Natalie’s Punishment

Des kissed Will again, and Natalie wriggled between them. She hadn’t known she could be more turned on, but watching them she was. All the teasing, the two of them touching her has Natalie ready to explode.

She could guarantee there was a wet spot on Des’s couch.  Now he was going to punish her.  Des rose from the couch, “What did you do wrong, kitten?” he asked.

nude flapper 4Natalie lowered her eyes, “I touched myself without permission.” She felt her face burn with shame, shame for disobeying and shame at admitting in front of Will that she wasn’t allowed to touch her own body.

“Come over here, and bend over the arm of the couch,” Des commanded.  Natalie hurried to comply.  She noticed that Will had also left the couch.  She lay over the padded couch arm, letting her head rest on the sofa cushions.  Her ass was raised, and she kept her legs slightly spread the way Des liked.  “You are going to get a spanking for misbehaving,” Des said, slowly stroking her bottom, “and I am going to watch.”

Natalie blinked hearing that.  So he was going to let Will spank her?  She raised her head and watched Des seat himself on the couch next to her head.  She watched him unzip his pants and pull his cock out.  She cried out as Will’s first swat landed on her ass.  She felt her eyes tear up, and Des wrapped his hand around his cock.

She felt each stinging slap on her ass, and listened to Will’s count “five,” slap, “six,” smack.  She found herself fighting to stay still.  Will spanking her was different, as he was different.  Des always petted and soothed her between smacks; Will just kept going, laying a relentless tide of blows to her backside.  “Her ass is getting so pink” Will said to Des, and Natalie blushed through her tears.

Des kept stroking his cock, slowly brushing her tears away. “Is she wet?” Des asked.

Natalie’s face flamed and she tried to duck her head, but Des pulled her head up.  Natalie felt Will’s thick fingers roughly between her thighs.  She knew that she was wet; she could feel her arousal dripping down her thighs.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about Will and Des discussing it.

“She’s soaked,” Will said, and she could hear his smile.  Another blow landed on her ass, and she yelped.  “Is this a punishment, if she is turned on by it?”

Des met her eyes, “Maybe she needs more.”

seated shawlNatalie felt a flurry of swats to her ass and upper thighs, before Will stopped.  Over her own cries, she could hear him panting.

She felt another series of smacks and found herself wriggling away from him.  She wasn’t sure if she could take more. Her eyes sought Des, and he stroked her hair.  “Be a good girl,” he chastised her softly. “All your wiggling makes Will have to work harder.”

Natalie nodded mutely, her eyes still leaking tears.  She held herself still, feeling the rush of wind a second before Will landed his next blow.  She whimpered and cried freely, but still felt her pussy aching for attention.  Finally, Will stopped.  She could feel the heat radiating from her skin.  “Good girl,” Des whispered to her, petting her hair.

Natalie smiled at him through her tears.

“I think she’s been spanked enough,” Des said and stood up.  “Come to the bedroom, kitten.”  Natalie moved slowly, and felt herself leaning Will’s arms as he helped her to stand.  With half-closed eyes, she snuggled into him.  He gave a soft chuckle and led her to the bedroom.  Des was already lying stretched out.  Natalie crawled over to him, and curled against him, with her head resting on his chest.  “You’ve been such a good girl about your punishment.” He murmured to her, unbutton his pants.  Natalie felt her pulse quicken as his cock sprang free.  She licked her lips, but frowned when Des, tightened his arm around her.

“Not for you.” He said.

Natalie watched wide-eyed as Will stripped out of his clothes, slowly and deliberately teasing Des with his movements.  She stayed wrapped in Des’s arm, as Will joined them on the bed.  His mouth found Des’s cock, and Natalie heard Des’s moan rumble through his chest as Will swallowed his cock.

seated reclined“Watch, kitten” Des ordered in a strained voice.  And Natalie watched Will’s head bob over Des’s cock.  She clamped her legs tighter, wanting desperately to touch herself.  Another spanking would be worth it, but she clenched her fingers in the blankets.  Des moaned and bit his lip, enjoying Will’s attention.

Will raised his head from Des’s cock, and winked at Natalie.  “Do you want to touch yourself, while you watch?”

Natalie nodded frantically, “Yes, please, yes Sir.”

She felt Des’s nod, “Make yourself come, kitten.”

Natalie buried her fingers in her pussy, as Will bent his head over Des’s cock.  Her eyes locked on Will’s mouth, his lips wrapped around Des’s cock.  She wanted to draw out her orgasm, but she was too ready, too overly-stimulated.  She came with a cry, never taking her eyes off of Will.

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  1. Oh my that is a fabulous twist. Guy on guy stuff doesn’t tend to work for me but this was beautifully written and the tension between the characters was so good that I found it rather sexy


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