Victoria’s Demon

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Victoria was learning that magick wasn’t easy. The Pharaoh Djet was still calling her back to him, but the path wasn’t a straight line. After awakening him from his centuries’ long rest, he had disappeared. Colin, Dr. Bishara, had explained that Djet was being pursued by Anubis, a god bent on returning him to the Land of the Dead, where technically he belonged. Their job had shifted from joining Djet, to finding the tools to keep the Anubis away from Djet. 

vic demon 7It was Colin who had thought of the French magician.  Victoria hadn’t expected the magician’s address to be a posh Paris apartment, but it was.  Victoria was a little star-struck by the beautiful woman.

“Welcome, Colin” Lola said.  “What brings you to my workshop?”

Colin explained their need for a spell to bargain with Anubis.

Lola raised a sculpted blonde eyebrow, “You have gotten yourself into trouble.”

Colin grinned at her.  “So you’ll help us?”

Lola turned her blue eyes toward Victoria.  “What is your stake in this endeavor?” She said coolly.  She seemed to be considering her words, “What would you barter for the knowledge you seek?”

Victoria crossed her legs tighter.   The women couldn’t possibly have meant the innuendo that she heard in the question.  Vicki brushed aside the rush of arousal she felt and tried to think of an answer that didn’t involve a heartfelt offer of debased sex on the rug.  But she found herself answering, “the depravity you wish.”

Lola’s expression didn’t change.  “Stand and strip,” she said, as calmly as commenting on the weather.

Victoria rose and unzipped her dress, letting it slid in a silken rush to floor.  She stepped out of it, pausing to let both magicians admire the delicate lavender lace of her lingerie.  She unclasped her bra, and ran her hands over her breasts, before slipping her panties over her hips to join her dress.  “Oui, Madam” she said standing naked in the woman’s formal sitting room.

Lola glanced at Colin, “Oh you have found a treasure.”

Victoria felt herself shiver at the compliment.

Still looking at Colin she continued, “I’ll use her until tomorrow morning; you may use my library until then.” She produced a key from what seemed to Victoria thin air and handed it to Colin.

He gave her a long look, before he left her alone with Lola.

“You’ve arrived with your offer at the right time,” Lola said to her.  “I have need of a willing sacrifice for a working I wish to complete.”  Catching Victoria’s concerned expression she amended, “A sexual sacrifice, not a human one my pet.”  Her eyes raked over Victoria’s nudity, “I hope you won’t mind a bath?”

vic demon 1Victoria found herself ordered to crawl after Lola as the woman led her to a sumptuous bathroom.  As the large tub filled with streaming water, Lola added a variety of oils and powders.  The scents filled the steamy air.

Lola ordered her in the tub, and Victoria climbed in.  The water was almost too hot, and the scents overwhelmed her senses.  Victoria was already aroused by following this woman’s orders, and she wasn’t sure how long she could wait to come.  Her nipples were rosy stones in the water.

“My, my you are enjoying this aren’t you?” Lola asked reaching a hand in the water to pinch Victoria’s nipple.  Vicki had never thought that someone just touching her nipples could get her off, but she was achingly close to coming when those manicured nails gently scratched her breast.

Victoria’s gasp echoed in the bathroom.  “Yes, I am” she whispered and knew it to be true.

Lola gave her a wicked smile, “Well you will be perfect.”  She ordered Vicki out of the water, and dried her off roughly.  Every rub of the towel seemed to enflame her skin more and she nearly came when Lola quickly rubbed the towel between her thighs.  “The herbs have a strong effect on you, pet.”

At Victoria’s blank look, she continued.  “Colin hasn’t taught you much.  The bath was a combination of herbs and powders to increase your sensitivity and passion, like a magical aphrodisiac.”

Vicki crawled after Lola stunned.

“You’ll stay in that state of arousal until the entity arrives.”  Lola led her through the sitting room again, and with a few words and a wave of her hand, unlocked another door.  The air in the new room was cool, and Victoria’s naked flash prickled.  “Stand,” Lola ordered.

vic demon 2Victoria found herself chained spread-eagle to a marble slab.  The stone was cold against her over-heated flesh, but her thighs were still wet.

“Do you still consent to be the sacrifice?”

Victoria swallowed, “What is the entity?” her voice was breathy.

