The Drive Home

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After what had been the single greatest orgams of her life, Dr. Jacqueline Hyde put herself back in order as best she could.

She had no idea why the compound had brought on the response it had, but she wasn’t keen on being in the lab if the overwhelming need to orgasm overcame her again. It was Friday, and she was sure that she could unravel the compound in her home lab.  And she hoped that the effects of the compound had passed through her system.

car 2

She began her drive, taking the quickest route out of the city. She made it to the highway before the tingling began in her pussy.

“No, not now,” Jacqueline muttered. She was miles from home, really from anywhere. The highest was bordered by trees.  She pressed her thighs together, and bit her lip.  Her nipples we’re so hard they ached.  When she veered into the wrong lane, she pulled to the side of the road.

She panted and her fingers were slipping into her panties before she shut off the engine. She cast a glance at the dark, empty road and hiked her skirt up, groaning as her fingers found her sopping pussy.  She frantically rubbed her clit, tearing open her blouse, buttons flying off.

She knew from her first round with the compound that her fingers wouldn’t be enough. Her desire fogged mind inventoried the contents of the car. She reached behind the seat, and her hand closed around the flashlight.

The heavy maglight in hand, she squirmed in her seat, the small car making it difficult to position herself. She opened the car window.

The road was still empty. She twisted in her seat, swinging one leg out the window. With a deep breath, she swing out the other and laid back. She spread her legs wide, knees hooked over the door.  She took the flashlight in both hands and began slowly inserting it. It was heavy and so unyielding. Once enough of the smooth metal filled her, she began pumping the flashlight, fucking herself with one hand

car 5.jpg

Her free hand found her clit.  She pumped the flash light while rubbing her clit, desperate for release again. She growled and moaned unable to stop even as a car roared by on the highway. She felt her belly tightening, knowing that her orgasm was as close as getting caught was.

She panting moans filled the car as she continues frigging herself. When she came, she almost screamed.  Her pussy clenched around the metal flashlight, making her ache. She felt the overwhelming need slacken, but didn’t move yet. Her bare legs still hung out the window and the flashlight protruded from her cunt.

Her car was flooded with light as someone pulled off the road behind her. She wasn’t so far gone, that she didn’t notice. With a frustrated hiss, she pulled the flashlight from her tired cunt and started to pull her legs back inside.

“Dr. Hyde?” a concerned male voice reached her through the window.

She closed her eyes, her face burning, as she recognized the voice of the CEO Edward Danvers.


  1. A flashlight is a unique, versatile tool, isnt it? Its phallic appearance has led me to think of its possible uses, and you have done those thoughts justice. I especially love the image of the light shining from her sex at the end. It concludes the harried action with a bit of humor…always good.

    Liked by 1 person

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