Day 23 February Photo Fest

Today, I had a work event, which started me thinking about the masks that I wear.

Obviously, there’s work me, who watches her words and responses very, very carefully.  There’s my blood family mask that reins in so many part of me it may as well be a cage.

There’s club me, who doesn’t care about anything, and wife me, who cares about everything, and girlfriend me, who takes a long time to care at all, and friend me, who cares way too much.

There’s submissive me, and the new babygirl mask I’m trying on. There was the mask of dominance I tried on for a few months that didn’t seem to fit.  It’s a mask I understand much better now, but I still don’t know if it fits.

There’s also witch me, and she is the least masked me, but only  a few ever see her.

“The Masks I Wear”

masks small

February Photofest



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