Lola shrugged, “No reliable records exist of what it looks like.  Maybe you can tell me when it’s finished with you.” She ran a finger over Victoria’s breast, “But you must willingly be a sacrifice.”

The woman’s cool flesh only tormented Victoria’s nipples.  “Yes, I consent to be the sexual sacrifice to the entity.” She heard the words tumble from her lips.

“Now, you may not speak again.” Lola admonished.  “You may moan and cry out, but no words.  Do you understand?”

Victoria nodded.

Lola went to work, lighting candles and chanting.  Victoria could feel the pressure building in the small room, and barely registered Lola leaving the room and the click of the lock behind her.

Alone in the flickering candle light, Victoria was distracted by her aching empty pussy.  She stifled a shriek when she heard a voice in the room.

“A sacrifice for me?” the voice drifted through the room.

Victoria felt goose bumps rise on his flesh.  She recited the words Lola had her memorize, and heard the entity laugh.  Then she felt its touch, a cool, feathery brush of something against her thigh.  She moaned at the touch, wondering just what this invisible entity would do to her.

In the flickering shadows cast by the candles, she thought she saw a form – something standing on two legs, but with too many hands.  The she felt the hands, or something like hands, touching her.  Hands and fingers plucked at her breasts and nipples, while another pair of disembodied hands stroked her flanks and belly.  Victoria’s cries of delight echoed in the darkened chamber.   The fingers on her nipples grew more insistent, twisting and pinching her nipples, and Victoria felt her pussy drip with need.

vic demon 3She writhed on the altar, finding the injunction not to speak the hardest part.  She wanted to beg the ghostly presence to fuck her, to make her cum, anything.  But she bit her lips against the words.  She felt something very like a tongue, a wide, smooth tongue that slurped at her pussy.  Victoria gave a cry and thumped her hips against the table.

“Such passsssion” the entity hissed its voice coming from between her thighs.  “I can tassste your desssire, human.”

Victoria found herself aroused by the thing’s compliment and sighed in delight as it return to lapping at her. The hands continued to stroke and tease her, and Victoria was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the sensations.  She’d experienced group sex only once and it was the only experience even close to this.  The tongue and the hands had her shuddering, but her body seemed to refuse to orgasm.  She stayed on the edge, the tingling building up.

The licking stopped and she felt the tip of something pressed between her slit; it slid through her wetness, before pushing inside her.  She felt herself stretch around the intruder.  It didn’t feel like any cock she’d fucked before, as it seemed to twist and writhe.  She pushed the comparison to a tentacle out of her thoughts, but it was the most apt. Instead, she focused on the feeling of fullness and the tantalizing pressure on her g-spot from the entity in her pussy.

Her unabashed moans and coos echoed in the chamber, and increased as the felt a second tentacle nudging at her asshole.  She almost loosed a hissing, cry of “yes” but clamped her lips over the words.  Her words became a joyful, strangled sound of glee as the tentacle inched inside her ass.

She felt each appendage wriggling and moving, driving her into a frenzy of need.  She strained at the bounds that held her on the altar, while the entity continued its slow penetration.

“Human likesss thisss” the voice hissed in her ear.  “Would the human like to orgasssm?”

vic demon 6Victoria felt the words tearing through her throat, she wanted to scream “yes, yes make me cum” but she settled for whimpering cries of frustration.

“The witch taught you well” the voice hissed in her ear.

Victoria bit her lip and felt the appendages change their motion.  The slow penetration and teasing motions were replaced for far more forceful thrusting.  She gave a high pitched cry, finally getting the fucking she craved.  The orgasm that had been keeping her on edge, finally crested.

Victoria’s cries echoed throughout the chamber, while the entity kept moving, until it found its own climax.  Victoria felt the twitching of the appendages and the cold burst of its ejaculate flood her, and then she was alone.

She could feel that the room was empty, and lay shivering in aftershocks on the table.  She heard the door open, and wondered if Lola had listened to the entire session.

“Victoria?” Lola’s voice carried through the room.

“Oui, Madam,” Victoria replied, surprised how raw her throat felt.  She blinked as Lola raised the lights in the chamber.  She felt Lola stroke her cheek.

“We will need to discuss your experience, ma petite” Lola said to her.

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness! What a super hot story. I was so happy to see you bring this story line back around. Then add to it Cthulhu (who I took as the one summoned) just brought me into the story even more. Now if Kayla will be the next sacrifice I hope I can watch.

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