By Candlelight

Julia lounged naked on the massive bed. It had taken her some time to acclimate to the electricity free existence. The cabin was heated by a wood stove and lit by candles. The ever present smell of wood smoke was shortly before replaced with the almost sweet scent of the candles, as Bjorn started lighting them.

She’d been staying in the cabin with Bjorn and Astrid for a couple of weeks. Tonight she knew the couple had something new planned for her, but for now, she enjoyed lying next to Astrid watching Bjorn light the candles.


Julia’s attention left Bjorn and the candles when Astrid kissed her. The Norwegian woman was, in Julia’s opinion, delightfully aggressive. Julia melted into the kiss, her tongue vying with Astrid’s for control. Astrid moaned enjoying the fight. She swung a leg over Julia pinning her to the bed. She wondered if the other woman would be interested in some primal play before they returned to civilization.

Astrid broke the kiss. “I’ll have to teach you whose boss,” Astrid said smiling.

Julia laughed and shifted under Astrid, wondering if she could displace the blond. Before she could make up her mind, she felt Bjorn’s hand on her ankle.

He rattled off something in Norwegian, his hand staying on her leg.

Astrid looked down at her, “He wants to tie you up,” she said, sitting up in her knees.

Julia considered it. She’d been playing with these two for months, and trusted them. While Bjorn didn’t speak much English and Julia even less Norwegian, they both understood “yes” “no” stop and more. When in doubt, Astrid translated for both.

Bjorn nodded, “Yes, tie you up?” he asked her.

Julia smiled up at Astrid, “I guess I’ll get to relax tonight after all. Let’s give it a go.”

Astrid have her a leering smile, and spoke quickly to Bjorn. Julia felt him tie something around her ankle and slide her leg over to one side of the bed. He tied of her other leg, leaving her spread wide. She felt his beard brush the inside of her thigh as he kissed her. She shivered at the touch.

“I’m happy to have more of that,” she purred at him.

Astrid leaned down and kissed her again, while Bjorn moved to tie up her hands. Julia tugged at the silken ropes, and found that she was well and truly tied up. Astrid climbed off of Julia, and she and Bjorn traded wicked grins as they each bent and took one of Julia’s nipples in their mouths.


Julia cried out. Bjorn’s flicking tongue and soft beard warred with Astrid’s sucking and soft biting. The contrasting sensations had Julia twisting in the ropes. Bjorn hadn’t left her much slack, so she couldn’t shift away. She didn’t really want to, but the inability to do so added to the experience. She wriggled on the fur blankets, watching the twinned blond heads over her chest.

Astrid’s fingers slid down her belly to stroke the inside of her thighs. Julia tilted her pelvis, and Astrid ignored her. Bjorn’s mouth left Julia’s nipple, his lips and tongue tracing a path up her neck. Julia thought he meant to kiss her, but moved back and pulled Astrid away from Julia’s nipple. Julia gave them both a pouting expression.

Julia lay beneath them while Bjorn kissed Astrid. Julia watched Astrid reach down and grasp Bjorn’s cock, stroking it while they kissed. Julia bit her lip, her legs straining at their bonds. She hadn’t thought about how being splayed open meant she couldn’t apply any pressure to her clit. She found herself licking her lips as Astrid bent and took Bjorn’s cock in her mouth.

“There’s enough for you” he said to Julia, then moaned as Astrid swallowed more of his cock. Julia hadn’t watched a blow job from this angle or this close ever. She watched Astrid’s cheeks concave and bulge as the woman sucked. Julia watched Bjorn’s cock disappear into Astrid’s mouth, only to glisten in the candlelight as it reappeared. Bjorn rested a hand on Astrid’s head, his other hand drifting to Julia’s breast. He absently squeezed and toyed with her breast.

Julia moaned softly. She was surprised at how turned on she was by being ignored. Astrid rested a hand on ribs, but Julia was certain that was for balance, and Bjorn’s attention to her breasts had more to do with him than her.

Julia watched Bjorn’s hand tighten in Astrid’s hair. She actually saw his cock twitch as he came. She saw Astrid’s throat working as she swallowed. Astrid pulled away from Bjorn’s cock.

“Now, let’s play with her” Astrid said, nodding at Julia. “She’s so pretty and trapped,” Astrid ran her fingers over Julia’s belly and ribs.

Bjorn also touched her, his fingers moving closer to her pussy. “Do you think she’s wet?” He asked Astrid. Without waiting for an answer, he slid a thick finger down her open pussy. Julia whimpered and tilted her pelvis, but Bjorn ignored her movement. Instead, he licked his finger, “She is so sweet.”

“No sweets yet,” Astrid said moving his hands away from Julia. “First I want to spice her.” Astrid left the bed.

