Natalie’s Night Out (Part 2)

Read part One Here

She knew he was making his language crude on purpose.  He knew that it drove her passion and shame when he spoke that way.

She watched as a few people stepped forward.  Hands immediately closed on her tits, rubbing and kneading them. The couple teasing her tits blocked her view of the first person to touch her pussy.  She almost came on the spot.  The fingers probed into her slick, wet pussy pumping and ignoring her clit entirely.  She tilted her hips, trying to get some pressure on her clit and a few in the crowd laughed.  She heard “slut” drifting through the crowd. 

Finally, one of the men teasing her tit leaned forward and took her nipple in his mouth.  She moaned and her hips bucked out of reflex. And then the hand drew away and for a second, Natalie knew that her dripping pussy was once again on display.  Then she felt a cock press against her opening, and for her, the gang bang began.

The man fucking her pressed into her and she heard the watching crowd cheer.  She wondered if she would ever stop blushing, but didn’t hold back her moans and cries.  The man sucking her nipple changed to biting and she groaned.  She felt someone take her hand and she wrapped her fingers around a cock.  She did her best to stroke it but suspected that she was too distracted to do much good.

The man fucking her asked the spectators to hold her legs open, and she felt hands wrap around her ankles, and her legs where pulled wide.  It was such a helpless position to her, as she couldn’t get the kind of leverage she wanted.  It left her passive, a hole to fuck rather than a participant.  She heard her own voice calling out to the man, “That’s it, baby, fuck me hard.”  She was fairly certain she had glimpsed the man’s face, a blond with shaggy hair and a muscled build.  She heard him groan as he came and he pulled out, yet her legs were still held open. 

She watched the blond grab the marker and scrawl his name on her belly.  The cold marker sent a shiver through her in a way even the sex hadn’t. It made it more real knowing that tomorrow she’d be looking at these names.

She felt another cock press against her pussy, slowly filling her.  Once again the people, now two women, playing with her boobs blocked her view.  She wriggled a little, wanting to thrust back, but those holding her legs prevented this.  She moaned as the women began tugging and twisting her nipples.  The man fucking her, and he was fucking her, kept his once pace concerned only with his own pleasure.  She felt herself grow hotter, wetter at this thought.

When he finished, the hands released her legs.  She didn’t close them as the man scribbled his name on her belly. Another man stood before her, she noticed that everyone else gave him room.  Even the women teasing her nipples stopped at his approach.  “Turn over,” he ordered.

She moved slowly, her legs already sore from being held open. She got on her hands and knees, assuming this was what he wanted.  She felt his hands caress her ass, kneading her flesh before she felt the lubrication drizzled between her ass cheeks.  She knew that he was going to fuck her ass while this crowd watched. She bit her lip, wondering if she could do this. Once he finished, she wondered how many others would follow his lead.  She shivered as he inserted his lubed fingers into her ass, slowly stretching her, readying her.

Des entered her field of vision.  He stood next to her, petting her hair.  “Kitten, are you ok?”

She took a long breath, feeling the man behind her stop touching her.  She leaned into his touch, and replied, “Yes, Sir. I’m ok.”

He smiled and sat down in front of her.  He gave a nod to the crowd behind her.  He leaned forward and kissed her and the man returned his fingers to her ass.  She groaned into the kiss, her tongue seeking Des’s.  He continued to kiss her as she felt the man’s cock begin to slowly fill her ass.  He broke the kiss as the man began thrusting slowly into her ass.

“Slut has a tight ass,” he said to the crowd.

Natalie blushed and heard herself offer a soft, “Thank you.”

Des moved away from his spot, letting another man take it.  Natalie wasn’t surprised to find a hard cock pointed at her.  She sucked greedily at it, wanting to hide behind him.  The audience watched and some offered commentary about what they wanted to do when it was their turn.  Natalie was overwhelmed.  She was on the edge of orgasm, but her brain kept interrupting.  She felt the man shuddering as he came, and once again, felt the cold kiss of the marker. For a moment her entire focus was on the cock she was sucking, but even he finished too quickly.

Natalie stayed on her hands and knees, her thighs dripping with her excitement, and her body aching to come.  For a moment no one touched her.  She was on display, her lust clear enough to see, yet no one came forward to replace the men who had finished.  She looked around for Des and saw him seated not far from her, just watching.

Then she felt hands on her hips, and a hand tapped her shoulders.  She lowered her head to the leather-covered mattress.  It was cool against her cheek, as another cock entered her pussy.  She moaned and pressed back wanting to come.  She almost screamed when she felt the vibrator pressed against her clit. 

“That’s it slut, come for a stranger” the man panted as he thrust into her.

Natalie cried out, once again words tumbled from her mouth begging for more, begging to come. And she felt the orgasm rip through her, but the man just kept thrusting and the vibrator stayed in place. “Oh god,” Natalie mumbled, her clit sensitive from coming seemed to throb in time with the man fucking her.  When he finished, she felt the marker again.

This time she didn’t have to wait, another cock filled her, and the vibrator made another appearance.  She rode out the orgasm that seemed to stretch endlessly. 

Then there was another cock in her ass, and she begged for him to fuck her.  This was a hard fuck, rough and almost brutal.  She watched Des the entire time, moaning and begging for more.  He smiled at her.

When he finished, she once again lay panting.  Des helped her lay flat on the mattress.  Once again he petted her hair. 

“Are you having fun?”

She nodded, finding her voice.  “It’s more intense than I thought.” She rested her head on his lap, “But I really like it.”


Masturbation Monday


  1. Oh gawd, I’m dying in the best and kinkiest way over here. A gang bang is one of those fantasies that I love to think about but would probably never do…so reading this adds fuel to the imaginative fire.

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