The Naughty List

Crystal hated the holidays.  Maybe it was the weird disconnect that Southern California had from “winter” ideals.  She’d be lucky if it would be cold enough to wear a light coat by December 25.  All the fake snow and scarves weren’t doing much for her when it was still in the mid-70s.   Maybe it was just the endless loop of Christmas songs that set her teeth on edge.  Maybe it was her recent 45 birthday.

images (2).jpegShe stalked through the mall, the week before Christmas.  She hated that she had to pick up a gift for a client. Normally, she’d have sent her assistant, but the girl was on vacation. So Crystal was at the mall.

She passed by the endless line of screaming children all waiting to see mall Santa. Even he looked bored she thought, pausing to glance at the poor man in the silly suit.  A couple of equally bored elves stood waiting to hand each kid a candy cane before returning them sticky fingered and  tear streaked to their parents.

Crystal turned from the Santa display and headed up the escalator.  She found the store, not far from Santa.  Even before she stepped across the threshold, she was assaulted with the sounds of toy trains.  The scents of canned cinnamon, vanilla, and artificial pine wafted into the air.  Crystal walked into the store.

She made her way around racks of cards and tables full of tiny snow roofed houses.  The store was surprisingly bereft of customers.  Crystal reached the counter, and found a bored teen leaning on the register and staring at her phone.  “I’m here to pick up a package for Ms. Collins,” Crystal said even before the teen raised her eyes from the phone.

“Sure,” the girl said, stuffing the phone in her pocket.  She rummaged under the counter for a minute, before pulling out a gift wrapped package.  The girl shuffled the receipts around, checking that the box had in fact been paid for before dropping it into a bag with the store name emblazoned on the side. “Here ya go” she said sliding the bag across the counter.

“Thanks,” Crystal said and turned to leave the store.

“Happy holidays,” the girl called after her, but Crystal ignored her. She had the package, and now just had to get out the mall and find her way back to her car.  She passed by Santa’s Magic Kingdom once more.  The photo stand seemed to be closed.  The line of kids was gone at least.

Something about the Santa set up caught her attention.  She took a step toward the faux snow covered ground, and tripped on the tile floor, tumbling into the fake trees and giant candy canes.  Crystal hurried to pull her skirt back down over her lace panties and garters.  She was annoyed to see one of her stockings was torn.  She had a date lined up for after her mall mission. While she wasn’t particularly interested in the man, but she was interested in sex.

Naughty list 2.jpegShe muttered “I hate Christmas.”

Before she’d even finished straightening her skirt, which was dangerously high on her thighs, someone offered her a white gloved hand.

“My goodness, are you ok? Let me help you up” a young man’s voice stumbled over the words.

Crystal looked up into the bright blue eyes of Santa Claus.

“Thanks,” she said clambering to her feet.  Her high heeled boots sinking into the fake snow, causing her to tumble into him.  He felt surprisingly strong for a Santa.

“Why don’t you come and sit down for a minute” he asked, leading her toward a small building labeled “Santa’s Workshop.”

The building proved to be mostly a facade. Inside was a rack of elf costumes and some folding chairs and a table.

Once she was seated, he brought her a drink.

She smiled her thanks, and was surprised to find the drink was bourbon.

She sipped the bourbon, feeling her ire at being trapped in a mall fading.

“Thanks, for helping me out” she said to the Santa

He shurgged, “No problem. So do you mind if I ditch my coat, it’s way too hot for this thing.”

“Sure,” Crystal said realizing that Santa was much younger than she’d expected.  It may have been the white beard that looked real, and white hair that had him seem older.

As he slipped off the coat, Crystal almost choked on her drink. This Santa was ripped.  He had to be in his early twenties, but he just have spent all his free time at the gym.

As he sat back asked, “Are you sure you’re ok? you look like you may have gotten hurt,” he nodded to her torn stockings.

She stretched her legs out, noticing his appreciative look.  “I think it’s just my pride and stockings,” she said, running a hand over her leg, as if checking her leg for damage.  She was pretty sure that from his angle he could almost see up her skirt.  “You could check if you wanted”

He raised an eyebrow at her, “Well I wouldn’t want you to leave if you’re injured.” He ran a hand down her leg.

She could feel the warmth of his hand through her torn stockings.  His hands were strong, and he applied just a hint of pressure.  She wondered how high he was go, but he stopped just above her knee.  He didn’t, she noticed, remove his hands.

“Do I check out ok, Santa?” She asked, with a smile.

