The heat broke with sunset.  The air was still damp, but finally cool. The temperature kept dropping as it got darker.

I had the house to myself, and I was getting ready for bed.  I stayed in shower letting the cool water pull the heat from my skin.  I’d been sleeping nude, so I dried off but didn’t bother with clothes.  I tied my hair up in a messy knot, wanting its damp weight off my back.

As I was locking up, the breeze flowing through the screen door was irresistible.  The yard was dark, and I could see the mist rolling in.  There wasn’t even much of a moon.

I opened the door and stepped outside.  The concrete steps radiated the day’s heat into my bare feet.  The mist in the air coiled around me, cool and damp.  I peered into the yard. It was dark, and the fence mostly hid the area from the street.  I took another step outside, following the lure of the cool air.

night 1

I kept moving, the air caressing my bare skin.  It wasn’t the refreshing mist that raised goosebumps on my skin; it was the wickedness of being nude out of doors.  I stood naked in the center of the yard with damp grass clinging to my feet and tickling my ankles.  I could smell the jasmine plants, the thin vines that at the correct angle, I could see out of the yard, which meant that someone could see in.  I could hear the traffic just beyond the wood fence.  I glanced at the house across the street.  At some point in time, before I’d moved in, the owners had added a second story.  There was one window that looked over my yard.  I’d never seen anyone in the window, and in the few years I’d lived there I hadn’t even seen lights on upstairs.

I kept my eyes trained on the small section of the street visible through the jasmine plants, and looked back at the neighbor’s window.  The street was empty.  The window was dark, but that didn’t mean it was empty.  I slowly raised my hands to my breasts.  The damp air already had my nipples raised, and I rubbed them softly, not sure if I really was going to get off in the yard.  However, something about the audacity and perhaps even the risk made it very tempting.

I pulled a patio chair over.  Sitting, I found the metal gasp-inducingly cold against my naked flesh.  I shifted and wriggled on the seat, was I going to do this, I wondered.  I continued to watch the street, and lay back spreading my legs wide.  It was probably dark enough that someone on the street would see a person shaped form, but not make out the details, probably. night 3

There is something delicious and almost indescribable about the sensation of the open air on naked skin.  I continued to tease my nipples, slowly rubbing them both.  I could feel myself getting wet.  I looked back at the dark window.  It still appeared dark and empty.  Of course the idea of someone watching, the idea of a stranger standing in the dark window watching me, only made me hotter.  I let my hand drift down, feeling my own heat before my fingers made contact with my dripping pussy.

I kept my eyes fixed on the window, as my imaginary voyeur began to dominate the experience.  I slowly rubbed my clit, picturing the man in the window.  He’d be shocked at my display, but equally he wouldn’t want to look away.  My brazen foray outdoors fully nude may have caught his attention, but once I sat and spread my legs wide for him and anyone else to see, he’d be caught.

I traced slow circles on my clit, while tugging on my nipples.  Of course his cock would stir, and he would consider unzipping his pants.  After all, he’d reason, someone should enjoy my show.  He’d free his hard cock from his pants, and start slowly stroking.  I slipped two fingers inside my pussy, adopting the speed I imaged him having.  The heel of my hand rubbed my clit every time my fingers went deep.  I bit my lip, late or not crying out just might get someone’s attention.

Would he speed up his pace watching me? Would he lean closer to the glass in his window, leaving a tell-tale breath-fogged spot?  I like to think he would.  He’d stare and try to image that my hand was his cock.  I pulled my fingers from my pussy, the wet slopping sounds carrying  strangely in the darkness.

night 4

I rubbed my wetness over my clit, starting to rub faster and harder.  My breathing grew fast and punctuated by small moans, but sounds returned to me in wet, heavy echoes in the mist.  My imaginary voyeur would be cumming now.  His cum would spray across the window, perhaps revealing his presence to me… if I’d been paying attention.  But I was lost in my own impending orgasm, the liquid fire spreading through me as I shuddered in the chair.

My hand stayed draped over my pussy, as I let me breathing return to normal.  I glanced back to at the street, and it was still empty.  The window was still dark and seemingly empty.  I rose from the chair, once again reveling in the refreshing mist, and walked slowly back inside.


Masturbation Monday where getting off is half the fun




  1. the wickedness of being nude out of doors… How many times have we experienced that feeling? A fine tale of wicked masturbation and I loved the ‘watcher’s’ part, yes someone should enjoy her show. I really liked the descriptive way you set the scene, the steps radiating the days heat.

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  2. I’ve always wished we had a back yard that we could slip into sans clothing. A steamy tale and the added mystery of the dark window was a nice touch. That touch of wonder if there may have been someone watching. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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