Victoria Finds Her Man… Two of Them

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Victoria Finds Her Man… Two of Them

Vicki lay back on the pile of cushions shrugging out of the robe so it lay underneath her like a sheet.

Painting of an odalisque

Bishara laid beside her, his kohl darkened eyes and shaved head reminded her of Djet, but there was something jarring about seeing the makeup and the ancient affectation on a modern man.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

She nodded, not entirely sure what she needed to be ready for.  At this point, she was certain she wanted this magician and not only for his magic.

She wasn’t sure where he found the marking pen, but he began to draw a series of hieroglyphs on her.  The pen tickled between her breasts as he confidently marked her skin.  The next mark was lower at her solar plexus.  He continued the series of marks down her belly the final mark was on her shaved mons. She wondered briefly what he would have done if she didn’t shave.

“Now, you’ll need to focus on the one you seek,” he said looking up at her.

“What do you mean by focus?” She asked.

“Think about him, mentally call to him,” he replied.

Vicki nodded.  Bishara shifted position, moving up to be eye level with her.  His hand clasped hers, and he kissed her.  “Think of him,” he said.

He moved away from her, the ritual was still unfolding around them.  The energy from the myriad sex acts felt tangible to Vicki, but her interest was directed at Bishara and her hopes that together they could find Djet.

Bishara knelt between her legs.  He closed his eyes and chanted. Vicki recognized it as ancient Egyptian, but she couldn’t pick out a single word. He reached his hand out, his finger tracing each symbol he’d drawn on her.

Her skin tingled as his fingertip warmed her flesh.  She’s couldn’t take her eyes off his hand as it moved down her body.  She shivered in anticipation until she remembered she was supposed to be focusing on Djet.

It seemed almost wrong to be so focused on another man while one who was so undeniably sexy was caressing her nude body in the middle of an orgy.  She cast one last long look at Bishara and closed her eyes.

His chanting was punctuated by the moans and cries of the ritual participants.  But the words helped her focus on Djet. They brought back her single night with him.

Bishara’s fingers reached the final symbol, and Vicki bit her lip wanting him, again.

She felt him move, and his breath tickled her ear, “This is going to get,” he paused, “intimate. Is that ok?”

Vicki opened her eyes, losing herself in his dark eyes.  “Yes, please, yes.” She heard herself almost panting.

1920s photo staged as an odalisque

“Tell me his name,” Bishara asked, his fingers tracing the symbol between her breasts.

“Djet,” Vicki whispered in his ear, “Pharaoh Djet.”

His hand stopped moving, tripping over the symbol.  He pulled away and looked her in the eye.  “How?”

Vicki kissed him, “Later. Now we find him.”

Bishara gave her an awed smile.  He kissed her again and started another chant.  He traced the symbols and to Vicki, it felt like electricity buzzing through her.

She gasped when Bishara reached her vulva.  His chant ended, and his breath blew over her pussy.

She shivered and whispered Djet’s name, as Bishara’s tongue slipped between her labia.

She thought his fingers had been electrifying; his mouth was a lightning storm.  She continued to whisper the pharaoh’s name.

Bishara’s tongue dipped into her, moving from her clit down to probe her vagina.  Vicki bucked her hips and grasped Bishara’s head.  The soft fuzz of his shaved hair tickled her thighs and her palms.

Vicki rocked her hips against Bishara’s tongue.  He paused and she opened her eyes.  She glanced down at him and saw the question in his face.  “Keep going,” She panted. He gave her a wicked smile and turned his face back down.  Once more he blew on her, and then his tongue returned to work.  This time she kept her focus on Djet. When she’d first encountered Bishara at the ritual, Vicki had received a brief vision of Djet.  She turned her mind back to that fleeting image.  She struggled to keep focused.  Her nipples were so hard they arched, and Bishara’s tongue was teasingly soft as he explored her with his mouth.  He would get tantalizingly close to her clit, then pull away, and mutter more words, and start the slow, delicious torture of dragging his tongue up toward her clit again.

Actor Yul Brynner as Ramses the Great

Vicki found herself whispering Djet’s name, over and over.  She realized that she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to cum before she found the Pharaoh.  Bishara drew back from her, replacing his tongue with his fingers.  Vicki moved again, her hips rocking up to meet his finger as it slid into her pussy.  She clenched around his finger, forcing herself to stay focused on Djet.

Vicki realized that she wanted to cum, no she needed to cum.  She bit back a scream when Djet’s thumb found her clit and began slowly circling it.  Her whispered mantra of Djet grew louder, and she could swear Bishara’s fingers moved faster.  Vicki felt the buildup of her orgasm.  Bishara added a second finger, pumping them inside her faster.

She bucked her hips up, giving in to the buildup.  He whispered in her ear, “cum, Victoria, cum now.”

Vicki felt the orgasm break, like a flood of warm water racing up her spine.  She cried out and realized that she was calling Djet’s name.  Then she saw him.  She had a clear vision of the Pharaoh.

Djet looked up at her as if he could see her across the distance that separated them.  “Come to me Priestess,” he said.

Painting of a reclined odalisque

Vicki found herself shaking in Bishara’s arms.  “I know where he is,” she managed to gasp out. Still not sure what had happened.

Bishara stroked her hair, “Good. I’d like to talk about how you ended up seeking Djet after the ritual ends.”

Vicki smiled at him, suddenly aware of the intimacy they had just shared.  “So the ritual is still, going on?”

Bishara gave a small laugh, “It’s mostly just an orgy at this point.”

Vicki shifted in his arms, “Good because I’d really like to fuck you.”

Bishara blinked and laughed tightening his hold on her.  “I thought you’d never ask.”

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