A holiday party at a sex club sounded exactly like the kind of hijinks Liz wanted. She slipped into the gorgeous red lingerie set that had been a gift from one of her beaus. She topped it off with a leopard trimmed Santa hat, and headed out the door.

xmas 3The club was in full swing when she arrived.  She found Will at the bar.  He was already shirtless, and looked happy to see her. “Liz,” he grinned at her, “What kind of fun are you looking for tonight?”

“Something festive,” she grinned back.  “I suffered through a terribly dull work party, and I need to something to balance it.”

Will gave her a wicked smile, “I have just the thing.”  He took her hand and led her to one of the play rooms.  He produced a sprig of mistletoe.  “How about a little nether regions kissing?”

Liz raised an eyebrow.  The idea of multiple rounds of oral sex was appealing.  “I like this idea,” she giggled and slipped her panties off.  She noticed that Will pocketed the lacy panties.

She sat back in the chair. With her panties gone, she spread her legs wide, putting her pussy on display. Will placed the mistletoe above her spread legs, and she sat back as the first person noticed and came over. The young man leaned toward her for a kiss, but she pointed up at the mistletoe and down at her pussy.

XMas 1He grinned and dropped to his knees in front of her. She expected him to kiss her pussy and move on. But he buried his face between her thighs and started licking and sucking in earnest. Liz bucked her hips at his face, her Santa hat tumbled from her head. She felt the tingling in her belly building, and the growing audience only increased the feeling. She whimpered her orgasm, and the young man moved away. He smiled at her, his face shiny with her juices, and blew her a kiss before disappearing in the crowd.

A Dom ordered his beautiful sub to kneel under the mistletoe, and the buxom redhead crawled over to Liz splayed open thighs, and kissed her mons. Her pink tongue darted out and she licked her way down. The Dom watched them both, the sub lapping like a kitten at Liz, and Liz’s hand wrapped in the sub’s hair, pulling the woman closer to her pussy. The sub licked, and even slid her tongue inside Liz.

Her Dom finally pulled her away, noting the line of people waiting for their kiss. Liz was surprised to see so many people waiting. Will’s game had been novel, but not something she expected so many people to be interested in. Mouth after mouth dipped into her pussy. Tongues and lips and even teeth delved between her sensitive lips and teased her clit. All were eager to see if they could make her come, whether it was her pleasure that spurred them or their own didn’t matter to her. She leaned back and enjoyed every lick and suck. Occasionally, she let her Domme out, ordering the participants to lick or suck harder or faster. With one thick fingered man, she ordered him to slip his fingers in her pussy, first one then another and another. The crowd watched and cheered his on as the third finger slipped inside. She came loudly, which his fingers buried in her pussy and his nose buried in her pussy. He was replaced by another mouth.

xmas 2She lost track of the number of times she came, just as she lost track of the number of mouths that kissed her under the mistletoe. Will stepped in front of her, and at her nod, took down the mistletoe. “Did you enjoy your time under the mistletoe?”

She grinned at him, “Best Christmas party this year.” She didn’t move from her position, still lewdly on display, and she wondered just how red her pussy must be from all the attention. “But I could use a cock,” she purred at him.

Will grinned at her, “just one?”

“We’ll see” she said, her voice low and hungry.

He unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them, naked except for the bow tied round his hard cock. “Merry Christmas, Lizzy,” he said with a smile, as he slid on a condom.

“For me?” She teased, and stood up. She bent over the arm of the chair, spreading her legs wide for him.

She watched the crowd, through half closed eyes, as he slipped his cock inside her. Not too far away a threesome was entangled together. A few spectators watched Will fucking her, but it was the gorgeous red headed sub who kept Liz’s attention. The woman was on her knees again, this time sucking her Dom’s cock like it was a candy cane. Liz watched and reached around, rubbing her clit while Will fucked her.

Later, she and Will collected their clothes and coats. Her hat was long gone, probably having been passed around multiple heads before going home with someone. When they reached the door, she found the redhead waiting.  Her eyes shone as she saw Liz. The woman was wearing Liz’s hat.

x mas 4Liz paused in front of the sub, and the vixen lifted the mistletoe over her head. Liz laughed and kissed the woman. The redhead melted against her, tongue slipping between Liz’s lips. Liz broke the kiss, feeling a little breathless.

She took the hat from the sub’s head, and smiled at her.

The redhead slipped a scrap of paper into Liz’s hand. Liz glanced at it, and saw a name and phone number.

“Merry Christmas” the sub spoke, her voice sweet and huskies than Liz would have expected.

Liz leaned forward and kissed the vixen again before she slipped out into the cold winter night.



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