Alice’s Afternoon Off

Read the entire series here, or jump in and enjoy some hot space sex.

“You built the program to my specs?” Alice asked.

Domaris, the Centari, nodded, “I haven’t had a lot of requests like this,” the alien smiled at her.  “If you’d like some company, I’d be happy to join you in the program.”

Alice eyed the Centari woman.  “I wish, but I’m due back on my ship.” Alice leaned forward, “Do your people kiss?”

The woman shook her head, her stiff ridge of hair shaking, “No, but I’m curious about the custom.”

hologram 3

Alice grinned and laid a hand on Domaris’s face.  The Centari’s pelt was softer than velvet under fingers.  She pressed her lips against the woman’s mouth.  Centari didn’t have a lot of lip, their facial structure seeming feline to most Terrans.

Domaris took the opportunity to wrap an arm around Alice’s waist, pulling her closer.  Alice felt Domaris’s tail slide up her thigh.  She wasn’t sure if Domaris was enjoying the kiss or just using it as a chance to cop a feel, honestly she didn’t much care as Alice enjoyed the feelings the tail was causing.

Alice broke the kiss and sighed. “I’ve got leave again in two weeks,” she whispered to the Centari, “Can I come back?”

Domaris literally purred, “Yess,” her voice had a slight hiss, “Yess, you should.”

Back on the ship, Alice waited for her hologram time.  The standard programs let users explore a wealth of landscape and planets.  The most popular programs placed the user as the protagonist in a story.  But all the official programs were strictly clothes on and chaste kissing.

Alice had hired Domaris to make her a special program.  When her reservation rolled around, Alice inserted the program chip.  Alice left her clothes in the small locker, and the program supplied her with a dress made of some gossamer fabric.  Then the room shimmered and the images coalesced.

Earth, ancient Rome. Alice assumed much of the detail was artistic license, but these humans were notorious for orgies.  The room now held a few low couches, with fabric draped walls, and marble columns.  “Program, add characters” Alice ordered.

hologram 1

A mix of men and women dressed in robes called togas appeared.  After a moment they started moving and interacting.  Clothing was quickly tossed aside, and the couches were put to good use.

Alice just stared.  Obviously the visuals were perfect, but the sounds and even scents were disconcertingly accurate.  The environment immediately brought her back to her first orgy.  Domaris either had excellent resource libraries, or the Centari was going to make a wonderful playmate.

Alice wandered the room, reaching her hand out to touch the walls, cool marble. She touched the couches, linen.  She reached out and ran her fingers over a woman’s flank, warm, smooth skin with just a hint of damp sweat.

The woman cooed at her, and invited her to join her couch. The woman was already entwined with two others.  Alice leaned down and kissed her.

“Oh Domaris” Alice whispered as the hologram’s kiss made her pussy twitch. A young woman approached Alice, “The emperor demands your company”


Alice raised an eyebrow, and giggled to herself thinking when in Rome.  She watched the various depravities going on around her.  There was a woman on her hand and knees on a couch while a man fucked her from behind. The woman opened her mouth to accept a cock in her mouth.

The servant girl took her arm, leading her away from the scene.  The emperor sat surrounded by the most intense actions.  He leered at Alice.

“You will play” he said and handed her what she realized were dice.   One die contained numbers, 1-6. The faces of the other die she realized were painted with orifices.  She glanced around and saw a variety of groups engaged in their own orgies and understood the game.  In her specially made program, she was going to have a full tactile experience, and given that this game wasn’t something she’d requested, she knew she could expect Domaris built in plenty of surprises.

Alice smiled at the emperor, and rolled the dice.

Continue reading  the series here.


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