The Séance

Viola, along with every other person in her social circle, had heard about Madam Lillian’s séances.  The Hollywood crowd had gone a little mad over calling up the dead.

Viola had called in every favor she could to get the famous madam to attend her Halloween party.  Her parties were already legendary in Hollywood circles, compete with all the excesses the moral brigades accused them of and then some.

But Madam Lillian was a major coup, as her séances were notorious for not only their otherworldly connections, but their erotic component.  Rumors abounded that Madam Lillian specialized in calling forth the ghosts of the world’s greatest lovers. Viola had convinced Lillian to try to contact Rudy Valentino.

The party was in full swing by the time the séance was set to start. Viola let the majority of her guests, all in various states of undress continue their games.  She took a select group, of eleven guests to the back parlor. Even that group ranged in their dress, some wore undergarments some full black tie attire, Viola herself wore a long, red silk night dress with matching peignoir.

Lillian and her assistant had already set up the room.  Viola and her guests stared around the candle lit room.  She’d chosen to hold the séance in her favorite playroom, a arabesque affair full of cushions and cloth draped walls.  If she was going to get her chance at the Sheikh, she couldn’t imagine a more perfect room.

Once seated, Lillian began her work.  Unlike many mediums, Lillian didn’t affect a gypsy style. She was stylishly dressed in a striking gown and wore her hair in a smooth bob.
Everyone at the table held hands as Lillian instructed. The medium lit a small brazier and sprinkled incense on the coals.  Something about the scent tickled Viola’s memory, but she couldn’t quite place the pungent herbs.

The séance began, the small group of men and women, in various stages of dress and undress, held hands around the table.  Viola was gratified to hear the gasps when Lillian called the spirit of Rudolph Valentino.  He’d only been dead a few months, but he was the first spirit Viola had asked Lillian to call forth.

The candles flickered as everyone in the room waited.  Lillian called once again, and Viola felt a breeze over her neck.  She shivered and Emma, the woman to her left, gasped; Viola watched Emma’s nipples harden under the thin silk sheath she wore.
“He’s here” Lillian stated, “He seems quite happy to join the party.”

A few more of the guests squeaked and squealed feeling their own ghostly breezes.  Viola caught Lillian’s eye and gave her a small nod.

The medium began calling forth another spirit.  Viola’s attention shifted back to Emma.  Either she was a far better actress than Viola credited her as, or the ghost of Rudy Valentino was hard at work making her come.

As everyone was still holding hands, there was no one else who could be driving Emma to such a state.

“Emma, darling, tell us about your ghostly visitor,” Viola purred.

Emma gasped and blushed realizing that everyone has turned their attention to her.  By now her nipples looked ready to tear through the silk of her gown.

“There are hands touching me,” she whimpered.  “There are hands, fingers inside me,” she said with a blushing moan.  The assembled guests watched unabashedly as Emma shook and writhed with an orgasm.

Viola felt the ghostly hands in her next.  It was the strangest sensation.  She couldn’t deny the fingers gripping her breasts, and looking down she could see the silk of her gown shifting and bunching, but there was nothing to see.

“Oh my” she murmured.

“Can she move?” One of the guests asked Lillian.  “Could she lay on the table?”
Lillian gave the man a knowing smile, “because you wish to see the spectral emanations?”

The ghostly hands began rubbing Viola’s nipples.  She bit her lip, and slowly stood.  She continued to hold hands with those next to her.  Lillian instructed her to shift her hands closer together, so Emma and the man in her left could take hands around her.
Viola awkwardly climbed on top of the table, while ghostly hands caressed her flanks.

Kneeling on the table, her long nightgown tangled beneath her.  She knew that in her hands and knees, the front of her gown draped open, exposing her breasts to half the table.

She felt the hands again, teasing, tugging, and taunting.  These were feathery touches that jumped from her back to her breasts to her belly in an instant.  Viola was overwhelmed.  Unlike a corporeal lover, the one could move in the blink of an eye and she had no warning.  It was more exciting than her experiences being blindfolded as she could see the room and others watching her.

There was a double sensation for Viola. The silk of her gown shifted and tickled her skin at the same time the ghostly hands touched her.  She moaned and felt more than hands. A ghostly cock, substantial and real, but cooler than a human and somehow more flexible filled her. She thrust her ass back and felt herself filled, but never felt the familiar solid pressure of a body behind her.

She closed her eyes, reveling in each thrust.  She was being fucked by the ghost of Rudolph Valentino.

The others around the watched her in rapt attention.  Lillian watched with a slight smile, before calling up more ghosts.  She didn’t actually need all the theater to bring ghosts over, and once her seances got rolling she dropped the theatrics.

They guests still holding hands started to fidget as they felt ghostly touches.  One of the men felt the strangely insubstantial mouth on a ghost close around his cock. It was cool, but the soft suction could only be a blow job.

Viola continued to thrust back, rocking on the table.  She felt her ghostly lover’s fingers find her clit, applying pressure in rough circles.  Viola didn’t hold back when her orgasm came. She cried out and shuddered on the table.

By now most of the assembled guests were involved with their own spectral sex partners.  Viola took a few shuddering breaths, feeling the ghost cock withdraw.  She finally untangled herself from her gown.  Before she could leave the table, she felt another pair of ghostly hands caressing her breasts.


  1. What a seance! I adored every aspect of this hot story about the spirit of the Sheik. Your powers of description are brilliant and I really felt I was there with Lillian and Viola. Viola’s fucking by the ghost of Valentino will live in my memory for a long time..


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