When The William Comes to Port

The William had come to port, and Faith crept from the house, taking care not to wake anyone. She hurried on silent, bare feet through the dark town streets. Her cloak shielded her face, but she’d be ruined if anyone saw her out this late.

The scent of the sea reached her well before her now cold feet found the sand of the beach. The wine dark sea was quiet in the darkness, but she hurried past heading for the caves.

She heard the voices and laughter spilling from the furthest cave and headed inside. The crew was already unloading the crates and plunder. She made her way past the crew. A few noticed, but they all knew she was the Captain’s woman. The first mate nodded her toward the back of the cave, and Faith hurried to meet her lover.

The Captain sat drinking and writing in the log book.

“My Captain,” Faith said, a little breathless. From the first time she’d seen the Captain, tall and like lithe, with features so fine they’d make an angel weep, Faith had been breathless. Even know, when the Captain brushed a stray lock of long Auburn hair back, Faith’s heart pounded.

“Oh my lovely girl,” the Captain smiled at her. “Come here.”

Faith came round the table, settling in the captain’s lap. The Captain tilted her head and kissed her, hungry after the long voyage.

Faith moaned into the kiss, her hands tangling in the Captain’s long hair, knocking her hat off.

Her lover broke the kiss, and tugged open Faith’s shirt. The pirate lapped and sucked on Faith’s breasts, tweaking her nipples until Faith gasped.

“It’s been too long, my Faith” the Captain said in a low voice, and kissed her again.

Faith slid her hands into her lover’s shirt, feeling the firm muscle, before cupping the captain’s breasts. She wasn’t surprised to find her nipples hard. “Oh Annie, I’ve missed you,” Faith moaned into another kiss. She wriggled on Anne’s lap, wanting to feel more of her lover’s skin.

She tugged at Anne’s trousers, hating how they are prevented her from touching Anne.

“Let me,” Anne murmured her lips still touching Faith’s. Both women stood up and Anne quickly shed her pants. Faith nudged her toward the bed, and Anne sat upon it.

Faith knelt before her, kissing Anne’s long thighs. She heard Anne’s contented sigh as her mouth crept closer to Anne’s pussy. Faith could feel the moist heat of Anne’s arousal on her lips before she touched the pirate’s flesh.

Once there, Faith lapped and sucked at her like she was an oasis. Anne buried her hands in Faith’s hair, urging her on. Faith savored the taste of her lover, her tongue swirling around Anne’s clitoris.

The Pirate Captain let out a low moan of pleasure, and tightened her grip on Faith’s hair. She wrapped her long legs around Faith’s shoulders.

Faith smiled, still running her tongue over Anne’s pussy, her hands trailing up Anne’s thighs to rest in her hips.

When Anne came, her body stiffening for a moment, her juices flowed over Faith’s face, who frantically lapped it up. Anne’s body went limp and languid. She released Faith’s hair and lay back on the bed.

Faith climbed into the bed next to Anne, and curled around her.


  1. This is brilliant! Pretty sure I have a thing for pirates now after reading this, and have you seen Black Sails on Amazon Prime? It’s got an Anne as a pirate captain sailor ūüôā

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  2. I love pirate stories, and thought I had caught you in a typo, Lucy, when you said she knocked HER hat off. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the captain was a woman and I immediately started squeezing my cock as I read. When is the sequel cuming out? And , as always, you are such a clever writer, we all know who sailed on the William.

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