The Lara Ville Horror

Lara had curled up in bed with a book about the history of the area. The show didn’t want them to research the history or hauntings of the locations they visited, but Lara didn’t care. Besides she knew they’d hired her for her bust-line more than her degree in history. She wasn’t surprised to learn the area had a long history in piracy. It was common enough in these small, coastal towns. She paged through the book, skimming more than delving deeply as the show runners would give her a script. Although piracy would make a great angle for the haunting, maybe make them into Robin Hood figures or perhaps a vindication of a lost lover.


Lara set the book aside, thinking about a pirate lover or two. She pictured a group of men, all muscular and sun bronzed in open throated shirts and tight trousers. They’d be hungry for attention after being at sea for so long. She shivered a little imaging being at the center of all that lustful attention. She smiled picturing herself in one of those movie style bodices with her breasts threatening to spill out.

Then she felt the fingers, the cool brush of ghostly hands on her body. Her smile deepened. This was the reason she kept the job, the occasional real hauntings. The ghosts were as hungry for human contact as her fantasy pirates. The ghosts slid the blanket from her body, revealing her naked flesh. “Hello sailor,” she whispered, still thinking about her pirates. The ghostly hands closed around her wrists and pulled her hands over her head, while other fingers wrapped around her ankles, pulling her legs wide open. “Oh yes,” she murmured, feeling herself getting wet. Her nipples were already hard in the cool air, and the cold breath of the ghosts only made them ache.

She watched in fascination as she felt two different mouths close around her nipples. Her nipples narrowed and lengthened as each mouth sucked, but of course she couldn’t see them, only watch and feel. She gave herself over to the sensation, the ghosts suckling and biting at her nipples while she writhed and moaned. The teasing of her nipples was a direct line to her pussy, which was tingling in need. When one of the ghosts bit hard enough to leave visible teeth marks, Lara groaned, and begged for more. Her words seemed to be all they needed.

They bit her flesh, leaving bruises and drawing blood from her thigh. Still the hands held her fast, her arms above her head and her still ignored pussy spread open and dripping wet.


She twisted in their grasp, not to escape but to participate. Yet they held her too tightly. Their mouths continued to explore her, biting and sucking on her flesh. She groaned when one of them finally turned his attention to her pussy. He sucked her labia into his mouth, his teeth scraping over the folds.

“More, please” she begged the ghosts. She heard the whisper of voices, “wench needs a hard cock,” and “her pussy is sopping.”

When the ghost finally started tonguing her clit, she was ready to come. She panted her desire, “don’t stop; please don’t stop.”

The mouth sucking on her clit continued, and she felt a finger slip into her pussy. The ghostly mouths returned to her nipples, biting and tugging. It pushed Lara over the edge, and had her shaking with orgasm. Her begging words continued to spill from her mouth.

She didn’t have a chance to catch her breath before the first cock was pressing inside. She urged the ghost on, her words becoming more vulgar and the ghosts rougher. She felt the cold burst of the ghost’s ectoplasm as he came. She moaned anticipating the ghosts’ next actions.

But as she felt the ghost’s cock slip from her, the hands holding her vanished. She lay on the bed, alone. Lara let out a frustrated snarl. Ghosts were so unreliable.


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