The Haunting of Jill

Jill checked her lipstick and gave her red hair a quick pat before stepping in front of the camera. 

“Tonight, the team and I will be staying in what has been called the most haunted house in America” she continued the spiel about the place, ending by feigning a look of fear. “The team and I will be seeing what happens when we stay the night.” 

The house had already been wired with cameras and audio, but Jill and her ghost hunting team would haul in some handheld cameras and EMF meters while the real camera crew filmed them.  After a couple of takes, the real camera crew left to shoot exteriors and establishing shots. 

Jill, Lara, and Holly dropped the prop gear and looked around the house’s great room. After arriving at the location and starting filming, everyone was simply too tired to do more.  So the filming and exploring would start the following day.

Jill said her goodnights and headed up to her room. She was surprised to see how well maintained the house was. Most sites they visited were derelict.  This place could almost be a hotel. And she wondered if that’s why the owners had contacted the show, haunted hotels were big business. 

Jill stripped out of her clothes and crawled naked into bed, grateful that they had bedrooms rather than shared trailers like the last place.  She’d expected to fall asleep immediately but found herself tossing and turning. 

A cool breeze flowed over her, under the blanket causing her to bolt up in bed.  She looked down and saw that she was completely covered by the blanket, at least her lower body was. Her breasts were exposed and she felt the breeze seem to caress her chest.  Her nipples tightened and Jill shivered.  The breeze had her aroused, and she giggled quietly as she slid her hand under the blanket.  She trailed her fingers over her belly and through her soft pubic hair before finding her damp pussy. 

She sighed softly as she began rubbing her clit. Jill spread her legs a little wider, enjoying the feel of the sheets against her legs.  Then she felt the fingers on her breast. 

At first, she didn’t make the connection, but her fingers once busy between her legs stopped moving as her brain fought through the fog of desire. Someone was touching her breast; at least it felt like someone was running their fingers over her skin. 

She tried to sit up, but she felt hands gently push her back down.  And then she felt the month on her nipple.  She watched her nipple pulled up and felt her breast stretch, but there was no one there.  Jill lay frozen.  Her other nipple began getting the same treatment, the sensation of a mouth and in this case a gentle sucking and lapping at her nipple.  She watched her breasts dimple and bulge as unseen hands kneaded her flesh.

She let out a low moan; she hadn’t expected this type of haunting.  Jill had been in this situation before; it was what kept her in ghost hunting.  She debated trying to get rid of the spirits, but when a ghostly hand trailed down to her sopping pussy, her mind was made up.  “Oh yes,” she whispered to the spirits.

The blanket slid off of her, leaving her naked on the bed.  She briefly wondered about the camera in her room.  As far as she knew, the crew never turned them on during the first night.  If they did, they’d get an eyeful for sure.  She glanced at the camera, looking for any sign that it was on. When the ghosts increased their attention on her tits, she lost focus on the camera. She writhed on the bed, fascinated by her breasts, as they moved and responded to the invisible mouths.

She bit her lip, not wanting to call attention to her activities.  She felt fingers sliding into her pussy, and listened to the wet squelching as the unseen hand began fucking her.  She started returned her hand to her clit, rubbing in soft circles as the fingers continued to thrust inside her.  “Come on and fuck me,” she panted at the ghosts. 

The hand drew away from her pussy, and she felt the solid pressure of a cock pressing into her.  She gave a soft whimper, spreading her legs wider, even if she didn’t need to.  The ghost could have entered her if she had her legs clamped shut, but she wanted to watch everything.  She tilted her hips just enough so she could see her splayed open pussy in the mirror.  She gasped watching her pussy being stretched by the invisible cock.  “Oh god, that’s hot,” she whispered watching herself.

She started rubbing her clit again.  “Make it hurt” she moaned into the room, “make it rough.” And felt the mouths on her nipples start biting, and fingernails scrap over her inner thighs.  The cock started fucking her faster and deeper.  “Yes, just… like that” she gasped around her orgasm.  She felt herself shuddering as she came, and the ghosts were unceasing in their attentions.  She knew, depending on the type of haunting, the spirits could go for hours.

She lay back and felt the ghostly cock pull out of her pussy, and she watched the splash of shimmering ectoplasm spill over her belly.  It dripped down her ribs, and she ran a hand through the slick, shimmer.  “Is that all you got?” she hissed at the ghosts, knowing that once the ghost expelled its ectoplasm, it would be out of energy for hours, possibly days.

She smiled as another ghost flipped her over.  She landed on her belly and felt her hips jerked up.  She was disappointed that she couldn’t watch anymore, but it was assuaged by another ghost cock pressing into her pussy.

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