Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

Read the entire series here, or jump in and enjoy the some public eye contact. 

Natalie left the bar with Des on her left and Will on her right.

Will and Des guided her toward the alley that ran between the bar and the restaurant next door.

“Face the wall,” Will ordered.

Natalie glanced at Des, seeking his approval. “Obey Will the same way you’d obey me,” Des said.

chair nude“Yes Sir,” Natalie said, quietly.  She turned and faced the brick wall, and she wasn’t surprised to feel Will flip up her skirt.  Des leaned against the wall next to her.

Natalie realized that he was going to watch her with Will. It was something they had talked about doing, but actually being presented with the opportunity was something else.  She felt the night air on her bare skin.  She felt Will’s hand caresses her ass.

“Look at me, Kitten” Des ordered.  Natalie turned her head from the wall, and met Des met her eyes.  “This time, you keep eye contact with me.” He ordered.

Natalie locked eyes with Des, feeling his blue eyes locked on to her as Will slid his fingers between her thighs.  She bit her lip, and let her eyes drop as Will pressed a finger inside her.

“Kitten, look at me,” Des ordered.

Natalie flicked her eyes back up.  She felt overwhelmed.  Will’s slow finger fucking in the alley was already intense, but eye contact with Des, staring into his blue eyes while another man touched her, was indescribable.  She wanted to close her eyes, to lose herself in what she was feeling.

“Do you like Will touching you?” Des asked, and she could see pleasure in his eyes.

Natalie nodded, “Yes, Sir.” She whispered and tried to stifle a moan as Will inserted another finger.  She watched Des’s eyes dilate.  Her eyes locked on to his as Will sped up his movements, drawing her closer to orgasm.  Natalie realized that she desperately wanted to cum for Will, while Des watched.

Will’s voice distracted her, “Natalie, you aren’t allowed to cum.”6e569917d90976969e68c89544e360dc--vintage-photographs-vintage-photos

Natalie felt her mouth twist into a pout.  “Yes Sir,” she panted.

“Oh Kitten,” Des said, “I’ve never seen that flash of defiance in your eyes before.”  He reached out and brushed his fingers over her cheek, running his thumb over her pouting lips.  “I am going to like this game.” He said with a laugh.

Natalie moaned chewed her lip.  She was struggling against her orgasm.  Des’s touch almost pushed her over the edge.  Will didn’t know her body the way Des did.  He kept the same slow rhythm, and she knew he must be feeling her pussy clenching at his fingers, but he just kept pressing his fingers inside her.  He crooked his fingers, pressing against her interior walls, seeking her g-spot.  She gasped.

Des’s gaze filled with wonder, “That’s another new expression.”  He closed his eyes and kissed her deeply, and Natalie couldn’t hold back.  She moaned into his kiss, feeling her orgasm wash over her.  Her knees shook, and she could feel her wetness drip down her thighs.

Des broke the kiss, “Someone is going to get punished when we get home.”

Natalie pulled her skirt down, “Of course, Sir” she said, trying to look contrite.

They left the alley, a man on either side of her their arms linked together.

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  1. Ah soooo hot! Being ordered to keep my eyes open and look at someone when I come is difficult, but exciting – and to have it be a partner while someone else is fucking me would be magnificent! This is *excellent* wank fodder. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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