Bad Kitten

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Des joined Natalie on the couch, setting her between him and Will.  She rested her head against Des and he stroked her hair.

She realized that she was still the only one who was naked. Both men, now that Will had re-zipped his pants, were fully dressed.  She felt Will take her hand, and gave a little sigh of contentment.  This was exactly where she wanted to be.

0a60a84919c1cd3c7d7968a728ef23ebDes’s hand slipped lower, moving from her hair to stroke her shoulder and collar bone.  His fingertips just brushed over skin, making her skin tingle. His fingers dipped lower, continuing the same featherlike exploration of her breasts and areola, but never touching her nipples.  She felt Will remove his hand from hers, starting his own exploration.  His touch was stronger, less teasing.  His thick fingers trailed down her flank, once again curling around her hip.

Sitting between them, Natalie couldn’t do much of her own touching.  She suspected that was what Des wanted – he wanted her to focus on their hands touching her.  So she did.  Of course the difference in their ways of touching her was distracting and wickedly arousing.  She closed her eyes, letting her attention float between both men.  Will’s massaged her hip, before dipping lower over her belly, and finally cupping her mons.

Des leaned down, kissing her softly.  She gasped into the kiss when Will slipped a finger inside her.  Des didn’t break the kiss rather he held her head in place, twisting his fingers into her hair.  His palm rested at the base of her skull.  Will slipped a second finger inside her, his thumb brushing her clit.  Once again, Natalie moaned into Des’s mouth.

Des shifted, breaking the kiss, guided her to turn and face Will.  Will eagerly kissed her, his hand replacing Des’s.  His fingers continued their tortuously slow movement.  Natalie wriggled on the couch, sliding her pelvis forward, wanting to compel Will to move his fingers faster.  She spread her legs wider, her bottom at the edge of the couch.  While the action left her feeling more wanton, it did nothing to make Will change his pace.

He whispered in her ear, “My pace, princess” he licked her earlobe.leopard

Natalie felt her pussy clench at being called princess.  It was a new name, and she found she liked it.  Will continued his impossibly slow finger fucking of her, and she chewed her lip gasping as Des bent to take one of her nipples in his mouth.  She felt the rasp of his beard against her skin, and let out a low sound.  Des, like Will, seemed content to take his pleasure pushing her closer to the edge of orgasm, but not letting her reach it.  Des’s rough play at her nipples contrasted with Will’s touch, leaving Natalie gasping, and finally breaking through her reserves, and she once again begged.

Will removed his fingers, and she whimpered.  Des moved back, leaving her naked, legs splayed open, her wet thighs glistening.

Will caught Des’s eye, and the two men leaned over her, sharing a kiss.  Natalie felt her breath catch.  She loved watching Des kiss men.

Natalie sat between them, watching the two men kiss, their hands grasping at one another.  Natalie let her hand drift between her legs, only to have Des smack it away.  He broke the kiss with Will.  “Bad kitten,” he said.

Natalie pouted and Des laughed.  “Put your hands behind your back, kitten.”

Natalie quickly moved her hands, clenching them behind her back.  She suspected that Des had planned all of this just to test her patience, a trait she knew she lacked.

“She’s a naughty girl,” Will said not even looking at her.  Instead he touched Des’s cheek, “how will you punish her?”

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