He nodded slowly, “I think you are better than ok.”

Crystal smiled at the younger man and leaned forward.  “So Santa,” she licked her lips tasting the bourbon and expectation, “How would you like to join me on the naughty list?”

Santa froze, and she could see the look of disbelief on his face.  She wondered if he was shocked that an older woman was blatantly hitting on him, or perhaps it was just the obvious invitation.  Before she could ask, he closed the distance between them, and kissed her.  Crystal wrapped her arms around his shoulders, once again struck by the hardness of his body.

Naughty list 1His hands left her legs and closed around her waist, pulling her closer to him.  His tongue tangled with hers before she broke the kiss, panting.  She glanced around the room, “Will anyone else be using this room?”

He shook his head, “I’m the last one here.  I’m supposed to lock up when I’m done.”

Crystal shifted in her seat, “Excellent.” She inched to the edge of the chair and spread her legs, pulling her skirt up.  He gaped at her lack of panties.  “Santa likes cookies right?” she purred at him.  “I’ve got one for you to nibble on.”

Santa slid to his knees in front of her.  He began kissing the inside of her thighs.  She found his white hair disconcerting, on such an obviously young man.  But as his mouth reached her pussy, she found that she didn’t care.  He slipped off panties, and laid them on the table.  He sucked and lapped at her lips with all the fervor of the young.  His tongue found her clit, and she moaned.  She buried her fingers in his hair, noting how silky it was.  She loosened it from its ponytail, and loved the tickle of it against her thighs.

She leaned back in the chair as he sucked on his clit, and she felt her orgasm building.  “Come on Santa, make me come,” she murmured to him.  She felt his hands on her hips, and he redoubled his efforts.  She came with a low moan and a shudder.  She wasn’t sure if he hadn’t realized she came or if he just wanted to keep going, but his tongue never stopped.  She rode the orgasm, shaking as her overly sensitive body responded to his continued licking and sucking.

She finally tugged lightly on his hair, “Baby, I think you’ve got something else I’d like.”

He looked up at her, his beard damp with her juices.  He bit his lip, looking suddenly younger.  “I’ve got a condom,” he said and blushed.

She bit back a laugh, not wanting to embarrass him.  How could a man this hot be this inexperienced she wondered.  “Perfect,” she said glancing around the sparsely furnished room.  They didn’t have a lot of options.  She doubted the rickety table could take her weight, let alone both of them.  She hated the idea of tearing up her stockings more, but the floor seemed their only option.

He seemed to sense her dilemma, and jumped to his feet.  He spread the stuffed Santa coat on the floor.  “It’s not great, but it’s better than the floor” he said, looking pleased.

She giggled this time, “Take off your pants and lie down,” she ordered.  She pushed up her skirt, revealing her garters, as he shed the Santa pants from his costume.  His cock was impressively stiff.  She thought it actually looked like it may be painful.  He fumbled in his wallet, and pulled out a condom.

Crystal took it from him and opened the package.  She ran her fingers over his chest, tweaking his nipples softly.  He moaned deep in his throat, and hissed a low yes. She slipped the condom over his cock, loving how hard he was, and taking the opportunity to pump his magnificent erection.

Naughty list 4“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked him.

His eyes were dark with lust and he nodded frantically.  “Yes, please yes.” He said, almost pleading.

She straddled his waist keeping eye contact with him.  The tip of his cock rubbed against her.  She took hold of it, and positioned him, and slowly slid down on him. She moaned as his cock filled her.

She rocked her pelvis, loving his moans.  She leaned forward, beginning to ride him. Her hands found his nipples, and she teased him first rubbing than pinching softly.

He begged, almost inarticulatly as she continued her slow grind against him.  He placed his hands on her hips, but made no move to change her speed or motion.

She let her hand drift between their bodies, rubbing at her clit.

He watched her hand and sighed.  “Yes, ma’am” he sighed. “Use me for your pleasure,” he whispered.

That sent Crystal over the edge.  She came again, feeling her pussy clamp around his cock.

She felt him shift his hips, thrusting into her just before he cried out as he came.  He shuddered beneath her.  When he looked at her again, she raised an eyebrow, “Who told you that you could come?”

He blushed, and she loved it.  “I’ll forgive you this time,” she smiled grinding against his softening cock.  She slid off of his.  She glanced around and found his tank top.  She wiped herself down within, while he lay on the floor watching.

She tossed the shirt to him.  “I had dinner plans, but how would you like to join me instead?”


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