The William Leaves at Dawn

Faith woke slowly, a delicious throbbing in her pussy pulling her intro wakefulness. Her Captain’s fingers were gently teasing her, sliding between her her wet folds.

Anne smiled, seeing that Faith was awake. She withdrew her sticky fingers, slowly licking them clean. Faith bit her lip wanting more, but also knowing that it most be late. Whenever she fell asleep, Anne always made sure she got home before Dawn. Anne was adamant that no harm would come to Faith’s reputation. She wanted Faith to have choices that were long lost to her.

Most days, Faith thought she’d be happier going to sea with her Captain, but she knew that she was unsuited to piracy.

Anne leaned down and kissed her deeply. Anne’s lips were soft but still seemed to lay claim upon her. Faith moaned softly as Anne’s hand once again slipped between Faith’s thighs. Faith wrapped her arms around Anne’s back, wanting to draw her closer, wanting to hold on to her lover forever.

Anne broke the kiss, her lips traveling down Faith’s jaw. She nipped at Faith’s ear. “Moan for me my love,” Anne commanded her voice a husky whisper. Her long fingers teased Faith’s clit, before pressing deeper, slipping deep inside. And Faith moaned for her Captain, her voice echoing in the cave.

Faith arched her back, wanting Anne’s fingers deeper. Anne’s throaty laugh filled the air between them. “You’re so beautiful, my Faith,” Anne whispered before leaning down to kiss her again.

Faith moaned into the kiss, her senses swimming with Anne and only Anne. When she reached orgasm it was with Anne’s voice that urged her over the threshold; it was Anne’s lips and tongue that caressed and teased her.

Faith panted in Anne’s arms. She’d have to leave soon, to creep back through town and be inside before the sun rise. Faith kissed her Captain, tasting the salty tang of herself on Anne’s lips.

Anne lounged on the rumpled bed, watching Faith dress. “I’ll see you home,” she said.

Faith considered telling her no. Being caught out at night would destroy her in town, but being caught with Anne, pirate capain would be worse. But she couldn’t take herself tell Anne no in anything. And it would delay their parting.

So they walked, quickly and quietly through the dark streets, the sea fog thick with salt and cold. Anne wrapped her coat around Faith. They stood in the darkness of the vast oak, near Faith’s home. Anne kissed Faith, her hands tangling in Faith’s hair.

Faith held tightly to her Captain. “Goodbye my Captain.” She breathed into Anne’s ear. “Return to me.”

Faith wasn’t sure, but she thought Anne’s eyes glistened. “My Faith. I’ll be back for you.” Anne’s voice was thick. And she turned and walked into the darkness.

Just after dawn, Faith watched the William leave port. She was warm wrapped in Anne’s coat, and the ocean breeze dried her tears almost as quickly as they fell.


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