Sharing Is Caring… A day late

Once again, the week has escaped me.  It seems my blahs were in good company on Twitter.  I saw a lot of “feeling down” posts floating around.  On my part, I think I’m missing romance – while I have my nesting partner, when we are both feeling down we cannot buoy the other.  My other partners are casual and fun, but not going to develop into deeper connections (probably not going to).  All of this leads me to seek out romance.

SoSSI adore Happy Come Lucky’s image for Sinful Sunday, but her words sold me on it.  Friendship and mithril in one post, I sense a kindred geek.  “Mithril”

His Lordship of “The SafeworD/s Club” “Fishnet Stockings, Where’s The Catch?” has a British flavored nostalgia for fishnets with punky attire that reflects my own feelings.

But it was Jadis’s “Pub Gang Bang” that really knocked me out of my romantic, nostalgic slump.  This is hot and brutally sexy.  I need a dinner date this one.




  1. I agree with your choices wholeheartedly, Tits & Test Tubes’ gang-bang piece was earmarked for my sharing too (although she’s written several hot pieces this week – obviously inspired greatly by Eroticon!) I can vouch for her being a lovely girl and suggest you tempt her to dinner by promising there will be yorkshire pudding!!

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