Memory Lane

Julia arrived in Ireland. She hadn’t visited in years, almost a decade. She caught a cab from the airport and went to the same hotel she’d stayed in as a new adult witch.

Just around the corner from the hotel was a pub, a place that specifically catered to magical folk. After checking and leaving her bag in her room, she walked over to the pub. She stood outside a moment, the familiar building making her hungry.


She let herself slip into the memory.

One night, during her first visit, at that same pub, she’d started drinking with a big man. He was tall, well over 6 foot and built like a linebacker. She’d had a couple of shots with him and was feeling horny. She’d make some joke about him not being a leprechaun, flirting and certainly not thinking about her words, which was always a foolish choice for a witch.

“And what would you know about the Tuatha de Danann?” He’d asked her.

“They aren’t leprechauns,” she’d paused then, unsure. “Are they?” She asked weakly. Her bravado falling away in the face of the large man’s annoyance.

He continued to scowl at her, “So it’s all cereal cartoons and lucky charms to you?”

She shook her head, but he took her arm.

“I’ll show you leprechauns, lass,” he said pulling her off the bar stool.

She followed him meekly out of the bar. She wasn’t worried about her safety, more about the consequences of having pissed off someone important. The Witches’ Council would never let her hear the end of it if she messed up their relationship with Ireland. So she hurried after him in the misty rain.

He led her silently into the field behind the pub. Her boots squelched in the damp grass and mud, and she glared at his broad back. Of course, looking at his broad back and thick arms reminded her why she’d started chatting him up to begin with.

memory lane 1

He stopped a few yards into the field at a small pile of small boulders. He turned to face her, his hair damp from the rain. “So you don’t think leprechauns are Tuatha de Danann?” This time he smirked at her.

He didn’t wait for her answer, rather he waved his hand, and she stared slack-jawed at the rainbow that traveled from his hand out through the misty rain.

She shivered to feel the brush of his magic. He was old, she realized. Old enough to be Tuatha de Danann, and he was powerful. She found herself even more attracted to him.

“So young witch,” he glanced at the rainbow, “How do you like leprechauns now?”

Julia pulled her eyes away from the rainbow up and back to him. He didn’t look annoyed anymore, just amused. His green eyes had their mischievous sparkle back.”I think I owe you an apology” she answered, contrite. And then she gave him a sultry smile, “Can I make it up to you?”

He seemed to catch her mood and meaning and returned her smile with a grin. He wrapped a meaty arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She found herself standing within the rainbow. The colors warmed her skin and cast their light over both of them. He was standing, ironically she thought, in the green section of the rainbow. It gave his features an eerie cast. She suddenly recalled the scary stories about the fair folk, not the cereal cartoons. He seemed to feel her hesitation and loosened his grip on her.

She stepped up on her toes and kissed him. Her boldness seemed to surprise him as he paused a moment before kissing her back, and he could kiss. He was a fierce kisser, and she melted against him. She felt his hands grip her ass, squeezing softly at first. All her apprehension about him faded.

She moaned into the kiss. He broke away from her, his hands fumbling at the zipper of her pants. He slid her pants down, and she felt the cool air on her newly bared skin.


His thick fingers were in her panties, finding her already hot and wet. She moaned as he rubbed her clit, but he wasn’t going to play for long. He took his fingers away and slowly licked them clean.

“You are delicious,” he grinned at her.

“I’d love to get a taste of you,” she licked her lips.

He laughed, “Next time.” And he turned her away from him. Now, facing away from him, she blinked at what could only be a pot of gold.

“Oh you’ve got to be fucking joking,” she muttered.

“Bend over it, witch” he replied, giving her a playful smack on her ass. The black iron pot, or perhaps cauldron was the better description, was tall enough to work. She bent over, resting her chest on the gold.

With her boots on, there was no easy way to get her pants off, so he didn’t try. She felt him pull her jeans down to her knees, and she spread her legs as wide as she could. It was almost like being bound, and she found it turned her on even more.

She felt him behind her, forcing her legs wider. She felt the gold dig into her chest, hard and unyielding. “Come on and fuck me,” she moaned.

His laugh rumbled from his chest, “Impatient witch.” His words trailed off to a groan as he slid his cock into her.

Julia felt his thick cock filling her, and she pressed her ass back toward him. One of his hand pressed into the middle of her back, pushing her harder into the gold. She felt it dig into her ribs and tits.

“What do you know about leprechauns?” he growled at her.

She managed to gasp out a “that I like fucking one” between her moans and whimpers.

He barked a laugh and fucked her hard, his balls swinging forward to slap her clit, and his free hand smacked her ass.

nature nymph 2

She squirmed and yelped, and felt her own wetness dripping down her thighs. She growled at him for more, for him to spank her again.

He granted her request, each thrust of his cock followed by another smack. Julia moaned and her fingers sought her clit. She rubbed the nub of flesh, her own orgasm getting closer.

“Come, witch,” he snarled at her. “I want you to come on my cock.”

His words pushed her over the edge. She shuddered and felt her pussy clamp around his cock. Her orgasm flooded through her, tingling like the leprechaun’s magic. “Oh gods, yes” she mumbled over and over, still lightly rubbing her clit.

The leprechaun stopped spanking her and focused on his own pleasure. Each thrust pressed her into the gold and threatened to push her off her feet. He came with a roar, his hands wrapped around her hips, pulling her tight against him.

He stepped back from her, and Julia felt his come and her own drip down her thighs. She slowly made her way back to her feet, and he helped her to stand.

Julia was lost in the memory still standing in front of the pub. She heard a voice behind her ask, “And what do you know about leprechauns?”

She turned with a grin and found the big man smiling at her.


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