Anal Sex 101

The Professor had me naked faster than I’d expected, and there’s something deliciously disconcerting about being the only naked person.  He was still fully clothed, still in his classroom suit.  The only concession to being home he had made was to take off his coat.  So we talked literature and academia, as if I wasn’t naked with nipples pointing at him.  He invites me to bed before I finally give in and drag him into the bedroom.

anal 101 2He watches me walk naked in front of him to the bedroom. I can feel his eyes on my ass and smile.  It’s one of the things we share, a love of anal sex. When I get to the room, I lounge across his bed, almost posing for him. He climbs between my thighs, his tongue going to work on my pussy. I’m already wet, and the combination of tongue and fingers has me writhing.  When he gets to three fingers in my pussy, I am in heaven.  He tells me how wet I am and pulls his fingers from my pussy.  I’d be disappointed, but I know what comes next.  He lubes up the same fingers and slides one into my ass. I spread my legs wider and tilt my hips, wanting him to have better access to my ass.  I feel the second finger start to stretch my ass, and he lays his thumb on my clit, and I know I’m going to cum.  His thumb rubs and circles my clit and he adds a third finger to my ass.  I know he’s going to ask.

“Do you like getting fucked in the ass?” he asks, watching me squirm on his hand.

“Yes,” I respond breathless “I love your fingers in my ass.”  The words push me closer to the edge of orgasm.

“Are you going to come with my fingers in your ass?”

anal 101 3I nod frantically, my hands clutching the sheets as I feel my orgasm building, a warm, tingling electric explosion that overwhelms me.  “Yes, yes, yes” I manage to pant as I come for him.  He continues to pump his fingers inside me, adding more lube. I lay back and enjoy the feeling, wondering if I can come again before he stops.

But he does stop, slowly pulling his fingers free.  This time I do pout, while I lay splayed open on his bed.  I watch him strip off his pants, and I lick my lips for his cock. He stands next to me, and I stroke his cock already wanting it inside me.  He catches my hair, wrapping  it around his hand. He pulls my face up to look at him.  The pain makes me moan.  “Do you want your ass fucked? ” He asks.

“Yes, sir,” I say playfully. He raises an eye brow at that.

“I want to watch you ride my cock,” he says.

He lays next to me, his cock and hard and ready for me.  I straddle him, feeling his condom clad cock pressing against my asshole. I shift making sure he is in position, and slowly start to sink down.  I groan as his cock stretches my ass, and I keep slowly pushing his cock inside me until my bum rests on his thighs.

Pierre_Louÿs-umHe moans in delight, having watched his cock slowly disappear inside me.

There is something wonderful about this position for me.  First, there’s a shift from getting fucked to fucking myself.  I love how dirty it feels.  This isn’t him doing something to me; this is me doing the action – it is the shift from object to subject. Second, there’s the hard cock in my ass. I was already sensitive from his fingers and this new position only amplifies that.  I wriggle slightly, loving the feeling of fullness in my ass.  He groans again, and I start slowly riding his cock, rising up and down on my knees, feeling my ass slide over his cock.  I speed up, wanting the hard ass fucking I’d expected to get.  I know that I won’t get it in this position, but I can try.  I bounce and wriggle on top of his cock, before sliding my hand between my legs and rubbing my clit. “I want to come with your cock in my ass” I purred.

“Do it,” he responded, “come while you fuck your ass.”

That almost sent me over the edge right there.  He understood, and he loved it too. I rocked back on his cock, my fingers rubbing my clit in a frenzy.  I felt the words boiling up and was moaning an uncontrolled stream of begging and narrating my orgasm.  I continued to move, rocking on his cock, until he grabbed my hips pulling me down on him as he came. I felt his cock twitch in my ass as he finished.

I pulled my sticky fingers away from my clit and tried to catch my breath. I lowered my head, letting my hair fall over my face.

“Did you like fucking your ass?” his words find me behind my hair.

I brush my hair back and wiggle my hips one last time, “I loved it.” I shifted over, sliding off of him. I lay next to him, still feeling my body tingle with energy. “But I’m still going to expect a hard ass fucking from you next time,” I purr in his ear.

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