Natalie self-consciously smoothed her dress down, tugging at the hem.  The dress, with its flared skirt, sat comfortably just above her knees, hardly immodestly short.  Nevertheless, she felt immodest.  She couldn’t believe that she’d agreed to this, but she admitted to herself that the daring of it had her already turned on.

The bar was loud and crowded for a weeknight.  Des was already there.  She wove her way through the crowded bar, dodging patrons and servers alike, to the booth where he waited.  She slid into the booth next to him, carefully tugging her dress down.  He noticed; she just knew that he noticed.

“Good evening, baby girl.” He said looking her over.

“Good evening, Sir” Natalie said keeping her eyes downcast. She hadn’t expected them to start playing at the bar, but she liked the idea.

pulled up skirt

The waitress came by the table and Des ordered her a drink.  As the waitress walked away, he ran his hand up her leg.   “Did you follow my dress code?”

“Yes, Sir,” Natalie said feeling herself blush.

“Show me,” he ordered.

She reached into her purse and handed him her panties.  He took them, and slipped his fingers under the hem of her dress. “Pull your dress up more,” he saw her shock.  “Not all the way, you may maintain your modesty for now.”

She swallowed and hitched the hem of her dress up higher, feeling the cool air on her thighs and on her naked pussy.  The skirt was crumpled on top of her thighs.

His fingers brushed against her labia as the waitress returned with their drinks.  Natalie froze afraid the woman would recognize what they were doing.  But it was a busy night, and she seemed far more interested in getting drinks out to the crowd watching some sporting event.

Des thanked the waitress as he slipped one finger in between her lips.  Natalie bit her lip and looked at the TV, rather than the waitress.

underdressed 4

“I didn’t realize that you were such a basketball fan, kitten.” He whispered in her ear, his fingers brushing her clit.

She bit her lip and shook her head.  “I’m not, Sir,” she answered her voice shaking.  This was becoming far more intense than she’d expected.  She’d agreed to the semipublic play, anticipating some bashfulness, but she hadn’t counted on the overwhelming desire she felt.

He slid his finger deeper inside her, “You are very wet baby girl,” he commented.

Natalie turned to look at him, “Yes, Sir.”

“Do you see Will sitting at the bar?” he asked?

Natalie, startled by the change in topic, looked quickly over at the bar.  Will was Des’s best friend.  She’d met the other man a few times but didn’t really know him.  She wondered if Will was here on purpose, as part of Des’s plans or if it was a coincidence.  As Will seemed to be looking at his phone, while a beer sat untouched on the bar, she decided it must be coincidence.

Des tapped at his phone.  Will looked around the bar, and smiled at Natalie. “I want you to keep watching Will, baby girl.”

She looked at Des, wondering what game he was playing.  “O.k., Sir” she said, and he must have heard the hesitation in my voice because he raised an eyebrow at me.  “Yes, Sir,” Natalie corrected, shifting a little on the bar seat.  She was already wet, and wondered if she was going soak through her dress and leave a spot on the plush seat.  She looked back over at Will.  He made eye contact with her, and picked up his beer.

Des began slowly stroking Natalie’s clit, and she instinctively started to clamp her legs together.

underdressed 2

“Bad girl,” Des whispered in her ear.  “Open your legs.”

Natalie realized that Des wanted Will to watch this happen.  The question was did she want him to watch this?  She knew almost instantly that she did want him to watch.  The strength of her desire for this almost stranger to watch her was intoxicating.  Natalie separated her knees, breathing heavily.  She wondered if anyone else in the bar was aware of their game.  It didn’t seem like it, as all the patrons were engrossed in yelling at the basketball game.  She thought their game was far more interesting.

“Wider, baby girl” Des ordered, not whispering.

Natalie blushed.  The table cloth should cover what they were doing, but the idea of opening her legs wider in such a public place was daunting.  She shifted her legs slightly farther apart.

“Good girl,” he said, his fingers resumed their movements.

Natalie kept her eyes on Will.  She fought her desire to rock her hips in time to the caressing of Des’s fingers.  She felt her nipples harden under her dress, knowing that the thin fabric would show every detail.  Will gave her a sly smile.

“You’re getting wetter, baby girl” Des whispered in her ear.  “I think you like having Will watch you.”  He slid a finger inside her.  “Do you like it?”

Natalie couldn’t stop the low moan that escaped from her.  She shifted on the seat, shifting her hips to allow him greater access.  She opened her legs wider.  She was certain that everyone in the bar could hear the wet sounds of his fingers, even over the loud game.  “I don’t know, Sir.”


“My baby girl is always honest.”  He smiled at her.  “Get out your phone,” he ordered.  She scrambled to find the device in her purse, while his fingers continued their slow fucking of her.  “Call Will,” Des ordered.

Natalie fumbled with the phone, finally tapping the correct places to make the call.  She watched Will from across the bar.  He held the phone to his ear, but said nothing.

“Will is going to listen to you cum.”

Natalie thought she might cum on the spot.  The idea was strange, embarrassing, but she couldn’t deny how much it turned her on to think of the man at the bar watching and hearing her.  “Yes, Sir” she said into the phone.

Will nodded at them from across the bar.

underdressed 3

Des began finger-fucking her in earnest.  His fingers plunged in and out of her pussy, while she panted and moaned softly into the phone.  She could hear the wet sloshing of his fingers and was disappointed that Will couldn’t hear it too.  “I’m so wet right now,” she said into the phone. “I can hear Sir’s fingers sliding into me.”

Will looked surprised to hear her speaking.

Des kissed her cheek, “Good girl!”

Natalie beamed with the words.  He knew how hot it got her to be called a good girl.  Natalie continued to moan softly, with the occasional “oh god” ripped from her lips.  She could feel her orgasm rising.  The tingling rising from her pussy to her belly was impossible to ignore.

Through the phone she heard Will’s voice.  “Touch yourself,” he ordered.

Natalie’s hand complied before she’d even processed the order.  She found her clit, and began rubbing it, trying to look as if she wasn’t masturbating at a public table.  She opened her legs wider, feeling the bar’s air conditioner drift over her sopping wet pussy.

underdressed 5

Des pulled his fingers out, and she whimpered.  She loved a good finger fucking, and was disappointed that he wouldn’t feel her cum.  He rested his wet fingers on her bare thigh.  She could feel his gaze on her, but she kept her eyes locked on Will.  With the phone clenched in one hand, her other hand rubbed and stroked her clit.

She moved her fingers faster, her moans a little louder and desperate.  She felt the orgasm rip through her and hissed “Oh yes.”  She felt pussy clench and spasm as the orgasm rocked her, and she fought to keep her eyes open and on Will.

“Good girl” he said through the phone, ended the call, and turned away from her.

Natalie looked to Des for direction.  “Good girl,” Des purred in her ear.  “Would you like to invite Will to come home with us?” He asked.

Natalie looked into Des’s eyes, wondering just what sort of depravity he had planned.  The bar was only a couple blocks from Des’s apartment, and she knew that they would be walking back.  Walking the downtown streets in a short, flared skirt with no panties and two dominant men was a dream come true.

“Oh, yes Sir, I’d like that very much.”

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  1. Well, I made it to the end of this story. Loved it, of course. What a clever plot, having Will sitting at the bar with his phone. Brought back memories of being in a nightclub at a table right in front of Paul Revere and the Raiders, doing exactly that under the table. I’m sure they could see.

    Liked by 1 person

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