Sharing Is Caring : #SOSS

Why is February so busy? 

mustacheI’ve taken on a lot this month.  I’ve started seeing a new partner, and so far his Daddy Dom charms are winning me over.

I’ve got this massive work project to finish (I laughed when a colleague said she’d learned a project like this took a year – I had twelve days).

I have three almost finished stories waiting for editing and pictures (and I really want to get something in this week for Wicked Wednesday).

I have a novel chapter to edit. And an Ursula K Le Guin book club/ talk to plan.

But I made time to read!    

Exposing 40’s “Ghosts”  Is a delightful story about personal passions.  It may help that I am also a cemetery fan.  The exploration of multiple passions coming together with a gorgeous erotic photo managesto express so much.

“True Colors” by Brigit Delaney over at Brigit Writes is a very personal meditation on something touches so close to home for me.  I’m polyamorous and married and I came to this lifestyle because of a similar struggle.

Molly Moore’s “Chasing Rainbows” is another of the confessional style posts that I loved this week.  She captures so much of what I love about rope and rope play, as well including a stunning rainbow image.

And because it’s February, I encourage everyone to check out Kilted Wookie’s February Photo Fest submissions.




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