When they got inside, his Mistress led him to the playroom. She spared a moment to tend to his knees, now abraded from the cold and rough ground.
“Poor Minx,” she cooed tenderly cleaning the abrasions.

Her touch, while gentle, was far from soothing. He’d transgressed, and he knew he’d be punished, and that made her every touch an electric surge that went directly to his cock.
She pulled away from him. “Are you ready for your punishment?” She smiled, her lip painted the deep red loved.


He gave a slow nod, transfixed by her painted mouth and her leather catsuit. “Yes, Mistress.”

She smile and blindfolded him.

He closed his eyes behind the blindfold, feeling the loss of his sight keenly. He hadn’t expected she’d take this from him. Seeing her in the leather was so much a part of his pleasure that losing it left him aching. This was his punishment. Her leather clad fingers were smooth and warm against his chest. He whimpered as she tugged on his nipples.

He heard the zipper on her catsuit. He wondered if she was zipping it up or down. He imagined her tawny skin revealed, not the inches but the smooth expanse from her collarbones to navel. He wondered if her breasts were bared, or was it only her cleavage revealed.
Her soft moan filled the room. “I see why you like leather on your nipples,” she purred out of the darkness. “It’s almost like someone else touching me.”
He bit his lip, understanding of the scope of his punishment. His cock twitched in the cage. He heard the sharp rasp of the zipper again, followed by her moans.
“Oh the leather does make a difference,” she whispered. “Open your mouth,” she ordered.
He felt her fingers on his lips, and then sucked her gloves fingers. Her musk paired with the leather, and he wanted more. She slipped her fingers out of his mouth.
“I’m touching myself” she whispered in his ear, and he could feel the heat of her body on his skin. He leaned forward just a fraction of an inch, wanting to touch her so desperately. His lips brush her skin before she pulled away. “Still the bad boy,” she tsked at him. “That’s too bad because I wanted you to watch me come.”
He stumbled over his tongue, trying to find the words to apologize, to beg, to behave. He managed a strangled “Please,” and a whispered “forgive me.” His tears caught in the blindfold, sparing him from crying in front of her.
He felt her wet finger slide down his chest to tap against his cage. “Bad boy,” she moaned.
He could hear her wetness. And as he took a shuddering breath, he could smell her sweet musk. He gripped the arms of the chair as if they were a life line. Somewhere in the darkness, he listened to her breathing quickened and her low moans. The scent of her was nearly overwhelming him. He knew the soft, shuddering gasp she gave when she orgasmed, but she sounded louder. Every sound she made seemed louder.
boots 3

His rough breathing filled the space between them, and it almost masked the whisper of the zipper on her suit. The whisper of leather over leather as she straightened her catsuit.

He jumped a little when he felt her hands on the cage. He whimpered as his cock burst free. The stinging rush of blood to fill his cock made him cry out.
“Look at the lovely hard on,” she said running her gloved finger down the underside of his cock.
He forced himself to stay still in the chair, to remain silent. He wasn’t going to again. When her warm leather fingers wrapped around his cock, he groaned and felt the ache of impending orgasm. No matter how smooth the leather, it tugged just slightly over his skin as she pumped her hand slowly up them down. He bit his lip as his cock twitched and a low moan escaped as he came.
“My excited, Minx,” she whispered and he could hear her smile. He felt her untie the blindfold and he blinked in the light.
As his eyes focused, he saw her. Her catsuit zipped to her throat and her lipstick still flawless. His eyes locked on to her gloved hands, one covered with his glinting seman. She followed his gaze and smiled.
“And now you’ve dirtied my gloves,” she smiled softly at him. “Such a naughty boy.” She leaned forward and kissed him softly.


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