Ground Control

Alice has been aboard the Tau Ceti station for a week.  She’d started to acclimate to the intermittent gravity loss, but it still caused butterflies in her stomach when the gravity turned off.

She was looking forward to her down time.  The engineering team invited her to all sorts of activities, but she just wanted to be alone. Well there was a certain Martian she’d been eyeing, and she’d heard plenty of interesting things about Martian anatomy at the academy.  She was planning a fact finding mission during her six month posting; however, after a week of constant companionship, she was looking forward to having her quarters to herself.  Her roommate, a Terran in communications, was on shift, so Alice would be alone.

gound control crop 4Quarters for junior officers were similar suites.  There was a small shared living space flanked by their separate sleeping quarters. The sleeping spaces we barely big enough for the single beds, but it gave the junior officers a little privacy. The living room held a small couch and table.  Somehow she’d been lucky enough to get a room with a window, a floor to ceiling view into the void of deep space.

Alice entered her quarters, and called out to her roommate, just in case the woman’s schedule had changed.  The returning silence was all Alice needed.  She stripped out of her uniform, tossing it in the cleaning unit.  She slipped into her bedroom and grabbed her robe and toy box before lowering all the lights in the suite.

She opened the shade on the massive window and stared into the vastness.  She felt her stomach flutter in a wave of vertigo.  She tossed her robe over the couch and opened her toy box.

The next loss of gravity was about 15 minutes away, and Alice wanted to be ready for it.  She picked through her toys, wanting just the right instrument. She settled on a new toy she’d picked up at her last posting at the Ganymede Station.  She smiled remembering the brief affair she had enjoyed with a Jovian Psionic.  In fact, the Jovian Psionic had given her the toy.  It was a fascinating creation of hands-free dildo and vibrator but could be controlled via thought, like most Jovian tech.

Alice held the toy in her hand, and leaned against the window, feeling the cold glass against her nipples, and the void of darkness and stars filled her vision.  She thumbed the toy on, and it hovered waiting for her thoughts.

She spread her legs wide, and the toy drifted between her legs, emitting a low level buzz.  It slowly floated up her thigh, but Alice was terrible at denying herself. She mentally ordered the machine to her clit.  She let out a soft gasp as it made contact.

gound control crop 3Alice grew hot and wet, and she shifted back from the window just enough to play with her nipples.  She increased the speed of the vibrator, moaning aloud.   She loved the vibration engulfing her clit, sending echoes of pleasure throughout her body.  She felt her orgasm approaching and let it happen.  She shuddered against the window.

It would take her a few minutes to reach another orgasm, but she’d be in time for the gravity loss.  She shifted the toy, and it responded.  The dildo portion positioned itself at the entrance to her vagina, while a secondary piece continued the low level vibration on her clit.

Her fingers tugged and pinched her nipples, as the machine slid inside her moist pussy.  She heard the warning alarm chime, alerting station personnel that the loss of gravity was imminent.

gound control crop 2“Harder,” she said to the vibrator.  It thrust into her, fucking her at the speed she used most often.  “Bigger,” she whimpered at the machine.  Immediately the girth of the dildo increased, stretching her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as the gravity switched off.  She free floated in front of the window, untethered by anything except the relentless pounding of the dildo.

She came almost immediately, overwhelmed by the sensation of weightlessness coupled with the perfect thrusting of the dildo.  She kept her legs spread and floated around the room.

“Faster,” she begged as she bumped into the window.  She spread her palms against the glass but couldn’t get enough grip to hold herself in place.  The dildo never ceased its motion.  It was like fucking in water, floating away with pleasure.

Her body drifted from the widow, and she had no handholds.  Her legs floated splayed open, pussy full of dildo, vibrator buzzing on her clit. She suddenly felt out of control. Her body was electric with pleasure, but it bordered on too much. It was like she existed only for the pleasure, with nothing to ground herself.

“Suck” she ordered, and the buzzing was replaced with a light suction and a reasonable mouth-like feeling.

She writhed in the air, twisting and bucking with nothing to hold her in place.  Each spasm of her hips sent her up toward the ceiling or careening off toward a wall.  “Oh, more, more” she begged, and the machine increased the speed of its thrusts and the force of the suction.

She stopped thinking about where in the room she was, and simply wriggled and writhed in the air as the machine forced another orgasm from her body. She couldn’t hold back her moans and cries.  The machine once again increasing its tempo as her pussy clamped around it in another orgasm.

manara spaceThe warning chime echoed again, this time to warn station personnel that the gravity would be restored.  She felt her weight slowly returning, her body drifting down to land across the table.

She mentally slowed the machine, her legs still splayed open as she lay on stomach across the table.  Her knees finally touched the floor. She felt overly heavy, almost tied down by the returned gravity.

Kneeling over the table, facing the window, she slowed the machine.  She briefly considered trying for one more orgasm, but after the heady loss of control brought on by the lack of gravity, a full gravity orgasm seemed too mundane.

She sent the dildo to the bathroom sink and slowly Rose to her feet. Her knees quaked and she shook finding her feet.

She wrapped herself in her robe and stretched out on the couch.  She gazed out the window, letting the void of space fill her eyes until she fell asleep.

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  1. I thought for sure I made a comment when I read this. I’m sure it was clever too. One thing that makes this story good, is that it is believable and that makes the sex seem so real. Maybe you can see into the future, Lucy, I’m sure that dildo will come to pass.

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