Natalie in the Cold

This story stands alone, but if you want to read more about Natalie’s adventures check out Natalie’s Date

Natalie waited for Sir to come home.  She knew he’d be home soon, and she’d put on the lingerie he’d requested.  She loved the way she looked in the open cup bustier that held her tits aloft, but left them bare. She’d slid into the g-string. He’d asked her to wear the French maid apron, but that was all.  She knelt next to the door and waited.

natalie ice 2

She heard his car pull up and felt her heart race.  She didn’t know what he was planning and not knowing only heightened her arousal.  She heard him walking up to the door. He opened the door, and glanced down at her.  His eyes raked over her exposed tits and the white apron that just covered her pussy. She bit her lip and tried not to squirm under his scrutiny.  She wondered briefly if she had forgotten anything.

He smiled slowly, and took one of her nipples, squeezing it between his fingers.  Natalie fought to stay still.

“Go to the couch.”

Once she was seated on the couch, he motioned for to spread her legs. She flipped up the apron and leaned back.  She spread her legs wide, feeling the g-sting slip tighter against her clit.

“I like the way that looks,” he said.  He moved closer to her, and she blushed. “Do you like it?”

She nodded, feeling her blush spreading, as her pussy grew hotter.

“Use your words, kitten,” he said.

She swallowed, and looked up at him. “Yes, Sir I like the way the cloth feel against my pussy. And I like you looking at me.” Her voice was soft, as she spoke.

“Good girl, now go get me my drink,” he ordered.

She hurried from the couch, the fabric shifting between her wet folds.  It made walking an agony of teasing sensations. In the kitchen, she mixed his drink and set it carefully on a tray.

Natalie carried the tray into him.  He was seated on the couch, his shoes off and his shirt unbuttoned.  She set the tray down carefully and handed him the drink. She waited, shifting her weight from foot to foot as he sipped his drink and watched her. “Come here,” he gestured. She stepped closer to him, and he traced a hand up her thigh.  “I can feel how hot you are from here.”

“I’m excited to see you, Sir.” She replied her voice rising as his finger tugged at the g-string.  “I want to please you.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment.  “Sit in that chair,” he nodded at the chair directly across from him.

natalie ice

She hurried to perch at the edge of the chair.

“Masturbate for me.”

Natalie paused a moment and smiled. She spread her legs, feeling the g string pull taut.  Her fingers traced over her labia, her slick wetness already dripping down her thighs. She rubbed the panties over her clit, gasping a little. Her already overheated body went in to overdrive.  Slipping two fingers inside her pussy, she fucked herself while Des watched.  “Sir, may I come?”

Des watched her, his glass in hand.  “Not yet, kitten.”  He looked thoughtful for a moment, and stood up.  “Keep going,” he ordered and walked out of the room.  She heard the ice rattling into a glass, her fingers still buried in her pussy.

Des returned with a glass of water and left it on the table next to her. “I think you need to cool off.” He nodded at the glass, “Take a look.”

Natalie stared at the ice dildo in the glass in the glass. “You want me to use that?”

Des smiled at her and nodded.  “Once it’s melted, you can come.”

Natalie bit her lip smiling. “May I take off my panties?” at his nod, she stood and shimmied out of the panties.  She leaned back in the chair, her legs spread wide. “I can’t wait to fuck myself while you watch Sir.” She said plucking the dildo from the glass. The water dripped down her arm, making her shiver.  She enjoyed temperature play, but this was a lot of ice to deal with. She rubbed it over her clit, whimpering from the cold, before easing it into her pussy.  “Oh goodness,” she gasped, “it’s so cold and hard.”

“It looks so good inside you.” Des said, watching her.  “Now let’s see how hot your pussy is.”

Natalie rocked the dildo in her pussy, moaning softly. She felt the water from the melting toy running down her slit and pooling underneath her.  “Oh Sir, it’s so cold.” She moaned.  “I can feel it melting.”

Des walked around the chair watching her every move and Natalie loved it. She felt the ice melting, and her pussy ached with the cold.  She wondered if Des would fuck her after he finished this game.

“Faster,” Des whispered in her ear.  “I want to hear you. What are you feeling?”

nude flapper 2

Natalie gasped and tried to form words.  “It’s cold and hard, and I want to come.” She moaned, and pumped the dildo faster. “It’s almost too much, but I can feel it melting.” She kept her eyes on him, “and I love you watching me.”

He ran a hand over her hair, “I know how much you like being watched.” He picked up his phone.  “Would you like pictures?”

Natalie felt herself nodding before she’d processed the thought. “Yes, Sir.  Please take pictures.”

Des paused, “what do you want pictures of?”

Natalie whimpered, and felt herself blushing even before she spoke. He wouldn’t take the pictures if she wasn’t explicit.  “Please take pictures of my pussy filled with this ice dildo,” she said quietly, her face flaming.

“Pictures? Or maybe a video?”

Natalie nodded, her fingers rubbing her clit. “Please Sir, take a video of me masturbating for your pleasure.” The words edged her closer to orgasm.

Des pressed the screen of his phone and started filming. “Say it again.”

“Please Sir, film me masturbating with an ice dildo.” She pumped the dildo in and out, moaning.  “Please record me being a slut for your pleasure.” She rubbed her clit, feeling the more of the water dripping underneath her. She wasn’t sure if the dildo was getting smaller as it melted, but she was focused on keeping herself on the edge of orgasm.

Des called out commands to her, ordering her to move faster or slower, to touch her clit or nipples – keeping her off balance.  Natalie found she loved his orders, and loved being free to simply feel. “See if you can slide it fully inside you.” Des’s voice broke through her hazy thoughts.

Natalie pressed the melted dildo in further and felt her pussy close over it. The weight of the ice filled her. She continued to rub her clit, her pussy clamping down on the ice. “Can I come, Sir?” she asked her voice strained.

Des laughed, “Not yet, kitten. You may take the dildo out.”

Natalie contracted her muscles, pushing the ice out.  She was surprised at how much of it had melted.  She dropped it back into the cup.

“Stand up, and bend over.”

Natalie complied, and felt his fingers caressing her ass and her slit.  “I want to know what you feel like while my pussy is cold,” she begged. “Please, Sir fuck me.”

She heard Des’s zipper, and she felt him press slowly inside her. “You’re so cold, princess” he said pressing into her. “I’m not sure I like it. How do you feel?”

nude flapper

Natalie moaned, “More please, Sir.” Natalie almost purred as he began to fuck her harder. She heard herself begin to let loose with dirty talk, the type of things she usually had to be ordered to say.  The words and begging fell from her lips so easily in these moments.  Des, slapped her ass and fucked her harder. Natalie no longer remembered if she was allowed to come, but she didn’t care as the orgasm overtook her.  She cried out and shuddered. Her own wetness and the melted ice dripped down her thighs as she came.

Des grabbed her hips as he came, pulling her close to him.  She felt the warm rush of his come in such sharp contrast to the cold ice. He held her there for a moment. “I think you’re warming up.”

Natalie nodded. “Thank you, Sir.”

He helped her to stand, and brushed her hair out of her face.  He looked her over, “Are you ok?”

Natalie nodded her legs shaky.  She felt wonderful.

“Go clean yourself up, then.  I have guests coming.” Natalie looked surprised. “Should I change?”

Des smiled, “Oh no, you are going to serve the guests in that.”

Masturbation Monday, where getting off is half the fun.



  1. O goodness Lucy – I should NOT have read that at work! I’m all kinds of a dither now – a re-read alone With my glass dildo to hand is required!
    What an awesome idea & very well described! More from Natalie & her Sir please!!


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