Alice Rolls the Dice

Want to start at the beginning? Part 1: Ground Control || Part 2: Alice’s Afternoon OffOr just jump in here; I promise it’s just as hot without the other parts. 

Alice was still overwhelmed with the quality of the holograms in the program.  Domaris had captured not only the tactile textures, but the sounds and even scents of the scene.  Alice took a deep breath, smelling the mix of rich incense, wine, and the heavy musk of sex.  It was time to roll the dice.

Alice held the dice in her hand; they were smooth and cool.

Dice 1

She shook them in her hand, her eyes flickering over the various players of the game.  To her left was a man being fucked in the ass, and a line of three men waited their turn.  Next to him was a woman with her face buried in another woman’s pussy.  A man stood behind her, positioning himself to fuck her.

Alice dropped the dice on the table.  The emperor watched them tumble and finally settle.

Alice watched the number tumble to six, and she licked her lips already anticipating the other die.  Based on the image both her ass and pussy were going to get a workout.

The Emperor smiled and pointed at a padded bar. “Bend over,” he commanded.

Alice could feel how wet the command made her as she sauntered to the bar.  She stood before it, and paused to pull the straps of the filmy dress down.  The dress pooled around her feet.  The emperor nodded in approval.  Alice felt her nipples harden as she bent over the bar.

She looked back to watch the Emperor move behind her and pull his toga aside.  His hard cock seemed to point at her.  “You’re going to love this,” he said, and plunged his cock into her pussy.  Alice gave a cry, loving his hands clutching at her hips.  He continued to fuck her, pounding into her.  Alice writhed beneath him and reached forward to knead her own breasts.

She heard him cry out and felt his cock twitch in orgasm.  Her lips twisted in a pout as he pulled out before she had a chance to reach her own orgasm.

She watched the Emperor twitch his toga back into place and glance at the audience.  “Next,” he called out.

Alice felt her face flush, even as her pussy grew wetter.  She discovered that she liked the depravity of the game, of being used as a pleasure toy.  “Yes,” she called out, “Next.”

She felt another man behind her.  This time it was one of the Centurions.  She felt the drizzle of oil over asshole.  She felt this thumb press inside her ass, pushing the oil deep inside her.

“Oh yes,” she called out, pressing back against his hand.  “Fuck my ass.”

The crowd hooted and cheered at her command, and they took up the chant.  Their voices echoed through the chamber, “fuck her ass; fuck her ass.”

They cheered as the Centurion removed his fingers and slid his cock into her ass.  Alice groaned, loving the fullness of his cock in her ass.  She tilted her hips, urging him on.  She moved her hand toward her clit; this time, she thought, she was going to get her first orgasm.

Ace D-176 Paperback Original (1956).  Cover by Ed Valigursky

She began rubbing softly, only to have her hand pulled away by one of the onlookers.  Alice frowned, still half distracted by the man fucking her ass.

“The dice didn’t include your orgasm,” the Emperor said, sitting on one of the couches in front of her.  He looked at her a moment, taking in her flushed cheeks and swinging tits.  “Tie her hands” he ordered.

Alice felt her hands bound to the bar, and whimpered.  “But this is my program,” Alice moaned as the Centurion began fucking her faster, “of course I get to come,” her voice was strained. After watching all of the fucking and sucking going on, she was on edge, and now she was desperate to orgasm.

The Emperor raised an eyebrow at her.  “Your program?” his tone was annoyed.  “This is my world, and you’ll do what I want.”

Alice whimpered again, feeling her wetness drip down her thighs as the Centurions shuddered to a climax.  “Please,” she begged, “Let me come?”

Her plea was mixed with a whimper as another Centurion took his place behind her.  This man buried himself in her pussy.

“This little filly is sopping wet,” he panted as his cock slipped in and out of her.  “She’s so hot; it’s like she on fire,” he moaned.

Alice twitched and writhed, trying to come.  The occasional slap of the man’s balls against her clit wasn’t enough to get her off.

The Emperor watched with an amused smirk.

Alice begged the man fucking her to make her come, to fuck her harder.  Her words bleed together as the tingle in her pussy grew and she knew that she was on the edge of climax.  “Fuck me, harder” she growled at him, only to feel the man cease moving as he came with a load moan.  “No, no, no” Alice hissed, almost in tears.  “I was so close,” she hissed.

Alice felt someone else behind her, and thrust her ass at him.

“Wait,” the Emperor ordered, raising a hand. “Cool her off.”

dice 3

Alice wriggled in her bounds, on the edge of ordering the program to stop, if only momentarily so she could bring herself to orgasm.  She gasped as she felt a pitcher of cool water poured over her spread open pussy. The water splashed around her feet.  She glared at the Emperor, but felt the edge of her orgasm recede.  She called out “Next.  I get six cocks, and I’ve only had three.”

The Emperor smirked at her and waved a hand.  She felt an oiled cock fill her ass and moaned.  The Emperor’s cold water had tamped down her orgasm, but Alice knew that she’d been begging to come quickly enough. She closed her eyes, and gave into the experience.  She felt the cock in her ass stretching her tantalizing her as she felt her orgasm build.

Once again, the man finished too soon.  She pouted as she waited for the next man, but no one stepped up.  She begged the small audience, asking for anyone to fuck her.  When begging seemed to fail, she demanded.  She wiggled her hips and strained against the bounds.

The Emperor waved over two men.  They both were heavily muscled and wearing nothing but loin clothes.  The Emperor whispered to the men a moment.  They turned to Alice, both leering at her.  She watched them discard their loincloths, and she stared at their large cocks.  She licked her lips in anticipation.

They cut her free from the bar, and they lifted her to sit on the bar.  She felt the head of a cock press against her asshole.

“Spread your legs,” the Emperor ordered her.

Alice complied, more interested in the stretching, fullness of the cock in her ass. The Emperor gave the other man a nod, and the gladiator stepped in from of her.  As the man in her ass slid out, the man in front slid into her pussy.

Alice let out a strangled cry and wrapped her arms around the thick shoulders of the gladiator in front of her.  She followed this move by wrapping her legs around his waist.  Once again she let herself plead and beg.  The sensation of both men was almost too much, the stretching of her ass and pussy, and their insistence at pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in, left her off balance.

“Touch yourself, Alice” the Emperor ordered.  “Come for me,” his words were a command.

Alice pressed her hand between her and the gladiator, and began frantically rubbing her clit.  The tingling her belly increased, and she shook as she came.  She felt herself cry out almost scream in release.  It was the intense orgasm she’d been craving since she ordered the program.

dice 5

Both Gladiators quickly followed her orgasm, and stepped away from her.  She sat on the bar, feeling the wetness drip down her thighs.  “End program,” she called catching her breath.  She was looking forward to exploring this game again, but now she had what she wanted.

The program continued to run.  The Emperor rose from his seat.  “You rolled a six.  That was five.”

Alice blinked at him.  She hadn’t expected this, and she recalled the wicked grin Domaris, the Centari, had given her.  Alive realized that the woman had built this into the program.  Alice wasn’t getting out until she finished the die roll. Instead of being upset of angry, she found herself tingling wondering who would be number six.


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