An American Werewolf in London

London lay alone in bed.  She sipped her pina colada and waited.  She didn’t like waiting, and she was already nervous about tonight.  But the drink, heavy on the rum, helped steady her frayed nerves.

werewolf 4In the other room, she could hear David. She hated this part, hated being apart from him as his moans and cries were punctuated by the rattling of chains.

She stared at the ceiling, trying to ignore the sounds he made.  She almost dropped her drink, bolting up when she heard a new sound.  The cry became a howl, and she heard an awful grinding, as the chains pulled from the wall.  She knew that would be a mess to fix.
Before she could get out of bed, she heard his howl and felt her flesh prickle.  She was kneeling on the bed when he reached the door.  His golden eyes captured hers, and she shivered, feeling the full weight of his predator’s gaze on her.  “Hello David” she whispered.

His ears, now exaggerated and pointed tilted toward her voice.  He licked his lips, and took a step in the room.  He still stood mostly upright, the slight stoop of his wolfman form made him appear almost shy, like how some tall man started to slouch to lessen their height.  She knew it was an illusion.  He wasn’t shy, and he wasn’t human.  She waited on the bed, holding still. He sniffed the air, taking in her scent.  She knew his keen nose also picked up her arousal.

When he was in this state, he was all hard, rippling muscle and velvet fur.  When his cock began to stir, London knew he had her scent.  He lunged at the bed, and London tumbled onto her back.  She felt David’s soft fur tickle get thighs as he buried his snout in her pussy.  His tongue, thick, long and smooth lapped at her wetness in long, frantic licks.

London squealed as his tongue passed over her clit and continued to her asshole.  He lapped and licked at her.  His fur added a layer of sensation ticking her thighs.  She bucked her hips and he clamped an am across her waist and growled.  She continued to squirm as drew his tongue over her, the point slipping inside her.
She ran her hands through the thick fur between his ears. They’re wasn’t any need to hold him in place, but she loved the feeling of control it gave her.  He gave another growl as she came, but he didn’t release her. Instead he continued to lap at her sensitive clit, making her shiver.

werewolf 2“Oh David,” she sighed, her limbs feeling heavy and sated, “Good boy.”  She saw his ears twitch toward her, and his eyes flashed with feral intelligence.  He panted between her thighs. releasing his hold on her. Before she could scurry out of his reach, he curled his paw around her hip and flipped her on to her belly.

She felt his claws prick at her skin, as he tightened his grip and tugged her across the bed.  He pulled her to her knees.  She was quick to spread her legs wider because she knew what was coming.

She shook with anticipation, feeling her wetness drip down her thighs.  She’d begged him for this, and he had finally relented.

He growled, and the bed dipped with his weight.  Then he was behind her, his clawed fingers closed around her hips, the fur on this thighs tickling her.

His cock pressed against her, slowly sliding in.  She’d seen his erection; the thickness had left her panting.  Now he filled her, stretching her.  She moaned and pressed back against him.  She felt the widened flare toward the base of his cock.  She knew that in this state his cock was large, but that knot might be more than she could handle.

He pulled back, almost removing his cock before plunging back inside.  She cried out as that knot pressed against her, surprised at the force of her orgasm.  He continued thrusting cock into her, has clawed fingers caressing​ her flanks.  Tilting her hips, matching his pace, she urged him on in a stream of profanities broken by her cries.

e7fbab3648659e78964796b0ecfd8c88--foto-vintage-vintage-photographyShe felt his talons score her tits.  “Oh yes,” she hissed, “yes, yes, yes” she moaned as his claws found her nipples.  Another orgasm built instead her, the electric tingling starting at her clit and spreading slowly through her.  And then that knot, that bulge which had mercilessly, and deliciously, pounded against her, stretched and plunged inside of her.

She screamed her orgasm, never having been so stretched, so full.  The line between pleasure and pain left her panting and seeing spots.  The orgasm left her shuddering. David howled his own orgasm, evidently needing only to fully penetrate her to find his release.

She felt his weight on her back, and the wet drip as his tongue lolled with his panting.  He kept his cock firmly planted inside her, but rested his hands on the bed.  When she slid slowly forward, he let her.  She felt his cock slip out of her.  London sighed as her stomach met the bed.  David moved to curl around her.  And they both drifted off to sleep.

Masturbation Monday, where getting off is half the fun



  1. Loved it, but couldn’t stop worrying if he would hurt her too much if the chains and manacles were still attached! (details!) Very hot, especially the claws on her nipples.

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