By the sixth hour of the conference, Sharon was bored to tears. She hated being sent to these things, all the attempts to one up each other and endless gossip… Did you hear where he ended up? She didn’t get tenure after all. Left the profession entirely… Well you know some people just aren’t cut out for academia…


And whatever sadist had organized this event had chosen a hotel without a bar. Sharon slipped away from the milling groups and to try to find a quiet corner of the hotel conference area to regroup. She slipped into a small nook off a hallway, expecting to give it empty.

Instead she found a man with a conference badge and a bottle of what looked like good whiskey. Without a word, he offered her one of the paper coffee cups. She smiled and took it. “Thanks,” she said raising the cup in toast. They drank, neither talking about work. Sharon found herself flirting with him and he seemed surprised at first, but quickly started flirting back.

When they heard voices in the hall, they quickly finished their whiskey. Sharon tugged her key card out of her pocket and leaned close to him, “Room 305, in an hour.”

She walked out of the nook, and offered a friendly hello to the conference attendees in the hall. She walked off with them, wondering if her whiskey drinker would take her up on her offer.

She declined a number of offers to join her colleagues for dinner, claiming fatigue. She got to her room and shed her clothes as she walked to the bed. She laid on the bed, wearing her just her lace panties. Turning on some music, she wondered if he would come to her room, and she wondered what had possessed her to give him her key. Will I be disappointed if he doesn’t come?

Thinking about him, thinking about how brazen she’d been had her nipples hard. She cupped her tits, her fingers rubbing her nipples.


A glance at the clock told her it had been almost an hour, and she wasn’t sure if she was disappointed or relieved. Nevertheless, her fingers slipped into her panties, and her breathing quickened as she found her clit. She heard the door, and watched it open, but didn’t remove her fingers.

He strode in, closing the door quickly. He froze seeing her on the bed. She watched his face change from unsure to awe-struck. She met his eye and kept rubbing her clit. His eyes flickered back and forth to her hand in her panties and her eyes. He started to remove his shirt, and she paused in her masturbation to slip her panties off. Her scent, heavy with lust, filled the room. She spread her legs wide, and resumed her masturbation. He watched her, half out of his pants. “Join me,” she urged panting.

He kicked his pants off, and hesitated before pulling off his underwear. His cock sprang free. He stood at the foot of the bed, stroking his cock, watching her. He was a good looking man, older with a soft tummy and the shadow of dark stubble on his chin a cheeks. Sharon wondered what she looked like to him. She was over 40 herself, but she pushed aside her fears about her stretchmarks and sagging skin. He hadn’t seemed to care about any of those things when he watched her masturbate.

She tilted her hips, rubbing faster. He mimicked her actions, rubbing his cock and she watched it get harder. Her pussy tingled, on the edge of orgasm. Making a choice, she tossed him a condom.

He fumbled catching it, his hand and probably mind occupied both with watching her and jacking off. “This is really happening?” He asked, opening the foil package. He rolled the condom on to his cock.

Sharon nodded, “Get over here and fuck me.” He climbed on the bed, bracing himself above her. He leaned down and kissed her, and she felt the rough rasp of his stubble on her face. His cock slid along her pussy. She grabbed it, positioning him at her entrance. He kissed her again as he pressed inside.


They both moaned in unison, and then laughed. “Are we really doing this?” he asked again. Sharon clenched her pussy around his cock, “We’d better be, or I’ll be disappointed.”

In lieu of reply, he thrust into her moving slowly at first, but quickly speeding up in response to her moans. He didn’t hide his own moans, which increased as she slipped her hand between them to find her clit again.

Her orgasm washed over her, burning from her clit to her belly.

“Did you?” he asked, his breathing heavy.

She nodded, and in another couple of thrusts, he cried out as he came. He held himself over her, and she felt his cock twitching inside her. He slowly pulled out, his fingers holding the condom in place. He sat on the edge of the bed, before disappearing into the bathroom.

Sharon listened to the splash of the sink as he, presumably, cleaned up. She pulled a large t-shirt over her nakedness. He stepped back into the room, awkwardly. His cock, hung flaccid between his thighs.

“Should I…” he glanced at her now at least partially dressed, at the bed, at his clothes.

“You should probably go; I have an early panel tomorrow.”

He nodded and quickly pulled his clothes on.

“This was fun,” she said wondering if she’d hurt his feelings by not asking him to stay.

He raised an eyebrow at her, “I’d say more than fun.” He leaned over and kissed her. “By the way, my name is…”


She covered her ears. “Nope, no names.”

He laughed, and she joined him. “Let this be a story no one will ever believe.”

He finished dressing, and set her key card on the nightstand. “Goodnight, lovely lady.” He said as he let himself out.

Sharon hadn’t lied, she did have an early panel in the morning and when she arrived for her presentation, she ran into a colleague. She was exchanging pleasantries when she heard Candice her co-presenter.

“Sharon,” her co-presenter called out to her. “Come meet our moderator.”

Sharon turned and came face to face with him.

“It’s a story no one will believe” he said, shaking her hand as if they were meeting for the first time.

Masturbation Monday: where getting off is half the fun



  1. Absolutely loved this – yeah it was sexy but it also so real – the way he kept checking that she wasn’t swept away with the moment – what a Gent!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. […] Conference driving lessons Elegant is as Elegant does Naked in the Rain I’ll Watch The Muse Underdog On the Dark Side Cosmic The Shadows Fall Behind You The Key to Room 237 – The Embrace. […]


  4. […] Conference driving lessons Elegant is as Elegant does Naked in the Rain I’ll Watch The Muse Underdog On the Dark Side Cosmic The Shadows Fall Behind You The Key to Room 237 – The Embrace. […]


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