All He Wanted for Christmas

Crystal fumbled with the keys and lock.  Paul waited next to her, his hands caressing her waist.  She got the door open, and practically dragged him inside.  The last couple of nights, she found that she just couldn’t get enough of him.  She kicked the door closed behind them.  “Living room,” she ordered him.

He smiled, “yes ma’am.”

pegging 2

She watched him hurry to the living room, once again captivated by his sculpted ass in tight jeans.  She followed behind him her mind busy with all the depravities she had planned for him.  She couldn’t wait to see his response to her plans.

He stood in the living room, waiting for her orders.  She poured them both a drink, and settled herself on the couch.  “Strip” she ordered.

He unzipped his coat, shrugging it slowly to the floor.  His tight black shirt followed.

She sipped her drink, watching him reveal himself to her.  She loved the blush that ran down his hard chest.  He had an adorable shyness that seemed to fuel her dominant side.

He shimmed out of his jeans, his erection bobbing free.

Crystal made some sounds of appreciation.  “Come here, minx” she said to him, patting the couch next to him.  “I have a gift for you tonight.”

He nodded, “Anything you wish, my Goddess.”

She stroked his long white hair, still wondering how such a young man had white hair.  She rose from the couch, “Enjoy your drink while I get your present.”

He nodded quickly.

In her bedroom, she quickly stripped out of her dress, leaving her stockings on.  The red lace garter belt contrasted wonderfully with her black stockings.  She was also wearing the matching bustier.  She slipped out of her panties, and picked up the wrapped package.

She returned to the living room.  He was holding his drink, and looked relaxed.  She loved how he had relaxed into his submission to her.  “Minx,” she said as she entered the room.

He turned and almost dropped his drink, as his eyes traveled over her.  He seemed to be ignoring the wrapped box.

Crystal placed the box on the table in front of him.

Paul tore the paper from the box, and stared at the plain black box, before tugging open the flaps.  He pulled of the jumble of leather straps and the second, smaller box. He opened the second box, understanding coming over his features.

“Merry Christmas, Minx” she said with a smile.  “It’s as close to what we talked about as I could find.”

pegging 4

Paul’s expression was both excited and concerned.  He held the dildo gently in one hand, “This is for me?”

Crystal nodded.  She took the dildo from him and wrapped her fingers around the silicone toy “I even picked the red one for the holiday.”

Crystal took the harness and wrapped it around her hips and waist. She buckled and hooked everything in place.

Paul watched her every move, but once the harness was in place, his eyes remained fixed on the harness and strap-on she wore.  It jutted large and red from her mons.

“Do you like your present?” She asked, posing for him.

He licked his lips as he nodded.  “Oh yes,” He whispered.

She smiled wickedly at him before sitting on the chair, spreading her legs wide.  She could see herself reflected in the windows, and was fascinated by her spread open pussy lips topped by a slick red cock.  “Now let’s start with my present,” she said, pointing to her pussy.

Paul crawled to her.  His beard didn’t hide his smile as he hurried to obey her.  Without any further instruction, he buried his face between her thighs.  His beard tickling her thighs, and his lips and tongue went to work.  She sighed with pleasure, and watched his forehead press against the plastic cock.

He’d become adept at pleasing her with his mouth. He licked and sucked in all the right ways to have Crystal moaning.  She came quickly, and Paul continued to lap at her.

“Enough,” she said her voice breathless.  “I want you to suck this,” she said pointing at the dildo.

pegging 3

Paul paused a moment before opening his mouth.  His lips wrapped around the rubber cock.  Crystal watched him fellating the toy, and saw his own cock was hard.

Crystal ordered Paul to his knees. He dropped to his hands and knees, slowly lowering his head and elbows to the ground.

She rubbed the fake cock while he watched. “Are you ready?”

He nodded, one cheek resting on the floor. He had a dreamy, almost languid expression on his face. She knew this look. It was the one he wore whenever he slipped into submission.

She stroked the dildo, coating it in lube while he watched. She pressed the head of the dildo against his asshole. He gasped as the tip entered him. Crystal stroked his back, letting his adjust to the feeling. She could see his own cock still bobbing and hard.

She tilted her hips, pushing more of the cock inside him. Paul moaned and it his lip. “Are you ok?” She asked him.

Again he nodded, his voice a whisper, “yes, keep going.”

Crystal push again and the head of the dildo was passed his sphincter and slid fully into him. She paused, feeling the heat from his skin against her. Crystal ran her hands over his hips, feeling the tension in his muscles. “How do you feel?” She asked.

He groaned. “It’s…” He paused, “it’s so much,” he whispered. “The fullness, and” he paused as she shifted a little, “and oh my” he moaned and Crystal knew she’d managed to find his prostate. She watched his hand inch toward his own cock.

“Don’t touch your cock,” Crystal ordered. “I want you to focus on this feeling,” she slowly slide the cock in and out. She moved slowly, getting the feeling for the motions to move the dildo to apply pressure on his prostrate, and to apply pressure to her clit. The harness was designed for that, but she’d found that it worked better in concept than in practice. Her hands kept stroking his hips and back, while he moaned beneath her.

He started thrusting back at her, trying to speed up her pace. “Use your words,” she ordered him.

pegging 5

He swallowed and took a breath. They’d played together long enough that he knew he had to speak in order for her to continue. “Please, more…” He asked softly, looking back at her.

“More?” She asked, looking down at him. “Faster more? Or harder more?” She shifted the dildo only slightly now, barely sliding it in and out of him.

“Yes,” he said almost desperately. “Please Crystal,” he pleaded, “fuck me harder.”

She smiled at him. She poured more lube over the rubber cock, and slowly worked it in and out of his tight ass. Then she let go, and started fucking. She knew that the harness wasn’t going to give her enough stimulation to come, but she didn’t care. She wanted to watch him squirm on her cock, without distraction. He whimpered and moaned while she thrust. With her rubber cock, she could go for hours if she wanted.

She watched his hands fist and claw at the floor, in what she assumed was an effort to not touch his own cock. His hips moved in response to her, pushing toward her, burying the cock deeper in his ass. And he begged. It was almost inarticulate pleas falling from his lips as she thrust her hips and filled him.

Crystal smiled down at him. “Do you want to come, my minx?” She asked.

“Yes, please” he gasped out.

“Stroke your cock,” she ordered. His hand shot to his cock, and the moan of relief made her wet. “Good minx,” she crooned at him, “now come while my cock is in your ass.” She ordered, loving his frantic movements. He’d held out for so long. She couldn’t wait to interrogate him about the experience, but for now, she wanted to watch him come.

It didn’t take much, just a minute of stroking before his cock exploded over his hand, his come pooling on the floor beneath him. She kept her slow thrusting going until his hand fell away from his cock.

She slowly pulled the dildo free, and watched him slide fully to the floor. He lay on his side, watching her as she removed the harness and let it drop to the floor. She lay down next to him, wrapping her arms around his heaving shoulders. “Did you like your present?” She asked softly in his ear.

“Yes,” he murmured, his breathing slowly returning to normal, “very much.”


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