Sharing Our Shit Saturday 2 #SoSS

For this week’s sharing session, I have four wonderful writers lined up.

sharing 2

HornyGeekGirl’s entry for Masturbation Monday, “Bedtime Voyeur.”  If you’ve been reading my stories, you know that I love a good exhibition story.  HornyGeekGirl has crafted a hot window story with a fabulous description of an orgasm.
I love Cara Thereon’s stories.  I love that she explores taboos and complicated sex.  This particular story “Wolves,” which is part of her NaMoRiMo goal, is a dark, sexy, taboo tale.  It manages to be richly descriptive without ever losing the quick pacing of the story.

Whippoorwill’s “Tarot of Terror” has a few things that I love.  If you are reading my stuff, you’ll know tarot and all things supernatural are my thing.  But Whippoorwill also uses language so beautifully here.  It reminds me of the lush language of Tanith Lee’s Tales of the Flat Earth.  Language, particularly poetic, evocative language, the kind of language that is in love with words, is always welcome in my book.
“Madame Cibot” by Books 1799 balances both a sense of fun and hot sex.  I believe this couple’s interaction.  I believe their feelings and desires for each other, and that is deftly balanced with some really hot sex.

Until next week, go out and share your favorite erotic stories, articles, and sex positive bloggers. Share and use the hashtag #soss

(it doesn’t even need to be Saturday) 

Share our Shit Saturday (or Some other day) was started by the wonderful Girl on the Net


  1. Oh my God, Lucy, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this image! Now I have to take it to bed and continue your post. I saw Cara’s ‘Wolves’ earlier, what an intense sexy read. You know my love for Tarot, that’s how I met you, so looking forward to that and the others.

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