. manara group edited

“Ask for it.” The man demanded.

“Please sir, may I have your cock?” She panted as she continued to softly rub her clit.  “Please sir, I need it,” She heard herself begging him.

He slid inside her.  She cried out feeling him enter her.  He was pounding her almost immediately.  She rubbed at her clit, wanting to orgasm while this unknown man fucked her.  And he did fuck her.  He held her hips and slammed into her.  She felt her orgasm rising and came with a loud cry.

“Keep rubbing,” Her Mistress’s voice broke through the haze of her orgasm.  Caroline lightly rubbed at her sensitive clit, as the man above her grunted as he came.  She felt his cock twitch inside her; then he stepped back.  “Thank you” the man said, but she wasn’t sure if he said it to her or her Mistress.

Caroline let he fingers stop moving and shuddered.


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