Rainy Day Lover

It had been days of sodden heat and that anxious pressure that precedes a storm. It was enough to drive Julia to distraction. She’d spent the day distracted in the sticky heat, and sunset brought little relief.

She roamed the house, wearing a tank top and panties. The tv couldn’t hold her attention, neither could a book. The pressure from the impending storm wouldn’t let her rest.


She pawed through the freezer and finally dumped ice into a glass and poured a whiskey. She loved the cold burn of the whiskey. She poured a second drink, spilling the whiskey over her hand. Julia licked the smokey drops from her fingers

She went out to the backyard. The heavy heat wasn’t any better outside, and the air was still, thick and waiting. Julia laid on a lounge, looking up at the darkening, cloud filled sky.
She swirled the ice and whiskey, before taking another sip. She set the glass on the ground, and ran her chilled hand over her belly, up under her shirt. The coolness felt good. She leaned forward and pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it across the yard, in the direction of the backdoor. She wasn’t worried about anyone seeing her. The yard was relatively private, and in the growing gloom, she was mostly in shadow. And she couldn’t muster the energy to care about a peeping neighbor.


She picked up the drink again, letting the condensation drip onto her bare skin. It ran down to her belly, sliding off her sides. She felt water on her legs as well, well outside the reach of the glass. She glanced up at the dark clouds, and the storm started. She felt the fat, warm drops of rain splash against her upturned face. She grinned, and set her glass down. She reached her arms above her head, stretching finally feeling the heavy tension of the storm breaking as the rain fell.
The heavy drops exploded across her overheated skin, not cooling, but she was no longer sticky from the heat. She wriggled on the lounge, slipping out of her panties. She planted her feet on the quickly muddying ground, her legs open wide wanting the storm to wash over her.

The drops were heavy enough they felt like the lightest fingertip’s touch, like a hundred hands gently touching her skin. She smiled at the thought of the storm making love to her, and ran her own hands over her body, wiping away the rain, feeling fresh drops take its place – this storm was an eager lover.

One had drifted between her legs, feeling her warm wetness that well outdid the storm. The rain fell harder, still warm over her. The sun had set, and the sky was dark. She turned her face to the sky, to her storm lover, closing her eyes.

The rain spiraled from the sky to patter against her, still calling to mind invisible hands and perhaps lips to worship her body. Her own fingers glided over her clit, rubbing slowly, softly wanting to build to her own release like the storm had.


She bit her lip, and arched her back as she grew closer. The rain falling steadily harder, adding more sensation to her hypersensitive skin. The invisible hands had become lips, hard kisses of warm, wet rain. She increased the pressure on her clit, gasping aloud in the damp darkness. She wished for thunder to cover her own soft sounds, but no one would be outside in this deluge.

Her free hand cupped her breast, her fingers finding her stiff nipple. She brushed her fingers over it, mimicking the teasing touch of the rain. Julia gave into her orgasm, crying out in the rain. She lay panting, as the deluge poured over her as her lover found his release.


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