Sharing Is Caring Saturday! #SOSS

I have been remiss in sharing.  between work, being sick, and a break up – I just haven’t been reading much erotica.  I picked up an unexpected job, so next week will be, I suspect, a nightmare of logistics and extra work, but I am reminding myself that this opportunity will be great for my career.

I’ve got a Lead Belly playlist, and I’m ready to share some love.

SoSSOh my stars, Camies on the Floor has nailed everything I love about rough sex and a D/s dynamic.  “Lust and Will”  captures so much of the willingness to surrender, and the ending is perfect.

Wriggle Kitty also explores the nature of pain and the pleasure it brings to come.  “I Don’t Want You to Hurt Me”  is more of a meditation on the desire for pain (with delicious descriptions), than a story.  But don’t let that dissuade you. I found myself nodding in agreement and wondering why I’ve never been able to explain it so well.

Horny Geek Girl’s Michael’s David” is a departure from the masochistic stories.  Her story is a beautiful (and sexy) mediation on art, with an otherwordly twist that I appreciate.

First, I have a long history of adoring fan fiction, especially slash fiction.  So Oleander Plume’s dip into that world with “Saving the Savior” was a hot throwback experience for me.  This story encapsulates everything that makes excellent slash fiction – it hits emotional notes, has just enough humor, and is wickedly hot.  If all the blockbuster comic movies had moments like this story, I’d enjoy the films a lot more.

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