Share Our Shit Saturday #3 (#soss)

I haven’t had as much time to read, much less write, this week.  Final exams get me every time.  Nevertheless, here are some fabulous stories and authors for Share Our Shit Saturday.



“Wax and Wane” by May More is a lovely combination of fact and fiction. The erotica portion is vibrant and sensory in the best possible ways. The fact, non-fiction, is a thoughtful examination of wax play and pleasure found in the unique sensation of hot wax.

“D(r)ipping into a New Kink” by Tits and Test Tubes
This is a wonderful story about a couple exploring a new kink. I love the conversation between the couple as they negotiate trying out wax play. It reads so realistically and models excellent consent practices. Equally, I adore how the couple makes this conversation so sexy! By the the end of the story, I was squirming too.

“Carved in a Heart” by Scanderella is a gorgeous story about so many forbidden things – outdoor sex being the most benign of them. As always, Scanderalla has created a story that feels so real and taps into a number of taboos making it that much hotter.

Until next week, go out and share your favorite erotic stories, articles, and sex positive bloggers. Share and use the hashtag #soss

(it doesn’t even need to be Saturday) 

Share our Shit Saturday (or Some other day) was started by the wonderful Girl on the Net


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