Doctor Jacqueline Hyde

Jacqueline was hard at work in her lab, when her assistant, Yvette, came barreling in breaking her concentration so she dropped the beaker she was working with.

“Damn it, Yvette” she snapped, “How many times have I told you not to burst in here?”

Yvette flushed and still panting from her run in gasped out, “The CEO is on his way here.”


This time, Jacqueline gasped. She hurried to wipe up the mess of the chemicals and broken glass, not noticing when a shard of glass cut through her glove and nicked her finger. She winced when she snapped the gloves off, but in her haste failed to notice her wound. She’d only just wiped the mess into the hazardous waste bin, when she heard him enter her lab.

“Dr. Hyde,” the CEO said by way of greeting. Edward didn’t wait for her acknowledgement, just continued on. “How is your work on the military project going?”

Jacqueline forced herself to be composed, “Very well, sir. My initial results will be on your desk by week’s end.” She said with more confidence than she felt. She had results, and she even had results they would want. The gene therapies she been working on, coupling animal genes to human were working exactly as everyone had hoped. Of course she’d spent the last two weeks of company time and the company dime to fund her own project rather than advance theirs. “I think you and the DOJ will be pleased with the results so far.”

He nodded absently. They both understood that he knew nothing about the science. It’s how she got away with funneling so much of the DOJ money into her own projects. He couldn’t actually check up on what she did. She fell into her usual strategy to bore Edward out of her lab as quickly as possible. She began droning on with a steam of chemical names and formulas. However, as she kept speaking she noticed a tingling in her hand that seemed to spread through her.

Under her lab coat she felt her nipples tingle and stiffen to hard points. She frowned and fumbled over her words.

Edward took her fumble as the end of her report. “Well, that was very through, Doctor Hyde,” he said clearing his throat. “I’ll let the General know that we are on schedule.”

Jackie barely heard him, or perhaps heard too much. She’d never thought much about him, but she found herself getting wet wondering what he looked like under his suit. What’s wrong with me? She wondered. She managed a nod in his direction. She itched to take off her lab coat, to see if he would notice her nipples pressing through her shirt.


“I look forward to your report” he said, looking at her with concern. “Are you feeling alright?”

Jacqueline was now fighting the urge to remove more than her lab coat. “What?” she blinked at him and bit her lip.

“You seem unwell,” The CEO said.

Jacqueline shook her head; “I’m fine, just distracted by the work” she said and was surprised how husky her voice sounded.

“Alright, I’ll let you get back it then,” he sounded doubtful, but he left the lab. Jacqueline followed him to the door, and closed it firmly behind him.

With the room empty, she tried to get her brain to focus. There was clearly something wrong with her. She’d been horny before, but this was ridiculous. She glanced at the now empty table, the broken glass and chemicals mopped up and disposed of, all except her gloves. This time she noticed the glint of glass stuck into the heavy rubber. Was this a side effect of the new compound? She wondered.

But she couldn’t focus. She rushed into her office, closing and locking the door behind her. She dragged her skirt up and shoved her panties aside. Her fingers were instantly coated in her juices. She rubbed frantically at her clit, while her free hand began pinching her nipples through her blouse. It felt like she was on fire, aching for release and willing to get it any way possible. On shaking legs she sat in her chair, her legs splayed wide. She paused to tug her blouse open and pop her tits free from her bra.

She returned to rubbing her slit, but it wasn’t enough. She’d never struggled to orgasm before, but whatever the compound had done to her, her fingers just weren’t cutting it. Her eyes traveled around her office, landing on the company award she’d received a few months ago. It was a heavy glass, and vaguely phallic, shaped something like small lava lamp. Grabbing it from the corner of her desk, she paused. What was she doing? She was half naked in her office about to fuck herself silly with a work award. She took a few breaths, but her body was still demanding release.

sheer dress

She leaned back and slid the glass award into her pussy. It was harder and colder than she expected, and she gasped a little. She slowly pushed it in and out, thinking it was far too wide to be fully inserted. “Oh god” she gasped aloud, feeling her pussy stretch around the solid glass. Unlike her silicone toys the award had no give at all, and she loved it. With one hand pressing the award deeper into her sopping pussy, her other returned to rubbing her clit. The glass warmed as she used it, and her thrusting increased. She felt the tingling in her belly, and wanted to come. Once again, she hit the edge but couldn’t quite get there. Frustrated she pressed her makeshift dildo faster and harder.

Catching her reflecting in her glass walled office, she saw that she was a wreck. Her carefully tied back hair was half out of its confines. Her blouse was torn open, and tits hung half out of her bra. But it was her hiked up skirt and lewdly splayed legs that captured her attention, that and the glass award that was stretching her pussy wide open. “Slut” she murmured at her own image. She imaged the CEO finding her like this, banging her hungry pussy with the award that he’d given her, or maybe her assistant Yvette walking in and watching her.

The idea was at once so alien to her and so fucking hot. She thrust the award and felt a shift, as its widest point filled her and the entire award slid inside. Finally, she came. Her pussy clenched at the cold glass, even as it was achingly full. Jacqueline moaned shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her. Her fingers still lightly teased her clit. As she let her head fall back, and her body slumped, but her eyes never left her reflection. She carefully slid the award out of her pussy, stunned once again realizing its size. Her body ached, but also felt a bone deep satisfaction.

She was mentally shelving her other work to focus on understanding her new compound.

Read part two here.



  1. I love this! I do modern twists on fairytales so this was extra appealing to me! I love the way the compound made her sexual appetite more voracious – please tell us more about how this escalates!

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