Julia’s Troll

Julia couldn’t believe she was alone in the Norwegian woods, wearing only her coat and boots.  She felt a little ridiculous half dressed in the woods, but Bjorn insisted this was another important step in her training.

So she was alone, almost naked in nearly pitch black woods.  “How can it be so dark?” Julia muttered.  Tripping on another tree root, but this time she dropped the lantern.  “Damn it,” she hissed when she heard the tinkle of breaking glass and the light went out.

julias troll 2Julia was plunged into darkness.  She stumbled forward a few more feet and found herself in a clearing.  It wasn’t much brighter, with the new moon, but at least she thought she wouldn’t be tripping over anything.

She felt around in her backpack.  She had a single candle and disposable lighter in the bag.  She laid the bottle of aquavit on the ground, and finally felt her fingers wrap around the candle.  She pressed the candle into a snow drift and lit it.

She blinked, startled by the brightness of the light.  She opened the bottle and took a long drink. The cold liquid burned going down and set her belly on fire. She let out a small breath and set the bottle down.

She stood up and dropped her coat to the ground. She preferred to practice magick while naked, but naked in San Francisco wasn’t naked in the snow. Her skin prickled and her nipples crinkled painfully.  She stamped her booted feet and started the invocation.

Her voice rang out in the cold air, and the syllables seemed to hang in the air as she spoke the names of the old gods.  Her blood seemed to warm as she finished the invocation. She began a slow dance around the clearing.

Each step layered more energy into the working. She began to sing the words that Astrid and Bjorn had taught her.  She was beginning to warm up now that she was moving.

Then she heard it, a rustle in the woods that spoke of something large.  Julia stopped moving. She’d known that bears lived in the woods, but surely they would be hibernating. She moved back toward the candle, as if its feeble light would protect her.

Two massive forms stepped into the clearing.  They both had to be over seven feet tall.  They stepped into the clearing, and Julia sure wasn’t sure if they were bears.  They seemed to be covered in shaggy dark fur.  They looked up, their gaze drawn to the candle.

Julia felt her breath catch as she saw their faces. They looked almost human, but their features were a little off.  They were coarse and not quite human.  She realized what they were.

“Trolls,” she muttered.

Both trolls were staring at her now.  She couldn’t help but admire their massively muscled forms.  She realized that they were wearing bearskins not covered in fur. But they both had long Chestnut brown hair and beards.

She tried to recall everything Astrid told her about trolls, but other than Astrid’s claim they were real, Julia drew a blank.  She stood up, “Hallo, God kveld.”  She wished her voice sounded steadier.  She also wished she remembered that she was naked. She watched both trolls’ gazes drift down her body, and even across the clearing she could see the bulges growing in their pants.

“God kveld,” one of the trolls spoke.  Its voice was a low rumble across the clearing.

Julia smiled at him.  She assumed she could treat them like any other magical creatures.  She picked up the aquavit, took another long drink and offered it to the trolls.  “Aquavit? It’s good,” she said offering them the bottle.  They stepped farther into the clearing, and the larger of the two took the bottle.

Up close, they seemed even bigger.  They both towered over her, and it wasn’t just their height.  They were at least twice as wide as she was.  When the troll held the bottle, it looked like a soda can.  They smelled of musk, earthy and feral.  There was something appealing about the scent.

Julia looked up at the troll with the bottle, “I go now,” she said starting to pick up her coat.  She could find her way out of the woods without her lantern.  A large hand on her shoulder stopped her.

Julias Troll“No, drikke” its voice rumbled over her.  He thrust the bottle at her.  His foot rested on her coat.  She may be able to find her way out the wood without a lantern, but there was no way she could go without her coat.  It was just too cold.

“Drikke” he ordered. “Varm,” he nodded at her.

She was pretty sure he wanted her to drink to warm up.  She took a small sip from the bottle, and pointed at her coat.  She pantomimed putting it on.  The troll smiled at her, revealing a row of sharp teeth.  His hand was still on her shoulder, and he slipped it around her waist and pulled her to him. He folded his bear skin around her.  She was pressed naked against him, and she could feel his thick erection at her back.

“Drikke” he ordered again, tipped the bottle to her lips.  She drank again, deciding that perhaps they were harmless.  If they were this worried about her being warm, they weren’t planning on harming her.  She knew that most supernatural folk had rules about hospitality.  They trolls had drunk her aquavit and they had shared it with her.  That gave her some level of calm.  Wrapped in the fur, she was once again overwhelmed by the scent.  It wasn’t a bad scent; in fact, she found that it wasn’t soothing so much as arousing.  Her nipples, no longer cold, were still stiff with interest.  The fur teased them, rubbing softly against her.

The trolls continued to pass the bottle, finishing what to them must be a small amount of liquor.  She wondered if they would go now that they were finished.  She wondered if she wanted them too.  The troll’s hand shifted from her waist, moving higher to cup her breast.  Julia gasped as its massive hand covered her entire breast.  “Ja?” the troll asked, and Julia more felt than heard the rumble through his chest.

This was an out.  She could say no and she was sure that they would let her walk away.  Or she could say yes.  Neither troll moved, and the one holding her made no more moves on her.  The scent of them was so intriguing, and she’d be lying if she denied how turned on she was both the possibility of fucking them.

