Hit Send

I love sending you pictures.  I adore slipping off to somewhere private, and slipping off some clothes.  I’ve become very adept at taking photos of myself.  Finding the best ways to frame my naked, or almost naked body, in the most titillating ways.

camera 1

I love knowing that you touch yourself with my pictures.  I love knowing that the chime of a received message causes your cock to twitch and start to rise.  Your eyes will feast on every detail of me.  Today it’s my naked breasts, sunlight streaming down upon them, blue sky visible behind me.  You image what I may have felt like topless, outside.  Just how public was the space I’d been standing in? Was it the risk of being caught that made my nipples so achingly hard? Or maybe the sun and blue sky is deceptive, and the air was cold.  But, no, I think you prefer to image that the sun was warm on my skin.

When I hit send, I imagine you receiving the image.  I know it’s a tease to send you pictures while you at work.  I’m sure you look, furtively stealing glances at the image all afternoon, biding your time until you are alone.  Once home, I picture you stripping out of your clothes and laying naked on the bed, your cock already stirring in anticipation.  You open the image, finally able to devour it, your eyes moving over the photo, while your hand slowly strokes your cock.  It’s just the one picture, but you relish it.camera 3

I wish I was watching you, as you wrap your fingers around your hardness, but not rushing.  Do you imagine that I’d played with my nipples to get them hard for the picture?

You realize that I couldn’t have taken the picture myself.  I wonder if that excites you more, wondering who took the picture.  You continue stroking yourself, the slick lubrication of precum coating your fingers.  Maybe you tighten your grip, your mind still writing the story behind the picture.
camera 4
You picture me laughing wickedly, and scanning the beach for bystanders.  Finding it empty, I slyly ask my companion to take the picture.  I quickly toss my top to the sand… And I think about you.

I think about you watching me, which even from afar makes my nipples hard.  I go through a series of poises, wanting to capture the single image that conveys my arousal and the joy that I find in sharing the moment with you.

Your hand moves faster, and your breathing grows quicker.  It makes me so excited, so turned on, to think about you getting off looking at me.  It doesn’t just tease you when I send the picture.  I’m teasing myself too, waiting for your reply, imagining your responses, physical and mental.

I’m waiting by my phone, waiting for your reply.  Waiting for the picture that I’ll gaze at while I cum.


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This story was inspired by the Elliot Henry and his sensual and sexy blog Life of Elliot… and all that Jizz


  1. I don’t know what to say, well, I’m honored for starters. What a wonderful write, Lucy. You have captured the thoughts of the woman in the photo, as well as exactly what it’s like and what happens after that chime. Thank you for bringing to life the other side of the photo.

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  2. Wonderful. Delicious as ever. I love that spiral of turn-ons, as one image drives the desire of the other by knowing the effect each will have on the recipient.

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