Colin Charms a God

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Victoria and Colin spread the blanket in the shade of the small copse of trees. They both began setting up the ritual tools. “So this will appease Him?” Victoria asked.

Colin nodded, “It should. Our trade should keep Anubis from seeking to return the Pharaoh to the Land of the Dead.”

belly dance

Victoria was sometimes struck by how casually Colin spoke of magick and the mythical as common place. Even with all that she had experienced and witnessed, her mind still rebelled against this easy acceptance of the supernatural. She glanced around the woods, looking for witnesses. They were still in France. After a storm delayed their return to Egypt, Djet sent word that it wasn’t safe for them to return yet. Anubis stalked the land seeking him, and he feared their safety should the god run across them instead.

Once they had set up the altar and ritual tools, the rest was easy. Once Colin intoned the final words, they waited. Magick never worked the way Victoria expected it to. She watched the circle Colin had painstakingly laid out, waiting for a cloud of smoke or a figure to slowly materialize. But the space went from empty, to not empty. She blinked at the form in the circle. Her eyes traveled from the well-muscled calves over his narrow hips, and up his defined chest. His skin was black, onyx dark. But it was the jackal head that disconcerted her.

“Anubis,” she heard herself whisper in reverence.

The massive jackal head swiveled to face her, his golden eyes pinning her in place.

Colin began to speak, presenting his request.

The God listened to Colin. Victoria couldn’t read any expression on his face, and even if his expression had changed, she doubted she could confidently gauge to the facial tics of a jackal anyway.

As the two spoke in Ancient Egyptian, Victoria could only follow every third or fourth word. Colin stood up, and stepped into the circle. Victoria frowned in concern. Even as inexperienced in magick as she was, she knew better than to step into a circle. They made them to keep things in for protection.

Nevertheless, Colin stepped into the circle and dropped his robe around his feet. He stood naked in front of a god. Victoria noticed that even standing before the god, Colin’s cock was stirring. He dropped to his knees in front of Anubis.

The large figure removed his kilt, dropping it the ground. Victoria watched wide-eyed as Colin leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Anubis’ cock. She felt herself grow instantly wet watching his cheeks hollow and bulge with his movements. His hands stayed fisted on his thighs, but Victoria and she suspected the god noticed Colin’s cock stirring to fully erect.

egypt woman headdress

Victoria knelt outside the circle and watched as Anubis began to move his hips, thrusting his cock deeper into Colin’s mouth, so deep it must be in his throat she thought. But Colin simply kept going, the god’s cock slipping in and out between the full lips she had kissed so many times since they met.

Colin’s pink tongue slip out to lap at the god’s ebony cock. Victoria’s hand drifted toward her clit, wanting to make herself come watching the two in the circle. Her fingers found her clit, and she was a little surprised just how wet she was. She rubbed at her clit, the soft nub of flesh already sensitive. She felt the sun on her skin, and masturbated to the scene in front of her. As she came, she watched through half-closed eyes – the massive god and his cock disappearing into Colin’s mouth. She let out a gasp and soft moan as she felt a gush of wetness over her fingers.

She froze as Anubis turned his attention from Colin and on to her.

It is a curious thing, the weight of a god’s attention. Vicki knelt in the French sun, her fingers sticky and still between her thighs, her breathing fast, and her skin flushed. Anubis’s golden eyes burned into her. She couldn’t read his expression, but he opened his mouth and spoke.

“Come” her ordered.

She felt the word in her bones, and forgetting everything Colin had taught her about magick and about gods, she obeyed and walked into the circle.

Anubis rested a hand on Colin’s head, keeping Colin’s head moving. Inside the circle she could see Colin’s cock, stiff and leaking pre-come. It bounced a little with his every movement. She knelt in front of Anubis, next to Colin. He grasped her hand, and she realized that she may have ruined everything. She wasn’t supposed to be in the circle. She cast an anxious glance back wondering if she had broken the lines of the circle. She saw only unbroken lines.

Anubis lowered his head and smelled her. She felt the cold brush of his nose, and felt his breath. “You have the stink of another god” he hissed at her. “You cannot serve me.”

Vicki blushed recalling the dark chamber and Lola’s entity filling her.

“Stay,” Anubis intoned, “Watch.”

Anubis turned back to Colin. “You will serve Me.” He placed a hand on Colin’s cheek, brushing the man’s cheek. “Turn around.”

Vicki watched while Colin got onto his hands and knees, and he laid his head in her lap. He seemed to understand what it was that Anubis wanted. Vicki sat, unsure what to expect. Colin met her eyes, and gave her a small smile.

As she watched Anubis moving behind Colin, his erection still glistening with Colin’s spittle, she understood. Colin closed his eyes as Anubis began pressing his cock into Colin. Vicki bit her lip, both aroused by what she watched and concerned for Colin. She didn’t know what experience he had with anal sex, but she doubted any experience could prepare a person for the attentions of a god.

She watched Colin’s face contort in a combination of pleasure and pain. When Anubis’s cock was fully buried in his ass, Colin gave a low moan. Vicki stroked his head, and watched as Anubis began thrusting in and out of Colin.


She watched and Colin didn’t hide his pleasure. He moaned and spoke to Anubis in one of the ancient languages that he knew. Anubis seemed to like what Colin said, as he increased his pace. Colin grasped Vicki’s hands, clasping them tighter and tighter. They both knew the moment Anubis came; the air in the circle seemed to change, as the god shuddered behind Colin.

He pulled his cock out of Colin, and said something to him in ancient Egyptian. Colin gave a mumbled reply.

Anubis turned his gaze on to Vicki. “Your god comes for you.” Vicki stared at him confused.

Colin said nothing, only moved to a seated position next to her. Then Anubis was gone.

Colin turned to her, his face grave. “I can’t stay in the circle with you, but I can try to send the creature away before it touches you.”

Vicki realized that the creature from the dark chamber was going to return, and found she looked forward to its attentions again. She shook her head, “Let it come. I can be a sacrifice again, besides Anubis may consider this part of his deal.”

He rose on unsteady legs and carefully stepped over the lines of the circle.

Vicki called out to him “Lola told me not to speak to it.”

Colin nodded, “If it what I think it is, she is correct. Stay silent. If anything starts to go wrong, I’ll try to banish it.”

Vicki stayed on her knees as the air in the circle grew cold and she felt the first brush of a tentacle and smiled.


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