“Ja,” she whispered and wiggled closer to him. “Ja.” His hand began kneading her breast.  His other hand reached between her legs.  His rough, large fingers found her wet slit, and started rubbing.  Julia moaned at the pressure on her clit.  She really was going to fuck a troll.  With both his hands occupied, the fur covering them opened.  The second troll watched them, his eyes glittering with interest.  He fumbled with his pants, and released his massive erection.  Julia blinked at the size, suddenly unsure of her plan.  He had to be as big around as a soda can and far longer than one.  The full size aquavit bottle was almost the same size.  The troll in front of her began stroking his erection, watching his friend finger her.

And the troll holding her had begun to finger her, slowly sliding one thick finger in her vagina.  She sighed as it entered her.  While larger than her average partner, he was slow and careful in his probing.  He continued his slow penetration, and she could hear the slosh of her wetness echo in the clearing.

“Ja?” he asked again.

woman flowers“Oh, ja ja” Julia panted, feeling herself grow close to orgasm.  Julia rocked her hips to meet the troll’s finger, and to push her clit against his hand.  She felt the troll’s chest rumble with his own moans, as her rocking had the additional benefit of rubbing her ass over his cock.  When she came, she cried out and heard her voice echo through the woods.

The troll watching had sat down, still slowly stroking his cock while he watched them.

The troll removed his finger with a wet slosh, and began unbuckling his pants. Julia turned to face him, and caught her first glimpse of his cock.  It was at least as big as his friend’s, but all the more daunting as she was wondering if this would fit.  She wrapped her hand around his cock, and saw that her fingers didn’t meet.

The troll made sounds of appreciation as she stroked his cock, but he seemed to quickly tire of that.  He shrugged out of his bear fur and spread it on the ground.  He sat down on the fur and tugged on her arm to join him.  She knelt next to him, and he lay on his back gesturing at his cock.  He said something, but she didn’t understand the words he’d used.

Julia bit her lip and swung a leg over his waist.  She rested her pussy over his cock, sliding over it.  She felt every ridge of his cock tease her clit.  She rocked and slid, letting her wetness lube him up.  She heard the other troll moving around behind her.  She hoped he was only interested in getting a closer look.  Her troll clasped her hips, grinding his cock into her.

She shifted her position, and placed his massive cock at the entrance to her vagina.  The troll already seemed aware of being careful with a human.  He held himself still.  She felt the head of his cock start to press into her.  The stretching was intense. It reminded her of being fisted – the same profound stretching that straddled the line between pleasure and pain.  Once the head was in, she paused a moment.  Because of the pressure of his cock, Julia was close to orgasm again.  She whimpered, wanting as much of his cock inside her before she came.

She started moving again, a litany of cries and demands and dirty talk filling the woods.  The troll didn’t know the words, but given his smile, he seemed to like hearing her.  He returned his massive hands to her hips as she felt her ass reach his thighs.  Julia closed her eyes as the orgasm overcame her.  The burning, stretching of her pussy finally exploding into an orgasm.

His chest felt like stone as she rested her hands on him for balance.  She began her slow ride, grinding more than bouncing.  The troll growled and thrust his hips meeting her pace.  As she grew accustomed to his size, she started to move faster.  Once she sped up, the troll tightened his grip on her hips and thrust harder.

He came with a roar that shook the trees around the clearing.  Julia swore that she felt his cock twitching as he came.  She sat astride him panting.  Her eyes sought the other troll and he continued to watch them, his cock still hard.  The troll underneath her lifted her off of him and slid out from under her.  She stayed sitting on her knees, as the second troll moved toward her.

The first troll stroked her hair before standing and refastening his pants.  The second troll came around behind her, and nudged her forward.  Julia bent forward, resting her hands on the fur and spreading her legs wide for him.  The second troll wasn’t quite as slow moving as the first, but at this point Julia didn’t mind.  She urged him on as his cock pressed into her, stretching her again.  Her cries of “more and yes” competed with his growls.  She felt his legs slap against her thighs, and she reached for her clit.  She rubbed and teased the nub while the troll fucked her.

woman natureShe felt herself come again, but the troll wasn’t finished.  His pace quickened as she grew used to his size, and he wrapped his hands around her hips, pulling and pushing her onto his cock.  Julia gave herself over to the feeling, the stretching, the fullness, and the ever present tingling in her belly as she inched toward another orgasm.

The troll growled as he came, and the pushed Julia over the edge once again.  She lay panting, her body tingling from the orgasm.  The troll moved, laying her down on the fur.  He wrapped it around her, and she finally felt how cold she had become.  The first troll had already built a small fire; he’d even hung her coat in the trees to dry.  They carried her closer to the fire and shared a bottle of mjød with her.

Her body ached, but she’d never felt better.



  1. Finally caught up with your fabulously long story. I absolutely loved it. The description of the trolls was brilliant and all the sex was superb. It was a long story but you kept my interest throughout. Bravo. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • As the proud owner of a Bad Dragon dildo, I totally get it. I’ve got plans for some more supernatural encounters for Julia… A selkie comes to mind and I think I’d like to explore what an ifrit could do


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