Natalie’s Night Out (part 1)

Natalie was looking forward to this night out. Des had promised her something special. She dressed according to his specifications, the wine colored stockings and garter belt, no panties of course. She slipped into the latex halter dress, find that it clung to her like a second skin. It highlighted all of her curves from her breasts and hips to the rounded outline of her thick thighs and belly. She tied the halter behind her neck, and felt herself already growing wet just thinking about what he had planned.

behind curtains

They had discussed so many possibilities, and she had allowed him to plan everything. When he parked the car, she was confused. It looked like an industrial park.

“Are we here?” She asked unsure.

Des smiled at her, “You’ll see once we get inside.” He gave her a quick kiss and led her across a parking lot to what looked like a warehouse’s backdoor. The door had a large letter, ornate DS on it. Des knocked sharply, and the door opened.

Inside she was handed a form to read and sign, a quick glace told her this was a sex club. The kind of place she’d fantasized about, but never worked up the nerve to attend. She met Des’s eyes in the darkened foyer.

“You can say no” he said to her, his eyes serious.

She grinned at him. “Like hell,” she signed the form with a flourish and handed it back to the doorman. She liked his hungry gaze on her.

Des led her into the club proper. The first room was full of couches and chairs, all full of beautiful people in various states of dress and undress milling around. She tried not to stare at the gorgeous red head with her feet resting on the back of a naked man. She wondered briefly how she would feel to be in his place, to be naked and used as furniture in front of so many people. But she didn’t have time to wonder long, as Des led her further into the club.

The next room was what she expected, dim lighting full of delightful leather clad sofas and even a mattress. Des let her slowly take in the room. She saw a woman seated on a chair, her legs spread wide while a man on a leash was hungrily devouring her pussy. Natalie felt herself grow wet at the thought. Another woman was bent over the arm of a sofa, a small line of men stood behind her, each clearly waiting his turn to fuck her. The woman egged them on, demanding they fuck her harder and faster. She watched a man on his knees, hands bound sucking a cock, with his own bound up in a cage.

She felt Des behind her, “May I remove your dress?” he whispered in her ear.

She paused, “What’s going to happen to me?”

“I’m going to lay you out on that mattress, and you’re going to get fucked.”

She noticed that he didn’t say who would fuck her. This was her fantasy after all, the dark secret fantasy of a gang bang. The reality of it left her shaking. “Can,” she licked her lips, “can we start slowly? Just removing my top?”

Des nodded, wrapping his arms around her. “You are in control here. If you don’t want this, we can go.”

orgy 3

“No, I want this,” she whispered, reaching up and releasing the tie of the dress. She peeled the latex from her boobs, feeling the cool air of the club on them. He took her hand and led her through the club, her breasts bounced with each step. Most of the occupants were busy, involved in their own play and paid little attention to her half-dressed state. The bed bore a reserved sign with Des’s name on it.

“Sit” he ordered. And she sat on the leather. A few patrons drifted in their direction. There was a chalk board next to the bed. He began to write.

Sexy Slut for Gang Bang. Available from 10-11. No holes barred. Condoms required. Safe word “Red.”

Natalie stared at the sign wide-eyed. She knew that she was wet, and she couldn’t blame her pebbled nipples on the air conditioner. It was everything she’d confessed to wanting, even down to the sign and time limit. She shifted on the seat, feeling the latex skirt right around her hips and thighs, growing slick with her juices.

Des sat beside her, “It’s only 9:30, kitten.” He kissed her softly, “You can back out anytime.”

Natalie kissed him back, whispering in his ear, “Are you going to watch?”

He gave her a sexy grin, “Of course. I can’t wait to see my kitten get fucked for an hour.” He continued, whispering in her ear all the filthy things she talked about wanting from a gang bang. She spread her legs wider to allow his hand access to her pussy, and realized that they had an audience. Just like the others playing in the large room, those unoccupied gathered in small discrete groups or couples to watch the action.

She wondered if they could see up her skirt, and found herself blushing. It seemed ridiculous to blush about that when she’d be naked and having sex in front of strangers soon enough. She moaned when his fingers went to work on her, rubbing her clit slowly, teasing.

The clock kept distracting her. In fifteen minutes, she’d be naked – or would he let her keep the dress on? She wondered if only men would fuck her or if women would as well. All of this kept her distracted, even from his fingers on her pussy. And Des noticed.

“What’s the matter, kitten?” He asked, concerned rather than dominant.

She bit her lip, “I can’t stop thinking about what will happen.”

Des laughed, “Little slut wants her gang bang now?”

Natalie found herself nodding her head.

“Stand up,” He ordered.

She stood quickly, leaving her skirt hiked up.

“Take off your dress.”

She shimmed out of the latex, and knelt down to snatch it off the floor. She hung it next to the bed. She was standing in the club, wearing her stockings and garters and nothing else. She shivered.

orgy 2

Des wrapped an arm around her. “I’m here, and I’ll be here the whole time. If you want to stop just say your safe word, or use your hand sign.” He kissed her hard, his fingers slipping inside her pussy, pumping in and out. She squirmed wondering if everyone could hear how wet she was. “Lie down, and spread your legs.”

Natalie lay back on the mattress, and slowly opened her legs. Her pussy was on display for everyone in the club.

“Club D__ S__, this is my slut. I’ve brought her here to be used. The rules are posted.” He produced a sharpie from his pocket and laid it next to the chalkboard. “All I ask is that you sign your name on her, so she knows exactly how many people had her tonight.”

Natalie felt the flush travel from her face to her chest. He’d added the names part, and she almost closed her legs in that instant. But the idea also intrigued her. She’d know. There’d be no way to deny how many strangers she was going to fuck tonight if the marker was all over her. She’d have to go home with it and Will and her husband would all know too. She shivered again.

“It’s ten o’clock,” Des called, “she’s open for fucking.”


  1. Glorious story. You set the scene so well and it is all is totally believable and wonderfully hot. I love watching gang bang porn and this story really fed into that interest, Can’t wait for part 2. CPxx

    Liked by 1 person

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