Caroline’s Final Card

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Caroline remained on the table, still shuddering from her orgasm.

She felt her mistress’s hand on her shoulder and then stroking her hair.  She helped Caroline to sit up on the table.

“That was beautiful, Caroline” her mistress crooned to her.  “You let yourself get completely into the feeling.”

Caroline felt a flush of satisfaction at her words.  She’d submitted. She’d given in to a secret desire, and she realized that she wasn’t ashamed.  “I,” she swallowed, “I loved letting go. Of not thinking, not worrying.” She paused trying to work out her own feelings.
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She felt her Mistress’s hands on the blindfold.  “Are you ready to see?” She asked.

Caroline wasn’t sure. It was one thing to not have to see what was going on, to not see the men in the bar… She wasn’t sure she wanted to see.

Her Mistress ran her hands over Caroline’s arms, petting and soothing her.
“I don’t want to see him, but I want to see you” Caroline surprised at the truth she felt in the words.

Her Mistress laughed a delicious, delighted sound that filled Caroline with pleasure.

She felt the blindfold taken away. Even in the fun bar light, she blinked and it took a moment for her eyes to focus. Her Mistress stood in front of her, still fully dressed without a hair out of place.

“Let’s get you off of this table,” her Mistress said.  milo ass

Caroline didn’t see anyone else in the bar, just the two of them.  She was a little unsteady on her feet, but kept her balance.

“Now, bend over the table,” her Mistress ordered.

Resting on the table, Caroline turned her head to watch her Mistress.  Here was a submission she was ready for.  To give Her this intimacy was easy.

“Slut, this gentleman would like to use your ass,” Her Mistress said, “May he?”

Caroline felt the man standing behind her.  She could feel the rough fabric of his trousers against her thighs and ass.  He made no moves to touch her.  She believed her Mistress would keep her safe, would accept her ‘no’ if Caroline chose to say it.

It was another submission.  According to the cards, this was the final submission, to allow a stranger to perform this unfamiliar act.  Could she submit to this?  She recalled how much she had enjoyed the dildo, and she knew that both her Mistress and the other man would be watching her get sodomized.

Caroline spoke, watching her Mistress, “Please sir will you fuck my ass?”

The man bent her over the table.  She felt his fingers slipping into her pussy.  “You’re already nice and wet.” He said to her, “and so hot.”  She could hear her wetness as he pumped his fingers before pulling them out to slip them into her ass.

She felt him stretching her slowly.  She tried not to tense up, tried to put aside her racing thoughts. Was she going too far? Was this somehow too depraved?

He removed his fingers.  “Do you want it?” His voice was heavy with lust.
Did she?  She felt the smooth table under her breasts and belly.  The bar’s air conditioning kicked on, and she shivered in the draft.  Did she want this?

Caroline could feel her own wetness dripping down her thighs.  She glanced up, making eye contact with her Mistress.  “Yes,” she said, “Yes, I want this.”

She kept her eyes locked on to her Mistress as she felt the head of a cock press against her asshole.

She felt a stretching, burn as he slowly pushed his cock inside her.  She savored the sensation of fullness, and bit her lip as his cock filled her.  His thighs pressed against her thighs.  His cock filled her ass.

Her Mistress smiled at her.

Caroline watched the woman while this stranger fucked her ass.  He increased his pace.  However, she was lost in the not only the tactile experience of his cock filling her, stretching her or the smooth table underneath her chest and belly.  She was lost in her prostration.

“What do you feel?” her Mistress demanded, pulling Caroline out of what she realized must be the state of consciousness so many referred to as sub space.

Caroline gazed blankly at her a moment.  “I feel alive.” She whispered.  And she heard herself still talking, a stream of sexy, dirty talk describing the physical sensation of the cock in her ass, its hard length plunging in to her.  His heavy balls slapping forward to taunt her clit, but never finding a satisfying rhythm or frequency.  She talked about her debasement and the sheer contentment that came from being used by this stranger.  Her words rose, driving her arousal, and pushing her closer to orgasm.  “May I cum, Mistress?” Caroline begged.

Her Mistress nodded.

Caroline slipped her fingers to her clit once again rubbing, pinching, and rolling her way to orgasm.

The man urged her on, “Come on, slut cum for a stranger.” His voice was labored with his own heavy breathing.  “That’s right slut,” he said as she bucked her hips back against him, her own orgasm overtaking her.

She heard him moan and groan his own orgasm, and finally his softening cock slid out of her ass. She stayed laying across the table, too worn out for anything more.

Her Mistress leaned down and kissed her softly. milo aphrodite

“Caroline?” The woman’s words broke through.  Caroline was sitting in the hotel bar once again.  She was clothed and looking at the card in the woman’s hand.  “Peter was right,” the woman grinned, “You have an incredibly intense reaction to the cards.”

Caroline blushed, thinking about what they just shared.  Her eyes immediately flicked toward the men at the bar, but they were focused on the game on the television, their faces turned away from her – still strangers.  Caroline looked back at the cards, and picked up both of them.

Her Mistress raised an eyebrow.

Caroline turned both cards over, the dull black background hiding the erotic images.  “I’d like to go upstairs with you, without the cards” she said.


    • Thank you Rebel! I’m still over the moon that part 2 made the Wicked Wednesday top 3.

      I struggled with whether to end the series or keep going. But I’m satisfied with the ending… And I think Caroline is too 🙂


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