Julia has no idea what the other woman had planned, but she was enjoying the scene so much the anticipation only added to her arousal.

The bed dipped as Astrid returned, holding a lit candle. “Is ok?” She asked Julia.

Julia nodded quickly, “Yes, it’s ok.” The enthusiasm was clear in her voice.

by candle 4

Astrid held the candle over Julia. Julia watched the candle burning, and watched one fat drop of white beeswax start running down the candle. She held her breath, but the wax bead caught, cooling on the side of the candle. The sweet scent of beeswax was everywhere.

Julia glanced up at Astrid, and when she caught the woman’s eye, Astrid tilted the candle. A thin stream of pale was splattered over her solar plexus. Julia strained against the straps, the wax burning, leaving her skin tingling and warm. Julia whined, and tugged at her bounds.

“You like?” Bjorn asked?

Julia nodded, “Yes,” she said and heard the thick desire in her own voice. “Yes, I like very much.”

Astrid tilted the candle again, this time aiming the drops onto Julia’s nipples. The stinging wax felt like needles. She squealed and wiggled, sending the wax dripping down the curve of her breasts.

She felt Bjorn leave the bed, and he returned with a black candle.

The liquid wax splattered across her chest, in hot, stinging drops. Julia’s breath rushed out in a grunt. The wax quickly dried, leaving hard spots of pale wax on her skin.

Astrid righted her candle. Julia hadn’t yet caught her breath when Bjorn tipped the black candle over her breasts. A fresh flood of stinging tore through her, setting her nerves ablaze, and she squealed again. “Don’t move” Bjorn commanded, “You are art.”

Julia groaned at Astrid’s playful slap to her hip.

“Art?” Julia asked?

Bjorn nodded, “I make your beautiful breasts into a masterpiece.” He tilted his candle again, and Julia fought to keep still, fully enjoying the game. They took turns pouring wax over her breasts and nipples, now hypersensitive from the heat. Together they managed to create a spiral of light and dark wax that twined down her breasts and over her chest.

“Lovely” Astrid said, looking at down at her. “And her flush adds a lovely shade of pink to it.”

Bjorn nodded and grabbed his camera. He looked at Julia and she nodded her consent. He began taking pictures of her wax coated breasts, and slowly backed up to catch her entire nude, bound figure.

Julia began to squirm again. Her nerves were aflame, and she’d been turned on when they started. Now she was desperate for release. “Astrid, won’t you play with me?” she asked, hearing the tremor in her voice.

Astrid blew out her candle. “Oh? You want to come?”

Julia nodded, twisting against the ropes that tied her down. “Yes, please Astrid. Make me come.”

Astrid ran her hands down toward Julia’s open pussy. “So wet,” she whispered in Julia’s ear. “So desperate for release?”

Julia nodded frantically, twisting and trying to shift to force Astrid’s fingers to her aching clit. She had no success.

Bjorn continued to take pictures, as Astrid slid the cooling candle down her belly. Astrid stroked the length of the candle between her thighs, and Julia bucked at the pressure on her clit.

“More please” she moaned.

Astrid slid the candle lower. Using it like a dildo, she slowly pushed it inside Julia. The candle entered her easily, and Julia begged for more. Astrid left the candle partially outside of her. She slipped away so that Bjorn could take more pictures. Julia imagined what she must look like.

by candle

Nude and tied spread eagle, with her hair a tousled, tangled mess, and her breasts painted with black and white wax. She felt her pulse race, and she came even closer to coming picturing the candle protruding from her splayed open pussy. She must look like the X-Rated version of pulp fiction horror novel about satanic cults.

Astrid returned to her, pumping the candle in and out slowly. Bjorn continued to take pictures. Julia begged Astrid to make her come, her words a torrent of pleas and demands. Astrid continued the slow pumping of the candle, purposefully avoiding Julia’s clit.

Julia twitched and writhed when Astrid took the still lit black candle from Bjorn. She knew what the blond planned on doing. She knew, but the thought made her shake.

“Too much?” Astrid asked?

Julia hesitated, considering it. She slowly shook her head, “Do it.”

Astrid giggled with glee. “She is such a good dolly,” she said to Bjorn. She started slowly thrusting the candle in and out, and tilted the black candle over Julia’s clit.

Julia cried out, something between a scream and moan. The burn of the wax on her over-stimulated clit sends her over the edge. The heat was a jarring, delicious throb that pulsed through her body. The wax seemed to stay liquid to stay hot for an eternity, and not nearly long enough.

Astrid stroked her cheek. “Again?”

Julia nodded.


  1. I love the dynamic you have created here, and this is a wonderful story. It is truly brilliant, from how she is tied up and teased, to how she is turned into art through the wax play, how she is fucked with a candle… The line “First I want to spice her.” is especially hot. x

    Liked by 1 person

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