Bad Girl

“Bad girl,” Daddy purred and led me to the bedroom. “Look at you dressed like that,” he said his eyes devouring my short skirt and knee socks. “Lift your skirt,” he ordered.

Bad Girl 1

I lifted the skirt, revealing my nudity. I hadn’t worn panties.

“Look at my bad girl,” he said looking me over. “I think you need a spanking.”

I climbed on the bed, and he flipped my skirt up. I could feel the cool air on my exposed flesh. His hand caressed the curve of my ass, slowly exploring my body. I knew it was coming, but I still gasped at his first smack. I wiggled a little on the bed, my skin stinging. Then, he really started. His hand stung my ass, moving from one side to the other. Sometimes it was multiple swats to one side before he moved; sometimes it was left than right. The unexpectedness had me off balance, but I loved it.

The sharp, smarting crack of his hand had me struggling to stay still. I knew if I wiggled too much Daddy would be angry. I bit my lip and moaned and yelped at each swat. Of course, I could feel my ass heating up. He started to comment on how pink my skin was getting. I could feel my wetness starting to seep down my thighs.

Bad girl 2

I wasn’t sure how much more I could take, and Daddy stopped. He rubbed my ass “Good girl,” he said. “You took your punishment well.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I replied quietly. His rubbing was both comforting and a torment. Each caress was a reminder of the spanking. I wriggled a little.

“Is my bad girl trying to get my attention?”

I bit my lip, not sure how to answer. Then his hand dipped between my thighs. His fingers trailed down my thigh. I moaned, “please Daddy.”

“Please what, baby girl,” he asked his voice is thick, but his fingers kept slowly stroking my thigh.

“Please make me come, Daddy,” I begged.

His fingers crept closer to my pussy, but he kept his fingers maddeningly close. “Whose pussy is this?” He asked his hand closing over my pussy.

“Yours Daddy,” I whimpered a little.

“That’s right, baby.” He said not moving his hand. “And when do you come?”

“When Daddy tells me to,” I say quietly.

His fingers plunge into my pussy.

I moaned, my hips tilting toward him. His fingers spread me open, driving inside me.

“My girl is so wet,” Daddy said. “I think she liked her spanking.”

“Ye… Yes, Daddy” I gasped out. I knew I was right on the edge of orgasm. His fingers slide to my clit, rubbing and rolling.

“Come for me, kitten,” he ordered.

I moaned and felt the tingling build in my belly, and then was overcome with orgasm. I cried out that I was coming, but Daddy just kept rubbing, keeping the orgasm going.

“This is my orgasm, baby girl,” Daddy growled behind me.

“Yes, Daddy. It’s your orgasm and your pussy,” I whimpered.

“Good girl,” Daddy said, his fingers still moving.

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