Won’t You Write Me a Letter?

I watched your last video almost breathless.

Your hand was stroking your cock mimicking the same motions I’d made. Watching you watching me left me feeling connected to you. but You may not be in the room, but our correspondence has created a link. You run a fingertip over your cock, teasing the same way I’d teased my nipples in the video.  

I felt my nipples stiffening watching you, and I start to rub them softly, repeating my recorded motions. There’s a circle of you watching me and me watching you.  

My moans begin to echo your moans. Both of us gasp with quiet cries, and I hear my own voice echo through your screen to mine. I hear myself twice, as I moan aloud pinching my nipples, watching you tug at the head of your cock. And a second time as my voice drifts behind yours through the speakers. Your hand grasps your cock, tugging gently at first and the video ends.  

I start the next video, and my hands kneaded my breasts while video you began to tug and twist your cock. You played with yourself roughly, twisting and bending. I stop touching myself, lost in watching you. Your rough play has me even more aroused. I pretend it’s my hand twisting your cock, reaching for your balls and squeezing.  
I can wetness seeping between my thighs. My hand slips between my legs. I’m so wet, but I want to make this last. I restart the string on videos, touching myself softly while I devour the images. Your breathing and moans fuels my touch.  
I fumble in the bedside drawer, finding my favorite vibrator. In the glow of the screen, I watch you once again start tugging and twisting, torturing your cock. I set the buzzing toy against my clit, and rock my hips.  I keep my eyes locked on your image. 

Masturbation Monday 


  1. Not only did you bring the experience to life but also captured the anticipation of not only waiting on receiving the next video but of making one to return as well. That is what hooked me is the promise of what is yet to come.

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